Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


14. Confront

We went up to his room laying on the bed watching The Interview it was a pretty funny movie. When the movie went off we just talked some more it helped me feel a little better after what all happened today. 


"One of your friends talked to me today, he said he supports us"


"Oh Josh, he's mostly like a brother to me we basically grew up together. You don't have to be scared meeting the rest of my friends, he talked to me after school and told me he was with you when that whole Chelsea call out thing was happening"


"Yeah, I'm not scared to meet the rest it's just before all of this you acted just like them y'know a jerk"


"Yeah but I promise they'll act totally different when you're around, they know how much you mean to me and i'm not just saying this because we're having a baby and getting married, honestly i'm happy this happened to me. Without you I don't know what my life would've been like. My dad would've kept pressuring me into joining college basketball but when you just came into my life things changed" He said.


"Yeah, i'm so shocked my parents are okay with this"


"Me too, I thought they would be angry but, I think they thought about your happiness" 


"Yeah. I hope, our lives are fixing to change big time"


"But it'll be worth it" He said kissing my belly.


"I'm happy you're in my life and in the baby's life, how did it go with Justin" I asked.


"It was okay, we had a good time though went shopping did some guy things, he's alright. Air-hockey" He said and I chuckled.


"I'm happy you two are making up better than being so angry at eachother for no reason just because you like basketball and he likes hockey" 


"That wasn't the reason I didn't like him,I just didn't like him but he's alright though"


"He told me, you and Amber went to the principles office this morning"


"Yeah we did, Chelsea got suspended she'll be back before I graduate hate that though i'll see her face"


"I don't want you getting upset" I said. 


"I won't it's just what she did really made me loose my temper, she could've hurt you including the baby. I swear if you loose Malory-"


"Don't say that"


"It'll be her fault"


"I just wanna wait and see what the doctor says and what will happen alright" 


"I don't get it why is she so upset you're having a baby I mean it's not her baby it's our baby" He said.


"You're getting upset"


"Sorry, i'm just stressed"


"Well you shouldn't get stressed either it happened and there's nothing we can do about it" 


"There should be something we could do about it, we can't sit here and let her get away with this suspension isn't shit" 


"Jake let it go, for me please"


"Fine but i'm not gonna let it go that easily" He said I sighed and kissed him. I made out with him a little bit sitting on top of him not pulling away unbuttoning his plaid shirt taking his t-shirt off kissing his neck to his chest. He placed his hand on my stomach feeling Malory kick.


"It's nice to know she's still there" He said I smiled and kissed him down to his pants unbuckling his belt taking it off throwing it on the floor tugging his pants off.


"I hope you know having sex won't take my mind off of what happened today"  


"Well try to take your mind off of it" I said kissing his abs. We finished having sex, I snuggled up against his chest. He smelt so good I kissed his neck and then his lips.


"I hope you've tooken your mind off of what happened"


"I can't, it's bothering me Emily"


"Well it shouldn't she's still in there you felt her"


"I know but still, she's gonna pay"


"What are you gonna do, go to her house and beat her up"


"It'll be different if she was a guy, maybe I should talk to my dad about it maybe he could do something instead of us having to sit on our ass and let it pass by i'm never forgetting what she did. It's fucking stupid. It's not my fault her dad cheated on her mom. This isn't fair i'm here worrying my ass off while she's at home not feeling guilty about what happened" He said I sighed and kissed him.


"No, no more sex" He said sitting up. I sat up to holding the sheets over myself.


"Jake, please let's just forget about this alright. I don't want to think about theres a possibility loosing my daughter, if that happened I honestly don't know what i'll do she's the reason we're together" I said.


"Actually I got you pregnant on purpose, you might be pissed at me but, you were different when I hooked up with you. Something was telling me to make you mines forever"


"I'm not upset because even if I didn't have this baby I think we would have a shot at being together, besides I thought you were kinda cute. My mom thinks you're cute" I said and he chuckled.


"See! All you had to do was smile. There's gonna be a time where things like this will happen but that doesn't mean our joy doesn't have to be taken away because of something like that happened"


"I'm still upset" 


"I know you are but its better to move on" I said.


"You're right, i'm sorry I snapped"


"It's okay, and I understand" I said and kissed him laying down he did to wrapping his arm around me pulling me close to him falling asleep. 

I woke up the next day noticing it was a Saturday. Jake was still sleep I sighed sitting up getting out of bed grabbing his plaid shirt slipping it on going to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth washing my face going downstairs fixing breakfast. 


"Morning sexy" Jake said smacking my ass.


"Hey" I said giving him a morning kiss. "How did you sleep"


"I slept okay, have a headache"


"Maybe all that stress last night" 


"Really don't wanna talk about it, never liked Chelsea she was a pain in the ass" He said taking a sip of his orange juice. "I remember one time she tried to sleep with me"


"Ew! Did you do it"


"Are you kidding me, of course not she could be the last girl on earth i'm not that desperate. Maybe she's jealous of us"


"Why is that"


"Because I got you pregnant she had a massive crush on me. And so did you"


"Long time ago but, I don't need to have a crush on you because I got you and i'm a very lucky girl"


"I'm a very lucky guy, it's nice to have a girl that doesn't always want something from me you're different from the other girls"


"What did they want? Sex?"


"Yeah it's always sex I loved having sex"


"Oh no, I took away your passion for sex"


"No, no I still like sex. Especially with you but it's just the others. Seems that when they found out my dad owned half of Texas and is a lawyer, I don't know girls just kept coming. You don't see me as a rich kid I appreciate that"


"There's one thing that I wouldn't care about in the person that I love and that is their money. It's none of my business and I don't wanna know I see a handsome generous smart person and that's the person I fell in love with. Not for anything else" I said.


"I'm happy to hear you say that and that I got you pregnant"


"Was it some kind of bet or something"


"No, it's just I knew it would be hard for me to find someone when I graduated and went on to college for basketball finding the right girl that doesn't look at me for my money but, it wasn't some kind of bet or promise. I just wanted it to happen. I'm sorry"


"It's okay I forgive you" 


"I could've cooked breakfast, didn't know you wake up so early"


"Yeah well you're not the only person that knows how to cook" I said handing him a plate. We sat at the table and ate breakfast. 


"What are you doing today" I asked.


"I don't know, are you doing anything today"


"Planning on finding my dress. My mom has to work today so I was gonna take Amber. But if you want to do something together I can wait till tomorrow"


"No, you can go ahead I hope you have fun" 


"What are you gonna do" I asked.


"I'll figure something out probably call the guys over"


"Okay, are you sure"


"Yeah" He said getting up. I finished breakfast going upstairs taking a shower throwing my hair in a messy bun texting Amber. I went downstairs sitting next to Jake on the couch.


"I don't want you to be bored"


"I won't. Besides you really do have to get your dress" 


"Alright" I said kissing his head leaving. Amber and I went to the bridal store, I tried on different kinds of dresses. I tried on a strapless dress, it fitted me perfectly I smiled at myself in the mirror seeing how gorgeous I looked.


"I am so getting this dress. Doesn't it look perfect"


"Yeah but is it in your price range"


"Oh who cares about that, I just want to get married to my Jakey" I said.


"Oh god, please don't turn into one of those prissy proper annoying girls"


"I won't. I'm just really happy, Jake is the one Amber"


"I'm happy to hear that, ugh i'm so jealous"


"Date Justin he's single" I said.


"Maybe I should" She said getting out her phone. I took the dress off and paid for it. 


"Do you think Justin like me" She asked curiously. 


"I don't know you'll have to see" I said.


"You could ask for me, I know he was so into you now that you're getting married maybe he could back off of you. He's so cute. So is Jake over the Chelsea accident"


"No he was so upset last night, I had to have sex with him to take his mind off of it, but it didn't work I hate what she did"


"Me too, I went by her place I told her we were no longer friends, she's just mad because you're marrying her crush. She's ruining your relationship with him y'know"


"Figures" I said.


"Hey, Jake's hot all the girls aren't over him but he chose you, which makes me respect him more. He only sees you and that baby"


"And I only see him and my daughter, we're meant to be"


"Yeah true come on let's get you back to him" She said. We left the store going back to Jakes. I seen Justin playing the Xbox.


"Where's Jake" I asked.


"He's upstairs taking a shower" Justin said. Me and Amber looked at eachother. I gave her the 'go for it' look. She rolled her eyes sitting by Justin. I sat down on the couch watching him play the game. After a few minutes Justin decided to teach Amber how to play, I left them for some alone time. I went upstairs seeing Jake slipping on a shirt. 


"Hey you're back" He said. 


"Yeah, I got the perfect dress once you see it you'll want to rip it off"


"Is that a promise"


"More than just a promise. I missed you, and it's only been 20 minutes" I said.


"I missed you too"


"I found out that Chelsea was trying to ruin our relationship because she has a massive crush on you"


"I'm not gonna let that bitch get to us. I don't care if she has a massive crush on me I don't like her, she lost my respect"


"Do you still have a headache" I asked.


"A little, I took something for it. I'm not going to let what she did stress me out"


"Good, you shouldn't. I know it hurts you to see what she did but it was yesterday"


"It's my daughter Emily"


"Mines too" I said walking out the room going back downstairs. 


"Where are you going" Jake asked.


"For a walk" I said leaving the house. I went for a good walk around the neighborhood seeing big houses fancy cars its like Hollywood here. I don't think me and Jake got into an argument it was just a misunderstanding. It's better to let go of what happened yesterday and enjoy what's gonna happen next. I remembered Chelsea lived down the road from Jake so I went to her place knocking on the door seeing her mom.

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