Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


13. Jake to the rescue

"Hey" Jake said sitting beside me, while I sat up.


"Hey" I said cleaning my face. He gave me some flowers and a teddy bear. I smiled taking them from him hugging him.


"I don't want you to be so stressed about what happened today. I'm sorry about my behavior it's just Chelsea is going to make me go insane, I get angry easily and I didn't mean to take it out on you. Fuck, I'm such an ass" He said.


"No you're not. I shouldn't have said all that stuff to you especially putting your mom in it, I went overboard I don't want you to be stressed either, what happened to your hand"


"Nothing, I talked to Justin and my dad about it and, what she did really made me pissed off. But all we have to do is move past it and not let anyone else bring us down" He said pulling away.


"I just can't wait till this is all over I can't handle anymore of this. And something happened I wanna know did you punch a wall or something"


"No. I punched a locker I'm fine don't worry about me, you have a unborn child to worry about" 


"You do too" I said. 


"I know, I just don't want to think about what happened today alright"


"Okay well, did you have a nice time with Justin"


"We didn't go, I could stay with you if you want"


"No, you can go i'll be okay"


"Are you sure"


"Yes i'm sure i'll be okay" I said.


"I just want you to be happy"


"And I am, it doesn't matter what's happened today or what's gonna happen any other day, I will always be happy and thanks for the flowers this actually made me even happier"


"Thought it was the charming thing to do since I you know kinda yelled at you and embarrassed you a little. I'm sorry, want to look for places tomorrow. We don't have to look with my dad but, it makes you feel better we could"


"Do you want to" 


"Yeah, it'll take our minds off of things y'know just focus on us moving in together, my dad feels bad about what happened. He can't wait to get this over with either it'll be best for all of us"


"Yeah. And I guess we could get a head start looking for a place. We should do it tomorrow" I said.


"Okay, wanna spend the night at my place tonight we could hang out, we don't have to do anything"


"Alright, well i'll see you tonight"


"Okay" He said standing up kissing my cheek leaving. I sighed smelling the flowers going downstairs putting them into a vase of water.


"Hey, your dad let me in. Feel like going baby shopping"


"Where are we going to the mall" 


"We don't have to go there, we could go somewhere else"


"Okay let's go" I said. Amber and I left to go baby shopping. We went around finding outfits and other things for her. 


"Thought of baby names"


"No we will though once we get settled in our new place, we decided to get a head start tomorrow it's either a house or condo"


"I would go with a condo"


"Yeah me too"


"Chelsea got suspended she also can't go to prom"


"I don't think she was going anyways but it's good she got suspended, it's funny that she only treats me so bad because i'm carrying a baby that's not even hers"


"Maybe she expected the best from you" 


"Yeah well everyone expects something out of someone" I said.


"It's Friday, what are you and Jake gonna do. I know he kinda went off on you which made us speechless"


"Well he asked me to spend the night at his place I need a lingerie a black sexy one, I don't wanna be to harsh he apologized about what he said. It's just Chelsea is making him go nuts, he has a habit of getting angry"


"Yeah, she makes everyone go crazy. I heard she called out all the girls he's slept with" 


"Yeah I mean I wasn't hurt it just, shocked me seeing all those girls there surrounding her" 


"Well he is smart and know how to get any girl he wants. He got you" she said.


"Yeah. But what matters is I might be one of those girls in the group he's had sex with but at least we have that connection and I know he's committed"


"Yeah come on let's find you a lingerie I know the best store" She said. We got finished baby shopping going to Cupids Lingerie. I found the perfect one and smiled at Amber. We finished shopping, I went home packing a couple of clothes including the lingerie.


"Going over Jakes" mom asked.




"Your dad told me what happened today, I always knew Chelsea was a trouble maker honestly I never liked her, I think she's jealous of you and Jake"


"You think" I asked.


"Yeah. Like I said he's hot"


"Mom, it's weird for you to call my boyfriend that's fixing to be my husband hot"


"Well he's cute, his smile makes him cuter"


"Okay mom it's time to back off my man"


"Alright well I hope you two are safe if you plan on having sex" She said.


"We will, I went baby shopping with Amber today we had fun"


"That's good to keep your mind off what happened today, you could've called me"


"Yeah I know but you were probably busy so I called dad, hopefully nothing went wrong" 


"Me either. Anyways i'm gonna go" I said leaving. I got into the car with Jake putting my seat belt on taking a deep breath.


"You okay" He asked. 


"Yeah, yeah i'm good" I said. He drove off, when we got to his place his dad wasn't there. We went upstairs to his bedroom, he took my bag sitting it on his bed.


"Where's your dad" I asked.


"He's gonna go on a business meeting in Miami so he got himself a hotel he'll be back soon" 


"Oh okay. Amber and I went baby shopping we got plenty of clothes"


"I like Amber seems like she's really supporting you"


"You mean us, and yeah she's a good friend. I can tell she's gonna be there for us if things go wrong. And you two dated so of course you like her"


"I'm over her she's a good person and what do you mean if somethings goes wrong, like what" He asked and I shrugged looking down playing with my fingers. 


"If I loose the baby" I said. 


"You can't say that, we don't know what's gonna happen"


"Yeah but there's a possibility" I said. 


"Let's not think about that alright if it happens, it just happens we'll have to live with it. We can't have doubts about her now"


"Yeah, you're right" I said. I looked up at him "I got a surprise for you" I said smiling grabbing my bag going into the bathroom. I slipped out of my clothes putting on the lingerie, I looked into the mirror looking at myself. Man! I looked hot the top of my breasts were big enough to poke out. I peeked out the bathroom door seeing Jake still sitting on the bed.


"Are you shy" He asked smiling.


"A little" 


"Come on let me see" He said I sighed coming out the bathroom.


"Holy shit! Do you honestly want me to give you another baby" He said I giggled covering my face with my hands, he pulled me towards him wrapping his arms around my waist. 


"Don't cover your face you're to pretty" He said removing my hands.




"If I was lying would I gotten you pregnant"


"I don't know, I thought we were just two people desperate to have sex with eachother" I said.


"We both asked for it, I don't think anything wrong with that it happens" 


"I know, it still felt wrong"


"Yeah but we enjoyed it to much to stop it was just for 10 minutes, I usually do it for 5 minutes with other girls"


"Wow an extra five minutes makes me feel special" 


"Are you being sarcastic" 


"A little" I said he sat me on his lap kissing my cheek. 


"I can't wait to get married to you and be a happy family, I mean that" He said and I smiled. 


"Me too, seems that were doing the right thing even if everyone doesn't agree with it" 


"Yeah, you hungry"


"A little" I said. I hopped off his lap we went downstairs I sat down at the table while he fixed dinner. We ate and talked a little while washing dishes together.


"Y'know since we're alone it feels as were in our own place"  


"Yeah, it does. Feels nice too" I said feeding him a piece of cake. "Amber and I were talking about baby names have you thought of any"


"Not really, thought i'll just leave it up to you"


"It's your baby too"


"I know but it's a girl besides I don't come up with good girl names"


"I doubt it"


"Alright, well I was thinking of Diamond or Summer but they sound like stripper names"


"They are" I said.


"Told you i'm not good at giving names"


"Well I was thinking of Malory"


"Sounds good"


"We're having a baby" I said happily clapping my hands like a total idiot.


"I love you, you idiot" Jake said kissing my head bringing me into a hug pulling away. 

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