Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


8. Crutches

I decided to stay home from school today because of course I wasn't feeling too well. Jake and I have been texting all day just to keep me company. After school Jake told me he's going to practice even though he didn't have any games coming up. coach still wanted him and everyone else there. I went home doing some homework tempting to do it. I sighed pushed the books to the side sitting up in bed rubbing my belly. 


"Jake tore his ACL" Amber said out of breath.




"Well I was there in the gym sitting down watching them and he tried to make a dunk, he hung onto the rail and fell onto the floor. And that's when he started holding his knee he's in the ER. He told me not to tell you because you would get worried but I'm really bad at listening to people"


"I need to see him"


"No you stay in bed"


"I want to see Jake Amber, if I don't go I'll be a bad person"


"You won't be a bad person he doesn't want you to see him" 


"How do you know" I asked 


"He told me before the paramedics put him on a gurney. That must've really hurt feel sorry for the kid"


"Will he be at school tomorrow" I asked and she shrugged I grabbed my phone and called Jake. 


"Hey what's up"


"Um, are you going to school tomorrow"


"Yeah I'll show up tomorrow I guess why"


"Because I know you're at the hospital why don't you want me to see you" I asked


"You have other things to worry about instead of me I'll be okay" He said and I sighed.


"Are you okay"


"I'm fine I won't be able to play basketball but hopefully I can soon. I don't want you worrying about me, I'll see you tomorrow"


"Alright I guess I'll see you tomorrow" I said hanging up. 


"I'm sorry Emily, I know you want to see him. I'm sure he's okay" She said leaving.

I got up going to make something to eat. 



        The next day came I was looking for Jake seeing him on crutches talking to a bunch of his friends. They walked away and he closed his locker with one of his crutches. 


"I was worried sick" I said.


"Oh hey baby, don't worry about me, I'll be fine" He said 


"You should be in the hospital"


"I didn't want to stay another day. I'll be okay long as I take my medicine and hopefully do my therapy, I'll be fine don't worry so much" 


"Fine but I'm going to take care of you so you can just sit back, relax and let me do all the work" 


"That sounds sexy" 


"Oh yeah" I asked smiling.


"Yeah, besides I'm already getting excited. Maybe you should come over after school and take care of me there" He said biting his bottom lip. 


"You are so dirty, I can't believe I'm having a baby by a freak"


"I'm not so bad besides I'm controlling myself a little more around you since you're different. I swear if I wasn't on crutches, I would fuck the shit out of you" He said.


"Oh my god Jake" I said surprisingly laughing. 


"What it's true" he said.


"Did you drive to school"


"No my driver drove me. I don't think I'll be able to get under the wheel for a few weeks which sucks. I can't practice anymore basketball it sucks, I may loose the ability to even play"


"Don't say that. All you have to do is take your medicine go to therapy and try to play a little I'm sure you'll get better. You can't give up because of something like this you have to have faith or you'll either loose everything" 


"Yeah I guess" 


"I won't let that happen" I said he smiled and kissed me pulling away. 


"I'll come over after school"


"Alright. I guess I won't need condoms anymore since I stopped having sex with a bunch of girls"


"We are not doubling a baby so keep the condoms we'll need it" I said giggling 


"Sweetie that's impossible. Besides when you're pregnant, you're no longer on your period" 


"Well that's good. Question, how many girls have you had sex with" 


"Lost count I know it's a bad thing but I just couldn't control myself. I regret having sex with some of them I didn't feel no connection between them but there was a couple I was dating all we did was have sex so we broke up and I went to the next person and the next, and then you. You came along and changed all that, if there was no us or no baby I would have a miserable life"


"Well at least you're good in bed"


"I do agree with that. So, question for you, how do you feel when we have sex"


"Do you really want me to answer that" I asked laughing 


"Yes I wanna know"


"Alright well. I love when you take control I don't know it's just I pour myself onto you and it feels good. I'm in another place when we have sex you pleasuring me in different ways drives me insane. And then I get shivers because we feel connected. I've never felt this way before, you make my leg shake a lot"


"Damn. I recognized that  maybe I'm doing a good job." He said.


"Maybe. So what about me? How do you feel?" 


"Well it feels like when we have sex you're the only girl I've been with, I block out everything just to feel everything you're feeling. I love when you tell me to not stop because I never do until I know you can't take it. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, hitting your climax, my body against yours making your toes curl. It's just I don't know good to be that way with a person....Are you getting turnt on?"


"Very, very turnt on. Damn it! I'm wet now thanks to you, don't judge I'm pregnant and I have hormones" I said.


"Not judging it's not the first time I've turned you on"


"I get nervous around you sometimes, it's just you make me feel comfortable and sometimes I forget what to say maybe it's because you're hot and every girls dream" I said.


"I'm hot"


"Well yeah that's why girls never turn you down for sex because you're hot"


"Is that why you agreed to have sex with me" He asked and I put my head down and shrugged.


"I don't know, maybe. Like I said you make me nervous"


"I don't get nervous around you, you shouldn't get nervous around me not because I'm hot and I got turnt down a few times so not everyone says yes to me, I don't get everything I want. I mean I got you and I got a baby on the way that's all I need" He said and the bell rung we both sighed I started walking him to class. After school I went by Jakes house seeing him on the couch massaging his knee. 


"Hey, did you take your medicine"


"Not yet" He said and I sat down beside him. 


"What's wrong"


"I'm so stressed, seeing everyone else practice for basketball made me think if I couldn't get back out there"


"You're strong I know you will get back out there besides its only been two days. You deserve some rest after the last game, you did amazing and that's why you won, if it wasn't for you the school wouldn't be so happy about winning. You made history. It takes time for these things you can't rush it, I bought you some candy I know how much you love candy"


"Thanks Emily" He said and kissed me. I smiled and placed my hand on his face making out with him. His phone started going off he kept making out till he pulled away checking it. I kissed his neck unbuckling his belt. He tossed his phone on the table grabbing my face kissing me taking my shirt off. He started to kiss all over my chest sucking my tits. I ran my fingers through the back of his hair biting my bottom lip. He unbuttoned my shorts tugging them off taking my shoes off. I layed down with his body over mines I covered my face with my hands giggling. 


"Isn't your knee hurting"


"Not that bad" He said I pulled his shirt off taking off his pants with my foot. He got up taking his pants off. 


"I don't think you could be on top"


"Why not"


"Your knee"


"I can manage"


"Oh no" I said getting up taking his boxers off laying him down kissing his abs. After we had sex we cuddled together on the couch wrapped around in a blanket. He kissed my head rubbing my arm. 


"I should probably get going before your dad gets home"


"He won't come till later on tonight you're good"


"I feel like. We're going to be good parents" I said.


"Yeah there's a lot more to talk about also getting a babysitter and everything, we still have a lot of deciding to do" he said I sat up putting my clothes on.


"Want something to eat" I asked.


"Nah I'll just order Chinese and watch the basketball game" 


"Are you sure you don't need anything"


"Yeah I'm sure, thanks for the candy" 


"You're welcome. Well I'm just gonna go home before my sickness comes in" 


"Okay" He said I leaned down and kissed him leaving. I went home seeing mom and dad already started dinner. I sat my bag down sitting at the table. 

"I know I'm late sorry"


"What's that" dad said pointing to my neck 


"Um..it's nothing dad" I said covering my hickie.


"Get protection" He said raising his voice.


"He has plenty-"


"Okaay let's not talk about that at the table, alright now let's eat" My mom said interrupting me. 


After dinner I went upstairs taking a shower changing into something comfortable getting into bed face-timing Jake. 


"Hey" He said smiling 


"Hey, what are your plans for tomorrow. I can pick you up for school" 


"No it's okay. I have this exam in the morning taking the ACT gotta get a lot of rest for three hours of testing" 


"Oh. You've taken it before though" 


"Yeah I got a 26, trying to go higher this time. You'll take it never year before graduation" 


"Three hours seems long" I said.


"It's worth it. But I will see you before I go take it. I was just exercising my knee. Hurts like hell" 


"When do you start therapy"


"After school tomorrow. Maybe afterwards we can do what we did today" He said smirking and I giggled.


"Maybe. And that's if you do a good job in therapy"


"Okay. Well goodnight beautiful" He said and I smiled.


"Goodnight" I said hanging up going to sleep.  


     I woke up I was feeling pretty good today, I decided to dress up adding make up doing my morning routine, going downstairs. I didn't smell breakfast, they must've slept in from yesterday. I grabbed a banana going to school. 


"Hey you look nice" Amber said.


"Thanks, is Jake here yet" 


"Yeah they have to show up a little bit early for the exam it starts in like 10 minutes or so, I'll catch up with you later" she said walking off. I went to my locker grabbing my things finding Jake. 


"Morning" I said happily.


"Good morning. You look good today come here" He said grabbing my waist pulling me towards him kissing me. I smiled and pulled away. "You look so fuckable right now" he added 


"Thank you, so I forgot to ask you, your dad knows about your knee right" I asked.


"Yeah he thought I did it on purpose or some shit. I can't stop looking at you" He said smiling. I couldn't do anything but blush. 


"Stop it you're making me blush"


"Oh really cause you're making me get on hard" 


"Jake!" I said laughing. 


"How did you sleep"


"I slept good. What about you" I asked 


"It was good after I finished jacking off" He said and I laughed.


"Didn't know you did that"


"Sometimes. Did you eat anything this morning Ron my driver, made a goodie bag for you, he put fresh fruits and everything you need in there. He insisted you to take it" He said handing it to me.


"That was nice of him and no I only ate a banana my parents slept in today" I said 


"Well at least you ate something. Kinda don't want to go to therapy today but I have to, long as you be there"


"I will be there don't worry. Tell Ron thanks for the bag he really didn't have to" 


"Well he knows about you and you're particularly family so he just wanted to make sure you and the baby were okay" He said.


"Well good luck on the test, did you take your medicine"


"Yes. I have to take three a day. Ugh the taste of pills sickens me" 


"Well you have to take them, so again good luck and I'll see you later" 



"Alright" He said I kissed his cheek and walked away. 


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