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Hi, my name is Jane Willison, and... this is the diary of my geeky life, and... oh, don't read this is your name is Rocky or Stewart, and either way, I don't want you reading this, cause... this is a diary. Okay, bye!


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OMG so today was like the worst day ever! I know if your reading this don't taunt me for not writing an entrance like 'dear bodatious diary' or 'my dearest beloved secret journal' or something like those popular girls do, but the thing is I'm not popular. I am geeky. Even though the other girls with black hair or brunette or whatever stare at me in jealousy because I have blonde hair doesn't mean I'm popular. Does it?
​ Okay so back to my day. My teacher who I  must not name because what if you're the one reading this?! asked a simple question 'what should our school assignment be about' and then all the cool boys and cool girls leaped out of their chairs and started shouting


"Nail polish!"




"Princesses pretending to be geeks who turn out in the end showing themselves as princesses!"


Everyone turned around to look at me on that one.


 The teacher shook her head at all of them. I shouted just loud enough for her to hear me over the commotion said "Global warming in the extract of Nebraska and how to prevent pollution."
​Everyone stared at me and gave me a nasty look.


 "Shut up geek!" someone shouted.


"yeah, are you trying to suck the fun out of everything?" someone else shouted.


 Everyone shouted mean comments at me then, and I just sat back and listened to all of them, mostly because I am used to these.


 The teacher cleared her throat VERY loudly and clapped her hands. "Please settle down. I think that's a great idea, Jane, because it gives us an opportunity to think about as you teenagers how you guys can prevent your... habit of littering."
​ I wanted to say to her face that she only thinks that because shes a teacher and she wants that stuff but she would probably just ignore my nasty little comment because she feels sorry for geeks like any other teacher would do, and that would be hurtful, because I want her to think I am bad.
​ So now we have to do a project about Global warming in the extract of Nebraska and how to prevent pollution all because of me. And now the girls keep shoving their fat purses into me and saying 'oopsie' but their face expressions say that they did it on purpose and even if  they did do it by accident then they wouldn't have meant their apology and the boys mostly the cute ones keep giving me those mean nasty looks that make me regret making me feel in like with them.



*sigh*. Welcome to 11th grade, people.

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