Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


20. Before He Leaves

Amber and Justin left the house I went back inside cleaning up a little putting some clothes on over my bathing suit. There was a knock at the door I went to get it seeing mom and dad I smiled and let them inside.


"Can I get you anything" I asked. 


"No we're good, we came to see how you were. We see you cleaned yourself up, the other day we came over you were a mess"


"Amber and Justin talked to me. We had a good talk even if I was a rude person to them, they were right, I can't live like this forever"


"So are you going to school" Dad asked.


"I guess so, did Jake tell you the news"


"No, you're pregnant again" She asked surprised.


"I wish. He's leaving, to go to the Air Force it's a long story but he leaves Monday and we're separating"


"You love eachother though"


"Yeah we do but I can't stop him from leaving he has to go" I said taking a deep breath. 


"Will you be okay when he's gone"


"Hopefully, we still have a lot of talking to do but I'm sure I'll get over it" I said. When my parents left it gave me time to think about what I was gonna do when Jake leaves. I started dinner Jake came out from the room walking behind me kissing my cheek. 


"Hey sleepy head" 


"Hey" He said in his raspy sexy voice which was a turn on.


"Feeling any better" I asked.


"If I think about it, no. I want you to have something" He said turning me around putting his favorite dog tag necklace on me.


"This is the necklace you always wore to your basketball games, for good luck. Your mom gave it to you"


"Yeah. Surprised you remember that"


"How can I ever forget that. I know that you may feel like the most stupidest person ever for signing those papers but at least you're fighting for your country, you're brave, smart, handsome. You're everything and any girl would be lucky to have you. Your mom is proud of you, your dad, my parents, Malory, and including me. I want to give you something too" I said taking off a bracelet from my wrist giving it to him. "Just something for you to have when you go and fight. Just know that I'll always be there by your side" 


"Thanks Emily, it feels weird that we're doing this. I didn't want this to happen Emily" 


"I know" I said and smiled he grabbed both of my hands intertwining them. "I love you" I added.


"Forever and always"


"Forever and always" I said. The next day came it was the day I decided to go back to school. I went into the bathroom doing my morning routine. Breakfast was already done but Jake was no where in sight. I ate and grabbed my bag heading to school. I walked inside and everyone's eyes was on me okay I know I haven't been here for two months but they act like they've seen a ghost. It was quiet so I started walking going to my locker.


"You came" Jake said.


"What are you doing here"


"Well I wanted to make sure you kept your word in coming to school" 


"Of course I kept my word it's my last year and I decided not to miss any more days just doing it for my husband or ex husband. Ugh hate that word" 


"It's better for us to date other people when I leave I mean we're still married but-"


"I know. I honestly don't want anyone in our business they're like little robots listening to everything. Is that the only reason you came to see if I was gonna come to school"


"Um yeah and also to see coach I told him that I wasn't going to college basketball because of a little situation that happened but he thinks it's a good idea" He said.


"I don't want you to get hurt" 


"Oh so that's what you're worried about"


"Well of course do you know how much it would hurt me if someone told me something happened to you" 


"Don't worry, I'm a big boy" 


"You are" 


"Did you mean that in a dirty way" 


"That too, go home I'll see you when I get there" I said laughing.


"Alright see you later"


"Bye" I said still laughing getting my books out putting them in my bag.


"Hey see you're back" Justin said.


"Yep, should've done that weeks ago but I don't know felt humiliated to come"


"You shouldn't, loosing a baby isn't humiliation it's really sad for the parents and even the people that felt close to her"


"Yeah true" I said taking a deep breath closing my locker. 


"I see a smile on your face, how come"


"It was just Jake he made my morning" I said chuckling.


"Sucks to know you two are getting a divorce" 


"We'll still love eachother though it's just because he's going away and he doesn't want to put me through that he'll still feel like a husband to me. I'll like to thank you and Amber for everything you've done for Jake and I you're the only ones we have"


"No prob" He said and smiled I smiled too walking away going to class. It took a lot to make up for the time I've loss from school but I had to do it in order to graduate. During lunch I sat at the table with Amber and Justin. 


"So happy you came to school" Amber said.


"Yeah I have a lot to catch up on I mean I almost got all of my credits so I should be good" 


"Still thinking about Jake"


"Yeah it's just so soon I never thought we would just separate like this, I love him he makes us feel like a real family even if Malory isn't here it's just so much going on" I said. 


"It'll be okay you have us and we are here for you" 


"Thanks" I said. After school I went home sitting my books down seeing Jake in the kitchen cooking dinner. 


"Hey I'm starting to cook dinner since you're probably a little tired from school-" He said while I cut him off with a kiss he pulled away and held both of my hands.


"What was that for"


"Being in my life" I said unbuttoning his shirt quickly pushing him against the fridge getting on my knees kissing his stomach roughly.


"Whoa! wait I have to give you something first"


"Can it wait"


"No" He said helping me up off the floor handing me an envelope.


"You don't have to sign them now but whenever you feel like it" He said. 


"Did you sign yours"




"Jake this is the hardest thing I have to do"


"I know, it's hard on both of us" He said I sighed putting them back into the envelope resting my hands on the counter.


"What is it"


"I don't want to sign them"


"I don't either"


"Then why are we doing this" I asked. 


"Because I love you and when I leave I don't want to put you in this position, it's best for us Emily I know it's hard but the hardest I have to do is leave. I can't imagine if Malory was still here and this happened I couldn't go. I would do time I don't care"


"No-- you didn't have to do that, this is about you and you have to go and we have to do this. You don't know how many times I've kept thinking about it, I can't stop thinking about it" 


"I've thought about it too Emily but the thing is we can't do anything about it. Are you mad at me"


"No I'm not mad at you if this wouldn't happened we would still be together" I said.


"True. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to be a dad and for changing me into a better person I was a dumb jock that treated you like shit"


"I forgive you for all of that. So did you quit your job"


"Yeah, another hard thing I had to do. I loved working on cars besides it attracts the ladies" He said and I lifted an eyebrow.


"Do the ladies come to your job just to see you"


"Most of them hit on me but y'know I let them know that I'm married and I'm committed"


"Wow I stopped you from having sex with multiple women"


"It's not just that I just thought it would be disrespectful and stupid of me if I did try to cheat on you, there may be hundreds of girls out there but you're the best one I've found so far. Maybe I'll find someone in Germany I don't know but it's gonna be hard moving on"


"I don't want to move on from you I know it's not healthy not to but still. I'm not signing these papers it'll be like signing adoption papers for Malory, do you want to move on from me Jake and don't say you have to. Yes or no"


"Yes" He says with a deep sigh. 


"Love is the most important thing to me and I can't move on from you even if I tried. We're just so in love it's impossible to just forget we ever happened, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. And I don't think I'll ever find another person generous as you are, or could make me smile, you've made me a better me. If you want me to sign them I will just tell me"


"I don't want to put you through anything Emily you deserve better"


"I deserve you, it's okay if you put me through anything long as we're here for eachother"


"We can still be there for eachother but as friends" He said and I sighed.




"Don't be mad"


"I'm not I can't make you stay with me" I said he kissed my head pulling me into a hug. He pulled away crushing his lips onto mines. When Jake and I got finished having sex we layed down beside each other kissing. I had my hand on his cheek pulling away. 


"You're still sweating" I said giggling. 


"I want you to keep the condo"


"What, no I can't"


"Take it as a gift from me and my dad I mean you're living here anyways you can't move back in with your parents you're a senior and almost graduating and probably going to college it's up to you now" He said.


"If that's what you want" 


"I do"


"Okay" I said. We went back to kissing his started rubbing on my thigh  I grabbed my phone ordering dinner. I slipped on his shirt we both sat in front of the tv watching Netflix eating Chinese. It was a Friday night and Jake will be leaving in three days I really hope we can spend much time with eachother as possible. After we got finished eating I layed my head down on his shoulder. 


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