i will always be watching

Hi, my name is Jane Willison, and... this is the diary of my geeky life, and... oh, don't read this is your name is Rocky or Stewart, and either way, I don't want you reading this, cause... this is a diary. Okay, bye!


8. page 8

 Okay, I am sorry for not writing in you for so long, it's just... I have been going through some things right now... um... so, after Miss Jonson came, we found Paula on the couch, and, um... she wasn't sleeping. She was dead. It turns out her anorexia was serious, and she weighed way less than she was supposed to. Today was her funeral. Paula, if you are reading this, I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed it, and I am sorry for wearing your clothes. And I am also sorry I didn't come to your funeral, because it would be too much for me. I am where you want me to be right now. In the closet. I will stay here with you for as long as I can. And I haven't eaten, if that's what you want. I haven't eaten since your... death. I could've persuaded you to eat more, and I didn't. Now you're dead. All because of me. I am pretty sure if you were alive right now, you would have punched me in the gut, so I'll do it for you. There. Happy? JSYK, Paulina Zoe Willison, I love you. Remember that in heaven. Tell god I love him.


Truly yours,

Janeline Carol Willison

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