As he played it was as if the piano had a mind of its own The piece itself was complex yet eloquently beautiful. it was almost as if you could hear his partner singing along with him A love song doomed till the very end.


Quincy McAdams is very outspoken, weird, crazy and a little bit delusional to be honest in spite of all this she is the most talented singer in all of Korona School of The Arts

While Jake Winters is the complete opposite of his classmate. Jake spends his time mostly playing piano and working .
What happens when they get chosen to be the two representing their country in the national Arts Festival?


2. Jason Winters

Standing in front of Quincy was the infamous Jason Winters. Jason was the star student at Korona Academy. His piano skills were unbelievable, according to rumours Jason had been taking advance classes for piano at Korona when he was only five. Plus Jason was built like a Greek god so add on almost 10 teenage girls fawning over him, he had brown hair lightly tanned skin and green eyes that you could get lost in, Jason was the epitome of perfect. He was chivalrous, kind, smart, shy, and looked like a Greek god. But surprisingly he was not noticeably 'cool' or 'popular' he tended to stay by himself. 


So as you can imagine when the shy Jason Winters stormed into Quincy's house looking quite angry Quincy was quite surprised.



ha sry guys this is a really small chapter!

hope y'all are prepared for DRAMA!


byeeee mah lovelies

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