Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


10. Avoiding

"Does your dad know about this"  I asked.


"Yeah he suggested it and your parents know also, we've been talking about it for days I didn't think it was a bad idea, problem is everyone is gonna tell you that getting married is a dumb thing to do in high school especially having a baby, but what matters is our happiness I wanna do the right thing what I feel is right"   


"Yeah, me too maybe I should stop listening to what my friends say"   


"Definitely. My friends know about this to they're supportive they think that us getting married having a baby together and living in our own home to raise our daughter is the most responsible thing a guy could do. If I walked off I wouldn't know how to forgive myself"   


"And I wouldn't know what to do with this baby I have another year of high school left its gonna be a lot of work"   


"Yeah but it's worth it. We have a daughter i'm happy about that"  


 "Me too" I said and kissed him a few times placing his hand on my stomach. 

"She's kicking" I added.  


"First time she's kicked" He said.


"Yeah, feels that I really wanna go through this" 


"Are you being positive"  


 "Yeah, do you really wanna go through this" I asked and he nodded.


"Yeah, I will take care of you both, you don't ever have to worry about that"  


"I'll take care of you too" I said and he chuckled kissing my cheek.   


"Come on Mrs.Patterson" He said helping me off the bed grabbing his keys.   


"That last name really fits me i'm so happy we're getting married"    


"Me too, I honestly didn't think you would say yes"   


"Of course I would were gonna be a family in four more months. So when is the wedding"   


"I have to ask my dad so he could get everything ready so, do you want to have a big one"   


"No just us and our parents"    


"Okay" He said grabbing my hand going downstairs. He dropped me off at home I went inside mom and dad were both in the kitchen smiling at me. I put my bag down and looked at them confused.   


"What" I said    


"Tell me did he ask you" 

Mom asked I smiled and showed her my ring.   


"I think it's a really good thing you two are doing this I mean you're 17 and he's 18 but what matters is you two having a baby and trying to be a family" 


"I keep thinking its a bad thing to get married at 17"   I said.


"It may sounds bad but it was a bad thing getting pregnant at 17 also you'll turn 18 soon anyways, don't try to back out he already asked you" Dad said.


"It's not that it's just at a young age what am I suppose to do"   


"Just get married he already asked you and you said yes so I don't see what's the big deal. Is it because people at school will make fun of you"  


 "Mostly that too I still have to live with it"   


"Don't listen to them they're jealous because you're marrying the hottest guy in school" Mom said and I raised an eyebrow. "What he is cute" She added.


"I just don't know"  


 "Just do it okay we both kinda don't agree about this but since you're pregnant at least we could do is let you do this"   




"Don't back out he's a nice boy it's kinda hard to find nice guys" Dad says.


 "That's true" I said   


 "When is the wedding" He asked.


"We don't know yet"   


"Okay well when you find out tell us" She said. I helped mom and dad make dinner since the baby was healthy I just ate a salad and drunk some water calling Jake.   


 "Hey" He said   


 "Hey I just called to say goodnight, wanted to hear your voice"   


"Awe well I wanted to hear yours to, I talked to my dad and the wedding is in two weeks he told me he wanted to be in his granddaughters life. And he apologized for everything he's done to make my life miserable"  


"I'm happy you two made up you can't loose your dad either, I know you wished him and your mom would trade places but you didn't mean it" I said   


"Yeah I was upset that day because he didn't approve me caring for my child" 


"Maybe because he thought you deserved better not taking care of a kid throwing your dreams away"   


"I still don't know what i'm gonna do when I graduate but hopefully i'll figure something out" He said.


"Have you thought about basketball I mean you could have a full scholarship you're really good. You're the reason you won the last game"   


"I can't go to college and leave you raising the baby so i'm putting everything on hold. I'll talk to you tomorrow okay"  


 "Okay goodnight"   


"Goodnight" He said hanging up. I sighed and texted Justin since I haven't spoken to him in a few days. I checked the time seeing it was getting late so I went to sleep. I woke up to my alarm clock going off on my phone, I groaned taking a deep breath opening my eyes grabbing my phone seeing Justin didn't text back. I really wondered what was going on with him haven't spoken to him in days I was getting upset I got up doing my morning routine going downstairs. Mom and dad haven't gotten up yet so I ate some cereal going to school.   


 "Have you guys seen Justin" I asked walking up to Chelsea.


"No, it doesn't matter anyways you're mad at us"   


"What you said did hurt me but i'm over it not that it'll stop. I just wanna do the right thing for my sake I don't care what you two think you're not here to support me. You're here to make fun of me because i'm throwing away my dreams, I never had dreams to start with a lot of teenage girls get pregnant in high school of course you didn't expect me to get pregnant but I did. And I don't care i'm doing what's right for my daughter and i'm getting married, say whatever you want it's not like I haven't heard it before. You don't know what it's like to keep having second thoughts about something like this I can't get an abortion and i'm not giving her away to some stranger, so deal with it and that goes for everyone at this fucking school. It's not about making everyone else happy it's about making me my daughter and her dad happy, thought you were my friends but you're just some backstabbing bitches that talks behind my back instead of saying it in front of my face. I'm really not in a good mood today I asked a simple question and all you do is spit in my face I don't need you, got all the support I need what a waste of a friendship" I said walking away cleaning my face finding Justin.    


"I've been looking for you" I said    


"Oh, hey"   


"What's going on I texted you last night and you didn't reply you've been avoiding me, like everyone else" I asked.


"No, it's not that I just want to give you your space"   


"Space? What the hell does that mean" I said raising my voice. 


"Meaning you're really not in a good mood"   


"Well Chelsea and Amber pissed me off this morning" 


"Don't get upset you don't need to be upset it could cause miscarriage. I know you and Jake are really happy about her being almost here trust me if he knew you've been stressed today he would've told you the same thing. Seems that you and Jake are getting married"   


"Yeah in two weeks"   


"Are you happy" He asked.


 "I'm lucky, I love Jake. I know you liked me but I liked you to if I wasn't pregnant with his baby trust me I would think we had a shot being together"    


"It's okay Emily long as you're happy i'm okay with that I want to get along with him since we're friends and i'm gonna be around you a lot. I could help with the baby"   


"That's nice of you" I said.


"Yeah i'm sorry i've been avoiding you it's just Jake. Y'know the bad boy over protective over his wife"  


 "He really is protective, but he just wants to look out for the baby he loves her"   


"Have you thought of some names" He asked and I shook my head.


"Not yet but we will soon, were gonna live together hopefully before the baby gets here. His dad is getting us a place to live since we're a family, he's a nice person Jake just had some experiences in his life that makes him the bad boy but if you understand what all he went through you would get it" I said.


"I'm sure, seems that you changed him he's not having sex with plenty of girls"   


"Yeah he wants to be serious about being a father I think he would be a good father"  


 "And you will be a good mother cept when you're not cranky" he said and I chuckled punching his arm lightly.


"Shut up it's the mood swings"  


 "I know. How are you feeling"   


"I'm okay I just had to let negative people in my life go I can't just accept people in my life if they don't accept me doing what's right y'know. Chelsea Amber and I grew up together we were basically sisters"   


"Well since you're basically sisters, sisters fight and then they make up i'm sure they would apologize about all the things they've said about you"   


 "I guess. Please don't tell Jake about what happened I don't want him yelling at me saying I can't get stressed"   


"I won't"   


"Thanks. You're the one I could depend on"   


"You can always depend on me Emily were friends"   


"Yeah, I know"   


"Prom is next month are you going" I asked.


"I'm sure Jake would ask me have you thought about asking someone"   


"Probably not going"   


"Why you should go it'll be fun getting all dressed up taking the perfect girl dancing and probably hooking up"   


"Doubt it but i'll think about it alright I promise"   


"Thank you" I said walking away going to my locker taking out my things putting my bag inside.  


"Morning beautiful" Jake said.


 "Morning handsome" I said and kissed him.


 "Have a good morning" 


 "Yeah I guess it was okay"   


"Anyone say anything to you"   


"Nope just got finished talking to Justin"  


 "Oh, so you're finally talking to him" He asked.


 "He's been avoiding me because of you, he wants to be friends I think being friends would be a good thing get to know each other"    


"Are you really saying this? Are you sick?"   


"He's a nice guy would you please try and be friends with him"    


"I don't know"  


 "For me" I asked.


 "Maybe, I don't know"   


 "Maybe, I don't know" I said mimicking him giving him another kiss. "I love you Mr.Patterson" I added.   


"I love you too Mrs.Patterson. We're gonna look at houses with my dad soon"  


 "Yay! I can't wait so have you found out the date"   

"It's on Friday the 23rd so we'll probably look at houses this week or next week"    


"Great. Can't wait to live with you"   


"Me either, maybe when we get married and find a place we should go shopping for some more clothes if you want to"   


"Okay i'm okay with it why wouldn't I"   


"You're not having second thoughts are you"   


"No. No more second thoughts I promise"   


"Alright, I want you to be really sure about this. If you don't want to then we could talk about it"   

"I'm fine and i'm sure about this we don't have to talk about it"    


"Okay. Well I gotta get to class see you later" He said and I nodded closing my locker hugging him walking away.  



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