Trapped in a 80's TV show

Harper White and Remy Styles have one wild night that changes the space time continuum and lands them in one of their favorite TV show. they each have to play a part in order to go back in their universe.


2. Chapter 2- Blackout

I arrived home running up the stairs. My mom called out my name but I ignored her. After everyone laughed at me I didn't want to speck to anyone. If I told my mom she wouldn't have understood since she was never picked on in high school, since she was a beauty queen.

I laid on the bed for what seems like hours before someone knocks on my door.

"Go away!"

The knock comes again.

"I said go away!"

The door opened and I threw a pillow at the door. Remy caught it and I grunted. "You have good aim. Have you been practicing your free throw?" He said making light.

"What are you doing here?"

"Just wanted to check if you were okay"

I huffed "does it look like I'm okay, Remy. I just been humiliated in front of the entire school. No I am not okay"

Remy walked closer to the bed and I sat up as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Let's watch a movie"

"I'm not in the mood"

"Come on, I'll even let you watch that favorite show of yours"

Tempting, very tempting.

"Popcorn?" I said in a tiny voice.

Remy stood up getting ready to go down stairs. "Coming right up"

I stopped him before he walked out. "Extra buttery. Make sure my mom doesn't see"

"Don't worry she left to work, your in the clear" he said and walked down stairs. I sat up and grabbed the remote from the TV night stand. I turned it on and started to look for a movie to watch.

Moments later Remy came up with a bowl of popcorn chocolate chip cookies, chips and dip. He came over and sat down next to me on the head board.

"So, what do we have on the agenda?"

I turned my head slowly and smiled knowing he wasn't going to like what I put on. He turned to look at me and recognition the hint.

"No, not that god awful show, really, Harper."

"You said you were going to watch it with me" I said

"I lied. Why would I want to watch something bloody awlful show about people and their bloody problems. It's stupid"

I gasped leaning away from him. "A Different Matter is not stupid. It is an art. A master piece and you know nothing of a good show"

"Oh, please." He said sighing and then giving up since he knows when this show is on I would not fold to his advances of watching something else. "Fine. But after this we are watching a real movie do you understand me"

"Sir, yes, sir" I saluted him and began to watch TV.


There was a storm Brewing outside. Remy decided to stay over since I begged him. I mean, why would he go home at a time like this with the storm already starting. It's suicide. So I offered him the guest room.

It wasn't the first time Remy stayed here and it wasn't going to be his last. Despite my feelings for him he is still my best friend and I care for him.

After hours of playing board games and making fun of each other we settled down watching Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I laugh so hard I couldn't breathe and ended up farting by accident. It was embarrassing. I farted Infront of my crush and I was mortified. I put my hands on my face and covered it. That was the first time it happen to me. In front of him.

He laughed and said "It's natural to blow wind. Better out then in my da' always say". His accent strong. God, how I love his accent.

Lightning striked, and I can hear the thunder coming from outside. The light flickered before shutting down. It was dark and I was kind of getting scared.

Branches scratched the windows making it scarier. Remy stood up and said he was going to the basement to check on the circuit box. He grabbed a flashlight from my night stand and said he would be back before he left the room.

I waited for what seemed like forever before deciding to go with Remy to the basement. Usually in scary movies no one should split up or they die. And I am not dying tonight.

I grabbed a flashlight from my pillow (yes, I sleep with a flashlight just Incase) and walked out my room.

"Remy" I say trying to hear something other than the pounding of the rain and the thunder. Lightning strike near and I jumped. My heart pounding hard and fast against my chest.

I heard nothing coming from downstair and I slowly descend the stairs calling out Remy's name.

"Remy this isn't a joke. Where are you?"

I reached the bottom of the stairs listening for any signs of Remy. Nothing. I still heard nothing and I was beginning to get worried. What if he is hurt? What if someone broke in and hurt Remy? Oh god, the thought of Remy hurt hurt me and I didn't like it.

I finally made at the basement door which was opened. I called down.

"Remy, please say something to indicate you're alright"

Close to my ear I heard a whisper "I'm alright" Remy said and I screamed. I turned and saw him bent over the laughing hysterically. I punched him on the shoulder.

"Why the hell would you do that?"

"Ye should 'ave seen the look on ye face" his accent was stronger now.

"That wasn't funny, Remy. I thought something bad happen to you" I started to cry.

Remy immediately stopped laughing and came to my side. " 'm sorry. I should no' ave done that"

"Shouldn't have. What if something really did happen to you. What than?"

"Nothing is going to happen to me, Harper."

"We don't know that! You could be here one moment and gone the next. I don't know what I would have--" I cut myself off and shook my head.

Remy wrapped his arms around means kissed my forehead. Soothing me. "I'm sorry, Hip"

I pulled away and stared at him whipping my tears away. "Did you fix the circuit box?"

"No' yet"

He stepped around me and descended the stairs to the basement. I followed behind until we reached the fuse box. I looked around and spotted something before going over and picking it up. It was the entire eighth season of A Different Matter and I was excited. I wondered what ever happen to my CD. Now I know.

I turned to Remy "Look what I found" Remy turned to look at me " the entire show from season one to eight".

"Oh, for bloody hell"

"You owe me after the shit you pulled upstairs" I said knowing it was a lame excuse to watch it but I wanted to make him suffer. All. Eight. Seasons.

"We are going to watch non stop of Bobby Harlow and Molly Pitts."

"This is a death sentence and you know it" he said.

I shrugged and he went back to looking at the fuse box. "Hip, and you come here and hold something for me" he said.

I walked over to him and he pointed at a huge switch. He told me not to switch on unless he says so.

Thunder roared around us and I can hear the the TV from up stairs turn on. The theme of A Different Matter started up staticky. Faint but it was still there.

I went to go tell Remy to forget it but he grabbed my hand and turned down the switch. Thunder roared over us and I can feel it shake the house. Lightning striked and the fuse we held together lit up causing me to spiral, then blackness swallowed me whole.

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