i will always be watching

Hi, my name is Jane Willison, and... this is the diary of my geeky life, and... oh, don't read this is your name is Rocky or Stewart, and either way, I don't want you reading this, cause... this is a diary. Okay, bye!


11. page 11

​Name: Paulina Zoe Willison
Birth date: November 24, 1989
​Sister/brother: Janeline Carol Willison, Sister
Loves: Parties
Hates: Bicycles 
Boyfriend/husband: Jackson Harold Jones
​Gender: Female
​Description: Was a good sister to Jane, even though she didn't show it. She loved Jake, but Jake didn't love her. She was very unhealthy in all sorts of ways. She had a poor case of Anorexia, and she will be sorely missed by family and friends, mostly by Janeline Willison, her younger sister, who is 17 today.
We love you.
I did this in my best handwriting for you, Paulina.
​                                                           -Janeline


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