Chances( a one direction fanfic)

The lives for Peyton and Maddie have been crazy, and they love it. They don't know how they could have lived with out each other before, but they don't plan on finding out. These two girls are in love with One Direction, even if the boys don't even know they exist. Watch as there lives take a turn...
The question is however, is it for the best? Or the worst?


1. Introduction

Hi, I'm Maddie. My full name is Maddie Rose Star. I am 18, and I will be a senior when school starts. I usually get a 3.46 in my GPA, and I'm on the volleyball and track team- captain of track team. I am outgoing, but I only have one friend. My best friend is Peyton, and we both love one direction. Personally, my favorite is Josh, even though he doesn't sing. I ship Larry, Ziam, and Piall(Peyton and Niall). Peyton and I have a YouTube channel.

I have shoulder length, weird, straight blonde hair with dark brown eyes. I am 5'6", and a board. Literally. No boobs. No butt. No curves. I have no dimples and a gross heart face. I am really tan.

Peyton has beautiful brown hair and unique blue eyes. They have orange and yellow around the pupil and then they grow out into a dark, deep blue. Her hair is wavy and she hates it, but its amazing, and it goes down to her waist. She is 5'6" and has amazing curves, a good chest, and a good butt. She has five dimples, two and each check and one on her chin so she has a butt chin. She also has a long oval like face. She is so pale, she looks like she drinks poison.

Things I love: Peyton. One direction. My family. The colors blue and green. The state Maine. Make up. Shoes. Dresses. YouTube. Animals. Watching Peyton dance, and her teaching me dance routines. Seeing Peyton happy. Seeing Peyton happy watching one direction. Music. Food.

Things I hate: haters- hate on Peyton, me, and one direction. Bullies. The color beige. Sluts. Assholes. Spiders. People who think they are better then everyone else.

My biggest fear: dying before living.

Um, hi. I'm Peyton Elizabeth Black. I am 16 and I will be a 17 year old senior in high school when school starts. I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm in volleyball and basketball- captain of both, I'm also in drama and speech because it looks good on college resumes. I am very shy and have two friends. Maddie and my cousin Sam. They don't know each other because Sam lives in North Dakota. I moved to Maine from North Dakota during the summer of transitioning into 8 grade. My best friend is Maddie and we both love one direction. My favorite is Niall, and I ship Larry, Ziam, and mosh- Maddie and josh. Maddie and I have a YouTube channel called PBMJ.

I am ugly. I have gross brown hair that goes down to my big waist. Disturbing blue eyes with orange and yellow in them. A big chest and a big butt, which means I huge stomach and thunder thighs. I don't need glasses or contacts. Also, I'm pallet then a ghost.

Maddie, however is beautiful. She is so skinny, it's not fair. She eats more then me! Amazing shoulder length blonde hair that has natural highlights. Deep brown eyes that you could stare into and get lost in. We both wish that we could change bodies with each other, but I wouldn't want her to be stuck in mine.

Things I love: Maddie. Sam. One direction. My brothers and my oldest brothers girlfriend. Sports. The color black. School. Dancing I suck though. Music. Singing, even though I suck at it. Teaching Maddie the dance routines. Seeing Maddie happy. Seeing Maddie happy watching one direction.

Things I hate- people who are mean to Maddie. Haters. People who hate on one direction. People who are meant to Sam. My parents. People who are know it alls, think there better then everybody else, and have no worries. I had the color pink and teal. I also hate myself....

My biggest fear: losing the people I care about.

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