The 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

Every human is happy since the first time he sets a foot into this world, the only thing that can destroy this happiness are the 7 deadly sins. It's totally irrelevant if you're the one that sins or someone else. Let's say a women is committing a sin of wrath in killing her husband, both fall into despair, despite the non sinning of the man. This story is about a pure boy who's life changes because of the influence of the 7 deadly sins. His name is Erwin.


1. Mother

"Erwin! Where is the broom?!"

The writing feather I was spinning in concentration falls from my hand onto the desk. "I... I don't know you where the last one using it, mother."

She lets out a sight: "Why did I even put you into this world if you can't be useful for the smallest things?"

"I'm sorry."

I love bringing my creativity to life. I'm 14 years old, and still go to the academy. Normally boys at my age are Hunters. They protect the village from different threats and get paid for it.

My eyes follow my mother as she rushes from the kitchen to the store room and before long standing in my door with the broom in her hand.

"Can you go outside for once? Everyone is making fun about you for always staying inside writing stupid fantasies you have. Do you know there is a world outside where you can make fantasy become reality?"

"Samantha, don't be so hard on the boy! Haha. You should let him have his freedom to develop his own skills."

Behind the young women Erwin's father Berthold appears. He has a bushy beard and quite a stomach, always smiling.

"Dad!" Erwin says with a smile before looking at his mother: "Not my fantasies anyway."

"See Berthold that's what you get for always being so nice to Erwin." She says with a shaking head while walking back into the kitchen. He should be a Hunter at his age, what did I do wrong?...

"Don't make your mother unhappy, boy." His father says before also heading to the kitchen.

My mother is red, my father is grey. I always see people in colors. I wonder why? My eyes look around the room as I notice a red burning flame resting on the other end of the room. "Here we go again..." The flame forms into a feminine red burning silhouette.

"ERWIN! You see this is the problem with you, you make the people around you unhappy. Maybe you should join our ranks as the 8th." The flaming silhouette says as she walks up to me and stomps her hand onto the desk, looking at me.

"The 8th? What ranks? Can you please just leave me alone..."

"What rank? Are you fucking serious? The 8th deadly sin. We could call it: The Deadly Sin: Erwin or something. For people that are useless, you know?"

"Nobody besides me sees you, if the world would be a story the readers wouldn't even know about you." He doesn't looks at her and packs a brown small backpack with papers and a feather.

"You'll soon realize that you're a sin that brings others..." As she realizes that Erwin already run outside the door she turns back into a flame and disappears. "Stupid kid."

Erwin rushes into the kitchen stealing a bread and he doesn't even listen to the shouting of Samantha as he runs out of the house. He's a pure happy boy, he just wants to live in peace and runs away from every problem. But the seven already starting to threat his peace. As they are threaten all our peace.

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