Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


18. FlashBack

I had Justin to lie for me saying I was in Mexico when I was really in Vegas. Sitting in my hotel room I was thinking about everything. Running away, leaving the state, and everything else. I couldn't leave Emily I love her too much to just run away. My phone started vibrating, I took it out of my pocket seeing Justin calling. 


"Hey, everything went okay" I asked.


"Yeah. I told her that you were in Mexico in your dads beach house" 


"I feel bad. I thought about running away and never coming back"


"They'll catch up to you bro, it's best not to do that you'll get yourself in trouble. Look I told her straight up and now i'm telling you, don't do anything stupid alright. Once you leave make sure you come back to her. I understand this is bad timing because Malory is gone and things seems to fall out of place. In the end it'll get ugly before it gets pretty y'know. I think that you taking a vacation to think is the best thing to do. We'll miss you" 


"Yeah. And I know it's bad timing, I regret doing that in the first place but..I did it way before I planned getting with Emily" 


"Wait planned..you planned getting her pregnant" He asked.


"Of course, I told her that I got her pregnant on purpose. I liked her a lot and I knew it's a lot of ways to tell a girl you like them but, I don't know, it was stupid" I said. There was an awkward silence between us I thought he hung up but he didn't. "Justin, bro are you there" I asked.


"Y-yeah. I'll call you back Amber wants to go out for a movie" He said with a chuckle. 




"Take care" He said hanging up. I sighed and tossed my phone on the bed staring at the ceiling.



Seeing Emily at the party was the only thing I was looking forward too. I seen her walk into the door, gosh she was beautiful, even though we did hate each other. I seen her go straight into the kitchen, I went to follow her seeing her talk to Amber. 


"Oh hey Jake" Amber said.


"Hey" I replied looking at Emily. She looked at me too smiling.


"Well okay I will let you two talk" She said walking away.


"Nice to see you at a party, I didn't know you would be here" 


"I didn't know you would be here either. I was actually suppose to be at Sabrina's house to have sex but, I just thought I would come here to have some fun" I said and she chuckled.


"Wow..I'm so impressed and kinda surprised"


"Look, I like you alright I know we haven't been on the same track I just thought that you and I hating each other is a way to say 'Hey, I like you' don't you think" 


"Well I don't know. I mean yeah maybe I like you too but, you are such a man-whore besides I can't take you seriously at all. Different girls every other day, you should be so proud" She said starting to walk away, and I followed her.


"I want to talk. I passed on having sex with Sabrina tonight to see you. Don't you believe me" 


"No, I don't" 


"Well I can tell you. Let's just go somewhere and talk..please" I asked. She sighed, we went upstairs walking into Ambers bedroom. She sat on the bed waiting for me to start talking, I honestly didn't know where to begin.


"I know I've been kinda..a hoe lately, I get that. But think about it us yelling, and arguing is a way for us to communicate. Emily you may think I'm crazy but I've thought about us, maybe a future together. And no I'm not drunk" I said and she chuckled. 


"Jake. I can honestly say I have been thinking about you too but come on, is this what you say to every single girl. I am not falling into that trap. I walk into a party looking and dressing hot you can't resist but to sweet talk to me and try to have sex with me" 


"You do look beautiful" I said. She rolled her eyes and stood up. 


"Goodbye Jake" She said going towards the door. I quickly blocked the door so she wouldn't try to get out. "Please just hear me out, I do like you. Fine don't believe me but it won't change the feelings I have for you. Admit it, you like me. I'm not letting you go until you say it" I added. She scoffed, crossing her arms.


"Alright. I admit it, and I told you I liked you back but you are a fucking player. I am not kissing your ass" She said. I grabbed her face passionately kissing her, she gave in and started kissing me back. She walked backwards and I walked forwards until she hit the edge of the bed sitting down. 


Being with Emily made me learn something out of the past few months, I made a commitment to her. It wasn't because of the baby. I liked her from the beginning. She gets me, out of the debating, yelling, and screaming at each other we made something out of it. Something good, and it breaks my heart I would have to leave her like this all by herself. Sometimes you make choices, and then sometimes choices make you. It's better when I say it in my head it makes perfect sense.  It doesn't feel right being here. I packed my things and went back home.


When I got home from Vegas, I tossed my keys onto the table looking through some mail. Emily was probably upset about the whole miscarriage thing, so was I but not that upset. I saw one from the Air Force which I applied for that two years ago after me and my dad got into this huge argument I just couldn't stand being there with him so I went and applied for the military I'm surprised Emily didn't take a look at it. I took a deep breath opening it up seeing that I got accepted. Fuck! I did not see this coming at all I honestly forgot about it. I crumbled it up throwing it away sitting on the couch running my hands through my hair. Emily came out from the room standing by the wall, I raised my head while we made eye contact.

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