Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


9. Engaged

Months has passed seemed that days were started to go by fast. I was talking to Amber and Chelsea at school talking about plans before the baby gets here. I'm also having second thoughts about this whole thing still not knowing what to do but want to do the right thing. 


"I don't want you to have second thoughts about this I mean you and Jake are happy really happy together about this I think that this baby will keep you two together forever" 


 "You think so" I said    


"Yeah he's a really responsible person he's not any other guys that walks off and never talks to you he really wants to be involved its been three months since you two have been together have you guys talked about like getting married" Amber asked.


"That's ridiculous why would she get married"Chelsea asked Amber.


"Well I don't have a problem with it, three months with him has been amazing I think I even love him"


"Awe, that's cute we will always be there for you Emily I know you didn't want to be one of the girls to get pregnant in high school but it happens a lot of girls don't know how to say no" 


"So this is my fault" I asked.


"Honestly it's you and Jakes fault"   


"Thanks Amber that really helped" I said.


"We can't just stand by your side and not say anything about this, we support you 100% but come on" Chelsea said I scoffed and crossed my arms they walked away, I turnt around and seen Jake, he was finally off crutches having on a knee brace.  


"Hey you seem upset" He said stopping me.


"It's nothing just a little girl talk" 


"Okay, I was thinking tomorrow we could go on a special date I know you love tacos I could get Ron to bring you to that favorite place you like"   


"Okay sounds great" I said putting on a fake smile.


"What the hell did Chelsea say to you"


"It's nothing she just pointed out that I can't learn how to say no because of what we did" 


"Emily please don't let what she said get that to you, you can't be upset anyways our baby girl is almost here"  


"I'm having second thoughts" I said.


"No! No second thoughts its to late to have second thoughts there's no way you're backing out"   


"You don't understand thousands of girls get pregnant in high school each year and i'm one of them everyone doesn't see me as me, they see another pregnant girl dumb enough to throw her dreams in the trash"  


"You wasn't planning on going to college anyways so it doesn't matter everyone has their opinion about something but that doesn't mean they're right"   


"They are right"   


"No they aren't! Whatever else Chelsea or Amber said to you was fowl"  


 "I just want support and want more people to tell me they support me through this, but that's not gonna happen because i'm to busy being judged for making one mistake that's gonna cost my life I hate myself"  


"What happened to 'I'm happy about this situation please don't back out now' I didn't back out because you asked me to so i'm asking you not to also"    


"Okay,okay! I'm sorry it's just I'm getting really emotional again next thing i'm crying my eyes out and then i'm happy" I said.


"I know but we will figure this out together I promise you, and tell me if anyone else has been saying things because I don't want you hurt"   


"Okay. Thanks"  


 "Come on" He said holding his hand out I grabbed his hand and started walking. I didn't want anyone but my family and Jake telling me i'm doing the right thing. It's just when you're pregnant you actually get to see true colors of people talking behind your back laughing telling you that your life is over anyways. I honestly didn't care anymore Jake makes me happy, he doesn't make me feel less than a person and that what makes me think having a baby by him wasn't so bad after all. He walks me to class makes sure my day has been okay, I can tell he really wants to be involved in his daughters life. I feel like, I love him. After school we went to his place, his dad wasn't there. I kicked my shoes off laying in his bed rubbing my stomach.


"I'm so exhausted" I said he sat next to me grabbing my foot starting to massage them.  


"I've been wanting to tell you something for a while" I said.


"What is it"   


"..I love you" I said looking at him. 


"Wow, you're the first girl that ever said that to me and meant it, how do I know if you're telling the truth"   


"By the way I look at you the way we look at each other, seeing that our lives are gonna change and we will love each other no matter what happens, I think us getting together was the best idea we ever made" I said sitting up he held my hand kissing my knuckles. 


"Well if that's the case, I love you more. I've been waiting for you to say it first my dad told me that if we get married or something he would offer buying us our own place. If it's a small wedding he would just buy a house but if it's a big wedding with friends then we could get a condo" He said.


"When did he say this"   


"Few weeks ago I wanted to surprise you, what do you think about marriage"  


"Think that it's a little early I mean we're young"  


 "That's gonna be parents in a few more months, I didn't wanna propose and then you tell me you didn't want to. Your parents already knows about this I talked to your dad he's okay with it. He said that two people that love each other having a baby should have their own place and their privacy. What do you say, we don't have to"  


 "No, i'm happy, we're happy. We love each other more than anything I wanna get married before the baby comes"   


"Okay, so that's a yes I couldn't wait till tomorrow night"   


"Yeah, it's a yes" I said and kissed him. He reached in his pocket giving me a red box. I opened it seeing a huge red diamond ring. He took it out sliding it on my finger.   


"It was my moms, she would've loved seeing you wear it" He said I smiled and kissed him again. 


"I'm happy you gave me this ring, i'm lost for words, thank you"   


"For what"   


"Being in my life and trying not to get out of this you're not like other guys" I said smiling hugging him he hugged me back tightly. I pulled away and stared at my ring  I couldn't be any happier we're getting married at a young age but it doesn't matter were gonna be parents.

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