Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


15. Little things

 "Hey Emily wanna come in" She asked nicely. 


"No I actually wanted to tell you what happened between me and your daughter"


"She got suspended yesterday she never told me why"


"She tripped me in the hallway and, I almost hurt my daughter. Jake isn't feeling so good about this he's pissed off at her and what she did was a bitchy thing to do. We're no longer friends I just wanted to tell you that before anything else happens" 



"I'll talk to her about that and i'm sorry to hear what she did I wonder why. She's in some serious trouble right now and if anything happens to your daughter let me know. Please come in" She said I sighed and went inside.


"What is she doing here" Chelsea asked annoyingly standing there on the stairs with her arms crossed. 


"I want you to apologize for what you did, do you know tripping a pregnant person can cause something bad to happen to the baby" Her mom said. 


"She doesn't deserve to get pregnant" She said.


"Well I am pregnant and there's nothing you can do about it. I know you have a secret crush on Jake and that you tried to sleep with him but he's mines, and tripping me isn't gonna make him come crawling to you, he's fed up with your shit Chelsea and so am I, if I loose my baby her blood is on your hands and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life, trying to tear someone down that's trying to be a family to their baby. I can't believe you, you're just jealous of what I have"


"Oh please Emily, you think you're so perfect i'm getting married, i'm having a baby, wow you must be so proud at 17. Having Jake watch over you, you know what you're doing trying to stress yourself out so he could say something and the whole school feels bad for you" 

"That's not true y'know what maybe if you were in my shoes, you would see how it feels being judged for having another person inside of me calling her names including me, it hurts and it hurts that you think it was funny tripping me yesterday well it wasn't funny. My parents and Jakes dad lives are changing because of this baby I didn't ask for it, it just happened. Ruining my life isn't going to make things better for you" I said leaving.  


"I need to talk to you" Amber said grabbing my hand taking me into the kitchen.


"What is it" I asked.


"Where have you been"


"For a walk" I said.


"You went over Chelsea didn't you" 


"Yes I went over there I had to tell her off" I said.


"Do you know what Jake would say if he knew about this"


"It doesn't matter I just want to squash this and move on to something else instead of being stuck on it, he's never gonna forget what happened but he needs to its better for both of us" I said.


"Leave it alone, both of you need to leave it alone nothing bad happened so I insist moving on, it's destroying both of you and i've never seen you two argue about something so stupid. You need to be happy for the baby so does Jake" Justin said and I sighed.


"You're right" 


"I know" She said. We went into the living room she sat next to Justin and I sat on Jakes lap. 


"I'm sorry" I said.


"For what"


"I don't know being a bitch, going over to Chelsea house telling her mom what happened, I just want us to be happy instead of being so stuck on what happened. She's fine and that's what matters" I said.


"It just hurts Emily, being a dad and seeing you on the floor while Chelsea laughing with a group of girls. It was embarrassing"


"I know but i'm over it and you have to get over it to" I said he nodded. 


"Amber and Justin are really hitting it off" Jake said.


"Yeah, i'm happy for her. She seems happy" I said eating a grape.


"Thank god Justin got a girlfriend maybe he can back off of you" He said.


"Funny, Amber said the same thing. Were you jealous"


"No I didn't have feelings with you until I went to your ultrasound and y'know held your hand, I felt close"


"Me too. So, thought about college"


"Days are getting closer and closer till I graduate and I still haven't thought about what i'm gonna do maybe i'll go to college here. Found out the other day that i'm gonna be valedictorian for the graduation"


"That's great"


"I don't wanna do it"


"Jake, being valedictorian is a opportunity a good opportunity. You killed it on your SAT's why would you want to give something like that up" I asked and he shrugged.


"Guess it isn't for me, seems lame"


"You're smart I know you are. You're only going to have one chance besides its your last year of high school. I don't think you should give anything up because you can't have it back once it's gone" I said. He sighed and kissed me I smiled and layed my head on his shoulder.


Today was Monday, I was so excited for my appointment today. I drove to school and put my snacks in my locker. 


"Holy shit that's a lot of snacks" Jake said.


"Well you know I'm always hungry so I just made some stuff this morning" 


"I guess I got tacos for no reason then" He said and I quickly turnt around. He laughed and handed the bag to me. 


"They smell so good. I didn't know they were open this early"


"Well I know the owner and he kinda fixed them fresh this morning. He knows about you and Malory, so he insisted on making tacos since you love them"


"That's so sweet" I said smiling.


"Yeah. The guys and I are going to hang out after school, they're jealous because I spend more time with you. They told me that we're seniors and we're all going our separate ways in a few months-"


"Babe you do know my appointment is this afternoon right"


"Oh shit baby I'm sorry I forgot"


"It's okay I can go by myself, hang out with your friends I understand" I said.


"No you don't, I'll take a rein check"


"Jake seriously it's okay" 


"Okay if that's what you want" He said. I closed my locker kissing his cheek walking away. During second block I walked into class and seen Jakes friends and a bunch of people holding balloons and poster boards. I seen Jake holding a basketball in his hand and in the other a dozen of flower. "Take A Shot With Me At Prom" it said spelling out. I couldn't do anything but giggle. 

"Wow..impressive" I said.


"You don't know how hard it was to get most of these people to cooperate. It took weeks, so what do you say"


"I thought you would never ask. Yes I will go to prom with you" I said he smiled and handed me the flowers and the basketball. I hugged him and kissed his cheek.


"Finally! Took you long enough" Amber said hugging me and so did Justin.After school I went to the doctors office. I got called back, he just checked to see if I was going to have a C-Section or be able to push the baby out. My phone rang seeing it was Jake so I answered.  


"Hey, have they called you back yet"


"Yes I'm already back here he's just checking to see if I have to push it out or have a C-section" 


"Wait he's looking..down there" He asked.


"Yeah he's looking down there Jake"


"Well maybe when you leave the doctors, you can come by my place so I can have a look too" He said and I giggled. 


"Jake! Oh my gosh, I like the sound of that, I will be there. How are you and the guys" I asked.


"We're fine just got finished playing basketball, I mean even though I tore my ACL I think it's healing enough to let me play"


"That's good, well I gotta go so he can get finished. I'll be over in 10" I said hanging up. When I left the doctors office I went to Jakes place walking inside. I went up to Jakes room seeing him come out the bathroom. His body was dripping wet and so was I. 


"Hey sexy" he said sexily. I dropped my purse roughly kissing him, it turnt out into a make-out. He sat me on the bed I moved my lips to his stomach. Kissing his chest, all the way down, removing his towel. 


"Oh my gosh" I said shocked.


"I get hard easily" 


"It's not that it's just..huge"


"I don't take any pills if that's what you're thinking. It's naturally that way. You've seen it like a hundred times"


"Yeah and every time I do see it, it still shocks me" I said he chuckled and kissed me. We finished having sex it was the time of our lives. We're both out of breath. I giggled and he did too. 


"What did the doctor say, you having a C-Section" He said catching his breath. 


"Yeah. But the only way to prevent that is to have a lot of sex to stretch it out"  


"Well don't worry I can handle that" He said and I giggled again. 


"Round two" I asked.


"Sure, this time no condom" He said kissing me. 


 A few weeks passed, Jake and I moved into our place officially married. It was only 4 more months till graduation for Jake. I was proud of him but also sad because I only have another year, but also Prom is right around the corner. 


"Morning wife" 


"Morning husband want breakfast I cooked your favorites"




"Something wrong, seems that something's bothering you" I said.


"My exam today, i'm just nervous. I know I killed it on my SAT's I had a 28 but it's my last shot I want to at least get into the 30s"


"I'm sure you'll do fine, you're smart" I said.


"You're just saying that"


"Am not. My husband is gonna be valedictorian for graduation, Jake don't ever think you can't do anything because you can. You can do anything you put your mind to" I said he stuck his tongue out I chuckled kissing his cheek.


"You know i'm right" I said pouring him orange juice putting it in the fridge.


"If you wasn't I wouldn't have married you" He said turning me around smashing his lips to mines I giggled and pulled away.


"No sex before school, you remember last time,we were tardy" I said.


"We can't have only 15 minutes it takes 6 minutes to get to school. Plus we have amazing sex remember I have to stretch you out" He said kissing me.


"Maybe after school okay" I said.




"Yes maybe depends if I have school work besides i'm suppose to be on bed rest but I can't because i'll miss two or three months taking care of the baby but I don't wanna do that I want to take at least three to four weeks"


"Babe, babies needs attention you're not gonna be able to do anything for six weeks"


"I know they do that's why I want three to four weeks off i'll talk to the counselor"


"I don't think they'll let you do that"


"They have to its my decision" I said.


"But I don't think it's best for you to go back to school right away, I mean summer is coming up but it takes six weeks babe"


"No it takes six weeks to not have sex right away, and why not i'm gonna graduate with my class, I don't want to miss tons of class work to take care of Malory"


"Alright fine, if you want to go back to school that's okay with me"


"Thank you, I love you husband"


"Love you too. Are you sure we can't have a quickie before school, we don't have to go"


"You have to go, you have an exam and you're gonna ace that exam because you're smart and having sex with me isn't letting you focus"


"Having sex after school isn't gonna let me focus either"


"Well you can't be late for school your exam is this morning and I don't want you to miss it, i'm taking today off so good luck. I believe in you"


"Thanks Emily. I'll see you after school"


"Okay" I said and kissed him. He left and I finished breakfast cleaning up a little bit. 


"Hey, you're not at school" Mom asked.


"Nope, decided to take the day off besides i'm not feeling to well Malory has been keeping me up I can't sleep, I don't tell Jake because I don't want him to worry and I definitely didn't want him to miss his exam this morning"


"What did the doctor say on your last appointment"


"Stay in bed and have a lot of sex. When I tripped and fell on the floor she said Malory was fine but, something doesn't feel right"


"Well we can go Wednesday if you want a lot of first babies come early so, maybe she's just getting ready to get out of there"


"I hope" I said taking a deep breath.


"Has she been kicking"


"A little, hurts like hell too. I'm just scared mom"


"Don't be, i'm with you every step of the way. Don't ever regret getting pregnant" 


"I love my baby" I said. 


"I love her too, maybe you shouldn't be focusing on that right now" she said and I nodded


"How's dad"


"He misses you, seems that you got a place and he barely sees you, he'll be over one day though. Why don't you talk to Jake about this baby situation I know you don't want to upset or worry him but why he's the father"


"It's just, he has a lot on his plate and I don't want to add more to it" 


"It's best to talk to him he wants to be involved with everything, he's your husband now and it's healthy to talk about it. I'm sure he won't get worried, if you don't want to talk to him maybe talking to his dad will help a little bit" 


"Yeah, thanks mom"


"You're welcome" She said and kissed my head leaving. I sighed and fixed a sandwich watching some tv in bed. After eating my sandwich I took a nap. I woke up hearing a door close and keys rattle I sighed sitting up a little drinking some water.

"Hey" Jake said sitting on the bed next to me.

"Hey, how was your exam"

"Long, I have to finish when I get back. Maybe I don't wanna go to college"

"Well maybe your mind will change once the baby comes or something"

"Yeah" He said taking a deep breath kissing my belly. "I love her, I love you"

"She loves you and I love you too. I really should've went to school today"

"No you did better staying here, I could tell you were exhausted and needed some sleep, you're gonna need it when she comes"

"Yeah, i'm so excited ugh can't wait to be a family. We have our own home officially married now, we just have to wait till our little angel come. I've always blamed myself for this whole thing, I don't want you to blame yourself for this either even if you did get me pregnant. Malory is gonna change our life, our personality, almost everything"

"She already has" He said chuckling grabbing my hand kissing my knuckles. "I finally thought about what I was gonna do, I thought about it during my exam and when she comes i'm just gonna start working, i'm good at fixing cars so that's what I plan to do"

"Sounds good at least you have something to do especially when you graduate, i'm gonna be sad when you leave"

"Babe we're living together you'll see me everyday"

"I know but at school you won't be, but I guess i'll have to just live with that. Long as I get to see you everyday." I said intertwining my fingers through his.

"Amber asked about you, I told her you just wanted some rest. Her and Justin couldn't take their hands off eachother this morning it got annoying"

"They're in love" I said chuckling.

"Yeah, I guess but it's still annoying. I just wanted to say I thank you for everything, for y'know being cool with this whole pregnancy and not being so bitchy and depressed about it. I wanted it to happen I just pretended that I didn't want to be involved so you wouldn't know I got you pregnant on purpose. There's a lot of girls out there I know that but I don't want anyone else but my two girls in my life. I'm happy Emily"

"Really" I asked.

"Yeah. If I wasn't I wouldn't be here"

"Well. I'm happy too, my mom came over when you left, we talked and were planning on going back to the doctors it's just, something doesn't feel right"

"Are you sure"

"Yeah, I honestly want to know what's going on I didn't want to scare you or anything but she hasn't kicked in the past two days" I said.

"She has to at least kick ten or more in two hours she hasn't done that today"

"No, and i'm scared" I said starting to cry.

"No,no don't cry we'll figure this out would you rather go with your mom Wednesday"

"I want you to come too"

"Okay, well I gotta get back to school just don't panic once I finish my exam i'll come home if you want"

"No, you can finish the day i'll be fine" I said he nodded giving me a kiss.

"Want me to bring you something back. I could pick up dinner"

"That's fine"

"Are you gonna be okay"

"Yeah, don't worry about me i'll be okay" I said.

"Alright" He said leaving.

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