A vampire who fell in love with his adopted sister.

There was a girl called Zoey who was adopted by her family and had a brother is the same age as Zoey and his name is Riu but his one month older then her. And also the mother is getting a new baby girl but want to hide it from Zoey because she doesn't want her to know they are vampires and vampires do their own ways of doing it. However Rui always hated Zoey because he think she always trouble him... but one day Rui had a change of heart he start to slowly to like Zoey but not as siblings but as a lover?! He doesn't know how to tell her he likes her and tell her his a vampire but he want Zack and Jake out of Zoey life because he knows they love her, so he is going to plan to bite Zoey neck to show them that Rui lover not theirs...


1. dear Jake, my friend and a lier?

There was a little girl named Zoey, she was hanging out with her best friend Jake, they were both in care homes and they knew each other when they were 6 but now their 9 and they are playing their favorite game "who will run the fastest?" And Zoey said to Jake.

"Watch out Jake, am going to win this game." Zoey with a smirk on her face.

"Ha in your dreams Zoey." Jake laughed at Zoey

"Laugh all you want Jake, if I win am going to have your lunch for my reward and you can't say no to that!" Zoey stick her tongue out to Jake.

"Ha if I win am going to kiss your cheeks AND you can't say no to that either!" Zoey blushes what Jake had said.

" uhhh... f-f-fine! But to let u know I will win for sure!"

And Jake laughed it off and they were ready to start their little game, one front leg and one back leg to make a running position, they both count down to 10 until it finish to 0 and then they ran as fast as they could to get their rewards. However Jake won and Zoey lost and she have to give him the prize so she close her eyes shut like glue and blushes like crazy as if she was about to explode any minute now.Then when Jake went closer to her and saw her face expression he blushes crazy as he saw her so he didn't kiss her cheeks, he instead of got both oh his two fingers out and make a shape of a ring and flick her forehead that leaves a little mark.

"OWE! WHY DID U DO THAT FOR?!" Zoey cried a little but same time she got mad at Jake.

Then when she lift her head up and saw Jake blush like a bright red tomato and she blushes again and said.....

"HAHA, Y-Y-YOUR FACE IS RED AS A TOMATO!" While nervously saying it and hid her emotions to not let him know she likes him.


And then the care workers call out Jake, Zoey was worried if he will get in trouble because he said shut up to her so Jake went with the care worker and went inside the care house. But Zoey can't let him get in trouble of what she done so she open the door wide open and said.


"What do u mean punish you Zoey?" the worker said worriedly.

"Because-" Zoey stop talking and saw Jakr with two people one female and one male and she was thinking to herself and ask Jake.

"J-Jake who are they?" Zoey got confused.

And she had this weird feeling that those two people might be his new parents... then Jake said.

"Am sorry Zoey.... but the care workers found a family for me..." With his sad tone of voice.

She was right. She ran upstairs to her room locked her door and fell on the bed while hugging her teddy bear that her grandmother made for her when she was little but unfortunately her grandmother had a kidney cancer so she died and while she was holding her teddy bear she sobbed for 30minutes until Jake came and knocked her bedroom door.

"Zoey please open this door" still sad tone of his voice.

"NO! I WON'T OPEN MY DOOR JAKE!" She was crying and mumbling in the same time, face down on her teddy bear being miserable.

"Please Zoey.... I know how you feel, I feel the same way as well I'm going to miss you a lot and I know you would too. Please open your door I want to ask you something."

Then Zoey stopped crying and sniffed while opening her bedroom door for Jake and Jake went in her room and they both sat on the bed and spoke for a while and Zoey said to him.

"W-why didn't you tell them......that you don't want to go with them?" Zoey sniffed

"I did at first because I didn't want to make you upset... but.. I thought again and everybody need a family so I accepted it to have a new family.... so am asking you this......wait for me until I come back for you and we can be together again ok Zoey?" Jake smiled at Zoey and Zoey smiled back and they both hugged.

The next day.. Jake pack his clothes and his other stuff in his suitcase but suddenly he heard a knock on his bedroom door so he then went and open the door and saw Zoey still upset but holding something on her hand and gave it to Jake....it was both of them when they first met. Jake smiled to Zoey and Zoey smiled him back then out nowhere Jake kissed Zoey forehead and she was shocked and blush in the same time and he told her.

"Don't forget Zoey, I will come back for you and love you forever and my feeling will never change for you Zoey I promise you that." He smiled.

Zoey blush even harder and told him

"How will you know Jake? You never know your heart will change or even mine?" she gave him a sad face

And Jake was sad when heard from Zoey so he asked her

"Well that true people grow up and don't have same feeling for each other but they still can be friends right?

Zoey smiled and nodded


Jake smiled at her but he will never change his feeling toward her even if they grow up...


........But Zoey doesn't know Jake is a vampire....


However Zoey love life will change because she met Rui..

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