Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


7. Great Game

Maybe I need to sit down and talk with Jake about everything before we start taking things serious. After school Jake went to basketball practice for his last game. During the game, Jakes dad and I sat together watching Jake play basketball he was really good. Jakes dad wasn't all that bad to me he just wanted his son to do better in life instead of being like him, I understood that after his wife passed away he didn't feel the same he pushed Jake into everything he could think he could play just to make things tough because, the world is a tough place to live in. I know he loves his son no matter how bad they argue and fight. I actually didn't think that he would like me that much by ruining his sons career with a baby but he knew it was coming. After the game I hugged Amber and Chelsea walking with Jake to his car.   

"Your dad is nice" I said and he chuckled a little.


"I guess. He likes you"  


 "I know, I understand why he puts so much pressure on you. He told me when your mom died he felt like he wanted you to do something with yourself when you got older you're great at everything you do and that's what he wants" 


"Yeah. It's weird he never tells me this" 


"I know but he cares, he cares about you,his grandchild and your future. He wants to be in your life" I said.


"I know it just seemed that he got a little crazy that day when he punched me"   


"I'm sure he didn't mean it, maybe it was so much stress on him and he took it out on you..you're the only one he got right now be thankful you have someone who cares"  


 "You're right, maybe I shouldn't be hard on him he's the only one I got and I also have you and my little baby" 


"Yes you do" I said giggling. "I think we should talk"   




 "This baby step thing. I talked to Justin and i've been thinking that, I don't know if I should go through this, I know you said you didn't want to go through it either-"  


 "We have no choice but to I don't want to give my baby to some stranger and when he or she grows up it would want to find the parents that gave it away. I couldn't do that I couldn't just have it looking at me feeling betrayed because I was in high school being a father at a young age. I love my child I don't care what Justin says he's just confused, he's annoying and he's not setting a good example for you. He barely knows what the fucks going on. I've been thinking about this whole thing since day one and i'm not changing my mind, I wanna be with you raise our child and live happily ever after. I think what we should do is be happy because it's too early to start thinking what we shouldn't do. Are you happy about this"  


"I was but, I started to think I got pregnant at a young age still in high school it was a mistake, we were irresponsible but now that there's nothing I can do. I have to live with it my whole life" 


"Sorry I ruined your life" He said  


"You didn't ruin it, just my parents and your dad"    


"What do you want me to do" He asked.


"I don't want you to do anything I just want to make sure we're doing the right thing"   


 "We are doing the right thing. Just because someone tells you you're not doesn't mean anything. You're doing what's best for the baby and I am too, it's not about what everyone thinks it doesn't matter what they think. It matters what we think about this whole situation. We just need to be happy no matter what happens" He said. I agreed with all he said maybe I do need to stop listening to whatever everyone tells me. I believe i'm doing the right thing i'm happy with this pregnancy and it's gonna stay like that. I sighed he grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek softly. He pulled away, I put my head down and smiled a little looking up at him. He smiled too and kissed me. I pulled away and let go of his hand. 


"Coach didn't want me to play tonight he was going to let me sit with Quincy because of what happened"


"Just for a fight"


"Yeah because of that but I got in anyways and look what I did. I won the game for them without me there wouldn't be a championship he just doesn't know that"


"I'm sure he does know that it's for your own good you shouldn't fight even if it's about me" 


"I just want to protect you Emily"


"Thank you but I can handle myself"


"Alright fine, I won't do it again" He said getting into his car driving off. 


I went over to his place so he could get shower and get changed out of his clothes before he met my dad including my mom. He came out the bathroom with only boxers on. His sexy wet body, nice six pack, his v-line, muscular chest, his arms, and his dick print through his boxers, his cute brace face how did I get this lucky. I bit my bottom lip softly staring. 

 "Oh my god" I mouthed to myself while he was looking for a shirt. 




"Huh" I said snapping out of it and he chuckled.


"Are you thinking about our little conversation today"


"Why would you say that"


"You're staring at me" 


"I'm sorry I can't help it" I said walking up to him. "You don't have to look professional for my parents" I added. 


"Who said I was gonna look professional" 


"Just letting you know. You look exhausted" 


"I am" He said I sat him down on the bed massaging his shoulders. 


"Thank you" 


"You're welcome you see I can take care of you to. We can take care of eachother" I said kissing his shoulder. He closed his eyes, I smiled pushing him down. He opened his eyes looking up at me. I kissed him roughly climbing on top feeling his hard boner against me.


"Holy shit what has gotten into you" He said laughing.


"You're just so hot" I said 


"Wow you finally admitted it" 


"Oh shut up" I said. After we had sex, we layed next to each other. My head was resting on his arm. I smiled and kissed his chest. 


"You're an animal, I like it" He said pulling me on top of him and I giggled. 


"What's this tattoo" I asked pointing at the Roman numerals on his chest.


"My moms birthday. I got it after she passed away, it was her birthday" 


"Her name was Kate right" 


"Yeah. This tattoo is a scripture my mom loved to read" he said lifting up his other arm. 


"You really miss her"


"Yeah, it's not that I hate my dad it's just he left my mom and I when she needed him the most. We were still rich but she worked two job, she didn't have to because we still had money but it was to get over my dad. She was an amazing mom and a good friend to everyone she knew. At the funeral I was thinking about not going because it was only me and her at the time but, I had to do it for her. I was still a kid but when my dad found out he took over." 


"I'm sorry"


"Don't be it's not your fault it's not anyone's" He said looking at me. I placed my hand on his chest and kissed him. We made out for a good two minutes, he left the room going to the bathroom putting on his clothes. He came out wearing a plaid shirt blue jeans and some vans grabbing his car keys.   


"Let's go" He said helping me off the bed, we left his place going to my place   


 "Nervous" I asked    


"No, a little" 


 "Don't be just be yourself" I said we went inside. Dad was sitting on the couch drinking beer watching the football game with mom by his side. 


"Um, mom, dad this is Jake" I said 


"It's nice to meet you Jake. We both really wanted to meet you since you're a responsible person about this situation"  


"Thanks it's really nice finally meeting the both of you, and I just wanna say I would never do anything to hurt your daughter" Jake said, dad smiled and shook his hand and so did my mom. We all sat down and talked I was to tired from today I wrapped my arm around Jakes arm laying on his shoulder falling asleep. When I woke up I was in bed seeing Jake sitting beside me staring at the wall with his elbows on his knees running his hand through his hair.


"You're still here" I asked    


"Yeah just wanted to say goodnight, you looked peaceful sleeping your parents enjoyed me tonight. They told me they enjoyed me seems that this might be a good idea y'know being a family"  


 "Yeah. They really like you. I like you" I said intertwining my fingers through his he smiled and kissed my fingers.  


"I like you too" He said laughing which made me laugh a little. 


"It's getting late I should go, get some rest alright" He said and I nodded he leaned down and kissed me passionately getting up leaving. I smiled, dad came into the room closing the door sitting beside me.  


"I can tell he really does like you. I seen the look on his face when you fell asleep on his shoulder it's the same look that I had when your mother and I were dating. He's a great guy and I can tell he's gonna be there for you I like him. I really wanted to hit him at first but I thought about it that hitting him wasn't gonna make anything better, hitting him wouldn't change the fact that you're still carrying his baby I love the fact he's stepping up and being a man" 


 "Yeah. He's a really great guy he might be a player but seems that i'm the only girl he cares about"  


"He does care about you he's a good kid. I can tell if something goes wrong in this pregnancy he will stay no matter what" 


"Seems like I choose the right person to have a baby with" I said   


"Guess so" He said taking a drink of his beer leaving. He turned the light off, I got under the covers going to sleep. I didn't want to wake up the next day and get out of my warm cozy bed it started to get freezing outside I thank god it's Friday, I let my warm foot hit the cold wood floor going in the bathroom stripping down naked looking at my body in the mirror seeing my little baby bump. I touched my stomach taking a deep breath running my shower hopping inside cleaning my body. I got out drying my hair putting some clothes on brushing my teeth washing my face going downstairs.   


 "Morning you look a little tired" Mom said   


 "I'm fine"   


"Emily, do you know what happens if you don't get enough rest, you will have difficulties during labor even depression, so go back upstairs and go to sleep"   


"Mom I said i'm fine i'm going to school to see Jake"  


"You can see him after school go upstairs, you're so worried about Jake why is that"  


"I just wanna see him" I said.


"That's not why, Is it because you think he will talk to another girl"   


"What! No, I don't wanna stay here" 


 "You have no choice I can call Jake and tell him to come over after school or maybe I should call him now and tell him you're not getting rest, you know he's worried about these kind of things"


 "Alright fine i'll stay home I will probably miss a month of school when the baby comes anyways" I said.


 "You will, me and your father will be working and busy so you and Jake would have to do all the work, i'll try my best to watch the baby while you're both at school or need rest but I can't keep doing it I have a job and what the hell happened to your cheek"


"Jake got into a fight yesterday and I got punched it's okay though and shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place I get it" I said walking out the kitchen going to school. I know I told my mom I was gonna stay but I couldn't I was to pissed. 


"What the hell are you doing here" Jake asked.


 "Didn't wanna stay home. What my mom called you?" I chuckled grabbing my books.


"Yeah she did and you know how I feel about you not getting enough sleep it could cause serious conditions for the baby"   


"Yeah I know that" I said.


"Why aren't you in bed"  


"Maybe because I wanted to come to school i'll miss a month or two when it's born that's enough for me" I said slamming my locker he grabbed my wrist before I could walk off pressing his lips onto mines.


"Go home" 


 "I don't wanna go home I wanna be here and get caught up on my schoolwork before I get behind"    


"I'll bring your school work if you have any, I don't want you to be worrying just please go home and get the rest you need"   


"Okay fine then, I came to see you anyways"   


"Well I was gonna come over after school I appreciate you wanting to see me but i'm not that important the baby is"  He said.


"You're right i'm just cranky this morning" 


 "I know, the mood swings i'll just have to get used to them talk to you later" He said kissing my cheek walking away. I sighed and put my things back in my locker.   

"Hey got any plans today every since you got pregnant you've been ignoring us" Amber said.


"Well i'm sorry I have a lot on my plate just trying to figure everything out"  


"Okay well what are you doing this afternoon"  


"I'm getting some rest I have to get my rest and if I have homework I have to do that to sorry guys but I just don't know how this works"   


"Well we could help we're still friends and we still care and support you" Chelsea said.


"Thanks but we'll see how things goes"  


 "Okay but um, are you and Jake a thing I saw him kiss you, you two are so cute he's less of a jackass"  


"I know and yeah I guess we are together I like him a lot and I know he likes me"   


"He does like you I can tell when he looks at you" Amber said with a smile.


 "Yeah, I noticed that" I said smiling too.

"Anyways I gotta go home and get some rest i'll see you later" I said hugging them leaving going home.  


"I figured Jake would've gotten you to come home, of course you'll listen to him" 


 "What are you still doing here aren't you suppose to be at work" I said.


"Well he did mention you were a little grouchy when he talked to you"   


"How did you even get his number" 


"Well he's the father of my daughters baby I can't have his number"  


"Well no without my permission"  


 "Permission? Since when do you control Jake he's his own person just because he's the father of your baby doesn't mean me or your dad can't be close to him he's actually family now ugh I gotta go to work" She said leaving. I sighed going into the kitchen fixing me a sandwich sitting on the couch watching some tv going to sleep. I woke up a few hours later I got up stretching rubbing my belly. 


"Hey I bought your work it's not much just from English" Jake said sitting my books on the table.


"Thanks, I just woke up it was a good nap I guess have you heard from Justin"   


"Nope saw him today didn't want to talk to him what's the point of talking to someone I don't like"   


"Why don't you like him" I asked.


"He's annoying and he still likes you it's a good thing you two aren't really talking"


"Jealous" I asked he sighed and sat beside me.


 "No i'm not jealous, maybe a little i've never been jealous before"   


"I can see that, it's just you were such a player and an asshole to everyone now that you have a baby and in a serious relationship with the mother what made you stop being that person" I asked.


"You. You made me stop being that person and realize that the way i've been acting wasn't okay, i'm a rich spoiled jock that doesn't care about anything but it was you that changed my whole life, you and my child" He said and I smiled.


"Didn't know you were so, charming"    


"There's a lot of things you don't know about me"   


 "Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me either" I said.


"Like what"   


"You'll have to find out" 


 "I guess I will, how are you feeling"  He asked rubbing my stomach.


 "I'm okay i'm not sleepy anymore I just feel scared about this whole thing I don't know what to do"   


"Don't worry i'll be by your side throughout this whole thing and if things don't work out so what things will get better"   


"And if they don't"  


 "I don't know, we'll see about everything okay" He said and I nodded he kissed me passionately pulling away.   


 "Great game last night didn't get to tell you that, you should become a professional"  


 "No thanks i'm okay i'll figure something that I want to do before I graduate, wasn't thinking about college but I don't know we'll see"   


"Jake you're smart colleges are gonna be fighting over you especially since you're great in basketball why not football"  


"Don't want to get hurt easily, I like basketball even if my dad did push me to it. He just didn't want me to end up like him when I was his age, it's hard to explain but he did drugs he apologized how horrible of a father he's been" He said.


 "So you're both okay"  


"Don't know for how long" He says grabbing my hand.


 "I'm sure things will be okay for the both of you, you both lost someone you loved must be hard"  


"Yeah I think about her all the time I miss her" 


"She's always in a special place in your heart you know that right I may not know how it feels but I bet it hurts really bad"  


"It does I had sex to keep my mind off of her thought it would be best" 


 "Did it work"  


 "For a while but then you ended up pregnant I think my mom would've been happy being a grandma don't ya think"  


 "Yeah, she would"


"Thanks for understanding my past you're the first girl that understands me"   


"Maybe because you were too busy having sex and never got the chance to tell the right girl about your past" 


  "Just did. I'll call you" he said getting up leaving I sighed grabbing my books doing my homework.   


"Hey, I just seen Jake leave you didn't have sex did you" He asked. 


"No we didn't"  


 "Great,i'm starting to like him he's a good responsible kid, your mom told me you went to school when she told you not to" 


"Maybe I wasn't tired"  


 "If you don't sleep-"  


 "There would be difficulties during labor I think I got that" I said  interrupting.


"What do you want for dinner I could order something for the both of us since your mom is gonna be working late"   


"Chinese is okay with me" 


"Okay, are you and Jake in a exclusive relationship" 


 "Yeah, it just happened"


"Long as he makes you happy i'm okay with that" He said grabbing his phone ordering Chinese. I finished my work eating Chinese with dad watching tv.  


"Your mom is talking about you marrying Jake" He said   


 "I don't think i'm getting married I honestly think since we had a baby we don't have to get married" 


"Good because you're not ready especially making a life time commitment I don't think it would even last if both of you thought about getting married"  


 "Dad I like Jake not that much to get married to him" 


 "What if he asked sooner in the pregnancy" He asked and I shrugged.



"Depends on how we really feel about each other" I said finishing my food.   

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