i will always be watching

Hi, my name is Jane Willison, and... this is the diary of my geeky life, and... oh, don't read this is your name is Rocky or Stewart, and either way, I don't want you reading this, cause... this is a diary. Okay, bye!


5. page 5

 BLEH okay so maybe going to the tailor was a bad idea just like everything else I did in my life. :( So the good news is I found a way to pay for the suit and I have 2 bad news 1 is it will take 2 weeks to make the suit and 2 is I saw the 2 WORST COUSINS EVER which there name is Rocky and Stewart!!!!!!! And right now I am inside of a bathroom stall writing to you, lovely diary, but also hiding from those freaks! They go to my school and they adore all the girls but they also make me feel terrible because they always say 'watch out, geeky stranger' and stuff like that but also take my home lunch!!! And if they just had some sympathy and they just said that I am their cousin then I would be the third most popular person in school! (Rocky and Stewart are the first and second. They always have together for everything just because they are twins!) But NOOOOOOOOOO! they have to be selfish and have all the fame for themselves!
​Okay so I an here footsteps coming, oh, no, someone is opening t

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