Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


4. Closer

I think Jake felt kind of mistreated when I told him I didn't know if I wanted the baby or not, babies can ruin your life especially in high school when you're still a teenager wanting to do fun things go out, drink, party, do whatever you want to do. But now that a baby is in my hands I can't do any of that, i'm a parent now and it's really time for me to be responsible. The next day came I did my morning routine going downstairs eating breakfast.

"I made an appointment for today at 3:30, do you want me to come" Mom asked. 


"Um, I don't know maybe the next appointment. Thanks mom" I said and she nodded. 


"I'm still not okay with this and i'm still in shock, can't believe my daughter is having a child on the way" 


"Sorry I let you down"


 "Forget about it. Long as you're doing the right thing,right" She said pouring some orange juice. When I got to school I went to my locker looking through my binder looking through some papers. I closed my locker seeing Amber standing there smiling.


"How are you" She asked. 


"Why" I asked suspiciously. 


"There's a rumor going around school saying you're pregnant" She said and chuckled. 


"Is that true because I convinced one girl you wasn't. You must be you're not denying it" 


"It's true Amber" I said walking away having her follow me. 


"Wait what! Why didn't you tell me i'm your friend we tell each other every fucking thing and you're keeping this from me"    


"I'm sorry alright I just didn't want anyone to know and it's no ones business" 


"Okay fine I mean the school knows anyways so it doesn't matter, who's the baby daddy" She asked.


"Didn't I say it was no ones business" 


"Okay then sorry I asked. Do you wanna hang out today we barely hang around together you've been acting real strange lately and I don't like it just talk to me please" She said grabbing my arm. 


"Okay okay fine what is it" 


"Just talk to me, I want us to feel close again i'm your friend. Who's the father Emily"  


"Jake is the father Amber" 


"Oh, wow...whoa holy shit! Really him, are you sure" 


"Yes i'm sure, we've been talking, he's not the kind of person we thought he was he's different when he's around me" I said. 


"Oh really" She said as like she didn't believe of a word I said. 


"Yeah, I misjudged him he actually cares about this baby" 


"That's good, I thought he would end up not caring about it" 


"Yeah but thankfully he's not that kind of person to walk away from his responsibilities. Where's Chelsea" I asked.


"At home, decided not to come today her parents had a big fight last night and she doesn't feel like she should come to school today" She said. 


"I hope they make up. They've been together for years, it's sad to see them just fall apart" 


"Yeah well, hopefully you and Jake don't get married" 


"Married? Because i'm having his baby" I said laughing. 


"Oh come on it'll happen just wait on it" She said walking to class. I sighed and walked to class also taking my seat doing tons of work sheets the teacher passed out. I realized Jake wasn't at school today I started to get worried he left early this morning from staying the night from my place, I really hope nothing went wrong with his dad and him. After class was over I caught up with Justin.


"Hey have you heard or seen Jake" I asked and he chuckled. 


"Do you think Jake talks to me" 


"Shit! We have an appointment today at 3:30 after school, him and his dad got into a fight yesterday, gave him a busted nose" 


"Oh my gosh, well sadly I haven't seen him sorry. What are you gonna do" 


"I don't know, I guess just go by myself" 


"I'll come with you if its okay with you, if you don't want me to then it's okay" 


"Maybe next time, after school i'm gonna find him. If I can't find him i'll just ask my mom. I told her yesterday she was disappointed but she wasn't mad I can't imagine how my dad will act" 


"Hopefully not freak out I mean you can't get stressed out if you do, you'll lose the baby" He said. 


"I know. I'm new at all of this I have a lot of reading to do" 


"If you need help or just anything and I mean anything, just call me" 


"Thanks for being helpful I really don't want to be alone through this" 


"You won't" He said I smiled and hugged him.


"Awe, you two dating again" Jake said teasing me. 


"I was looking for you" I said and punched his arm. 


"Ow! You could've called, I was late my dad and I aren't really talking right now" 


"I'm sorry Jake" I said. 


"It's okay, i'll live through it. Seems that I only have you and the guys that's by my side, I thank you" 


"You're welcome. So my mom made the appointment and its this afternoon think you could come" 


"I have to practice for my last game tomorrow but, I don't know i'll ask coach doubt if he let me leave" He said and I sighed. 


"I really wanted you to come y'know hear the baby's heart see the gender stuff like that" 


"If I can't come take air-hockey" He said talking about Justin. 


"I'm gonna go can't be late to class" Justin said leaving. 


"Be nice, he really wants to help us through this. You don't have to get along with him but I can't be under any stress in the next 7 months can you do that" 


"I guess" 


"Good" I said and he rolled his eyes. We were the only ones in the hallway we hurried and went to class. After school, my mom came with me to the doctors since Jake's dad pushed him into basketball and became good at it, the coach let him come with me to the doctors office. We sat in the waiting room mom was signing a few papers while we waited. I could tell on the look on Jake face he was nervous and scared. 


"Nervous" I asked. 


"Yeah. I honestly don't know how i'm feeling about this right now" 


"I'm feeling the same way i'm nervous to but i'm here with you, together" I said he smiled and held my hand taking a deep breath. When mom got finished with the papers she left minutes later, the doctor called us back. We went to the back I laid on the bed pulling my shirt up, the doctor dimmed the lights spreading some gel on my stomach grabbing the ultrasound transducer rubbing it around my stomach. We all looked at the screen, since the baby was only 7 weeks it's still small to see but in two months we would be able to see it a little better and find out the gender soon. Jake grabbed my hand intertwining his fingers through mines, I felt sparks, excitement going through me I didn't know but I think that this pregnancy will bring us closer than we thought.   


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