Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


2. Glowing

It's 7:30 a.m. I hopped out of bed into the shower clearing my mind brushing my teeth and doing my makeup. When I went to school. I went to my locker grabbing my things closing it, seeing Jake leaned up against the others beside mine.


"How are you feeling"  He asks. 


"I threw up last night i'm okay now" I said and he slowly nodded.  


"That's good, that's good. I don't want you to get an abortion or get the baby adopted"  


"You don't have time for a baby me either we have better things to do"  


"I don't care, you're keeping it" He said. 


"What about your dad? Your basketball career? College? What about my career" I said getting upset. 


"To many questions i'll figure everything out alright and you didn't plan on going to college anyways. You told me that its cliche or some shit like that" He said.


"Okay fine" 


"If anything else happens I want you to tell me" 


"I will, didn't know you were so concerned about this" I said. 


"Well it's my child of course i'm concerned, anyways your ex boyfriend still has a crush on you" He said talking about Justin.   


"I know, we broke up for the most dumbest things. But things wasn't working out anyways" 


"I don't know why you dated him what's up with hockey I think it's a gay sport" He said trying to sound all superior. 


"And what is basketball" 


"Basketball is life anyways i'll talk to you later" He said walking away. I rolled my eyes and walked away from my locker going to Amber and Chelsea. 


"Hey! We haven't talked to you in like forever you're kind of glowing on us"  Amber said. 


"No i'm not, sorry. I've been avoiding you guys I have a lot on my plate" 


"You've been avoiding us and yeah you are glowing something's going on" Chelsea asked.


"Not technically. Maybe just my make-up. I've been busy maybe we can go to the mall after school"  I said. 


"Sorry babe I have homework stupid Biology teacher gave us three pages of work to do, maybe Amber can go since she doesn't do of her work" Chelsea said.


"Yeah we can go to the mall it'll be fun, we seen you talk to Jake what the hell did he want" Amber asked.  


"Nothing he just comes up to me to talk unexpectedly" 


"Whatever. I seen you two talk at the party this summer. He was smiling like a little ass girl talking to you. Maybe he likes you don't you think" She asked.  


"I don't know, maybe''


"Alright well Justin still likes you, you two were cute together but if you're not interested I will date him" Chelsea said I rolled my eyes. The bell rung we went our separate ways, I went to class sitting in my chair opening my notebook copying some notes from the board.


"Hey Emily" Justin said sitting beside me. 


"Hey" I said shyly. 


"I seen you talk to Jake" 


"He told me you still have feelings for me" I said curiously. 


"To be honest I do, but things just went wrong, he's a man whore I wouldn't be surprised if he got someone pregnant already" He said.  


"Yeah" I said to myself finishing the notes. The bell rung for second period I hurried and got the hell out that class before Justin could catch up I bumped into Jake having my books fall onto the floor. 


"What the hell is up with you" He asked.   


"Nothing just i'm hurrying to get to second period" 


"Why cause i'm in there with you" He asked lifting my chin with his finger I scoffed and smacked his hand picking up my books.


"Move, I got it" He said helping me. 


"Wow you're being so sympathetic" 


"Whatever" He said standing up and so did I.


"I talked to Justin" I said walking off with him following me. 


"So, what did he say" He asked. 


"He admitted he had feelings for me still, that's why I ran out" 


"Liar, let me guess he told you he's surprised I haven't gotten anyone pregnant yet and you ran out of class" 


"That's not true!" 


"It is. I'm gonna have to tell my dad about you" He said. 


"What! You can't" I said stopping.  


"I have no choice he's gonna find out anyways, he's busting my ass with this basketball shit and college I have to tell him"  


"Just- just wait first I want to think this through it's not easy for us to tell our parents about this" 


"Alright fine i'll wait" 


"Have you told your buddies" I asked.


"It's none of their business can't believe out of all the girls I've been with, I got you pregnant" 


"What are you trying to say that you're not interested in me? That i'm ugly?" 


"Of course i'm interested in you you're far from ugly" He said with a smirk biting his bottom lip. I rolled my eyes. 


"You're full of shit" 


"I might be but y'know one day we're gonna sort this whole thing out between us and we're gonna become a family" 


"Family? Oh no, I don't think so" 


"I don't want Justin or who the hell ever taking care of my kid you're not taking that from me" 


"I didn't know you wanted to be involved. Yesterday you were all shocked and disappointed" 


"I'm nothing like the pricks that get a girl pregnant and run off. I think it's kind of ridiculous they're too pussy to raise their own child so be thankful that I'm a loyal caring person to you" He said handing me my books. We walked into class together. I wasn't feeling to good we really didn't do anything today since we had a substitute.  


"Feeling sick again" He asked.  


"Yeah. I don't think I can do this" 


"You can do this. Are you planning on going out with Justin" He asked and I shrugged. 


"I don't know, what if we do and he finds out i'm pregnant by the one person he hates or you want us to break up so we can be together" I said. 


"I doubt we'll be together" 


"Don't doubt because it'll end up happening" I said. When class was over Jake and I were walking together his girlfriend Sabrina ran up to him and started making out I just kept walking.


                                                                             Jake's Pov


Emily and I were walking to homeroom together but then I seen Sabrina run up starting to kiss on me. I wouldn't say she's my girlfriend but she's the girl I've been having sex with for a couple days now. 


"Who was that girl you were walking with" 


"She's just a friend alright" I said. 


"I don't want you hanging out with her" 


"Why the hell not I don't tell you who and who not to hang out with" I said.  


"You're not suppose to silly if you want to keep having sex with me then you'll have to listen to what I say" 


"No. I don't" I said walking away going to my locker. I opened it up ripping pictures of Sabrina and I, I honestly don't know why I had them in my locker maybe I'm so brainwashed by her. I realized a picture of Emily. I remember she gave it to me when we hooked up over the summer. We were talking, she gave me her wallet to hold and a picture of her fell out. She recognized me having a picture of her, she told me to keep it and I did. I smiled and my locker closed which caused me to jump a little. 


"Who are you smiling at" One of my friends asked. 


"No one just happy I stopped things with Sabrina and I" 


"Finally! I've always hated her see ya at practice" He said walking off. I sighed and threw away the pictures I had in my hand before walking to homeroom and it kinda felt good to do that.




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