Trapped in a 80's TV show

Harper White and Remy Styles have one wild night that changes the space time continuum and lands them in one of their favorite TV show. they each have to play a part in order to go back in their universe.


1. Chapter 1- Pilot

"I cannot believe that witch!" I shouted pacing back and forth in front of the couch Remy was sitting on.

I was furious. Rose my archenemy had spread rumors about me and every one is calling me fat herpie instead of Harper. Herpes, really that is a low blow I'll tell you that. And none of those rumors are true. I would have accepted fat Harper but herpes? Hell no!

Remy sat on the couch watching me pace letting me vent. He knows all to well not to talk or approach me when anger. Last time that happen everything had gone bad and he ended up with a broken nose.

Remy became my best friends since 7th grade ever since he saw the other kids pick on me because of my weight. And from there it was history. He knows everything about me and I know everything about him and I feel like we click together, even though he doesn't realize it yet.

"It's not that bad" he said a little of his Irish accent slipping up, and trying to console me.

I stopped pacing and slowly turned to him with a face saying are you serious? "She told the whole school that I have herpes and that I caught it by a fat plummer. Do you know how many people avoided me, Remy?"

"Since you put it that way" he said looking down and started playing with his cell phone. After checking something in his phone he put it in his pocket and looked up at me with a smile. "Come on let's get out of here and cheer you up. I know a great place you can let loose" he said standing up.

"Nothing is going to cheer me up"

"Hip, this will all fade over in a couple weeks" Hip was my nickname.

"And with dorks like me they don't, you a-hole. You are one of the most popular guys in school and my best friend. That is why Rose is out to get me, I think"

"Rose is harm-" I glared at him with a death scare and he stopped talking. Remy is just defending her cause they use to go out with each other. She tried to push me out of his circle and Remy caught on and dumped her in front of the school. And she's had it for me ever since.

"Did you forget what she tried to do when you guys were together? Or do you want me to refresh your memory?"

"Okay. She's bad. But-"

I looked at him waiting for him to defend her on her behalf. But he sighed.

"Okay, I have nothing" he checked his phone once again making me frustrated.

"Why do you keep checking your phone? Am I boring you? Do you have somewhere better to be?"

"Oh, come on, Harper. Don't be like that. I was just-"

I cut him off "Shut it. I don't want to think about what happen to okay. Let's just watch some TV and never speck of this again"

He nodded and grabbed the remote from the the coffee table. Turning the channel one of my favorite 80s TV shows A different matter was on. "Wait, wait wait, stop right there I love that show"

"Oh come on. You see this show like all the time. Let's watch something else for a change, like The Bourne Identity or The Hills Have Eyes" he said waving the remote around "Or better yet Warm Bodies you love that romantic stuff anyways"

"It's not the same and you Know it" I reached for the remote and Remy takes it out of my reach. I climb over him to get it but his long arms was to far. So I did the only thing left to do. I pretend cry.

"Hip, don't cry. I'm sorry here have it back" he said his Irish accent slipping out. His accent is one of the reason why he's popular and why all the girls Swoon over him. Including me, but I don't show it. I will never, in a million years, tell him how I feel because I know he doesn't feel the same way about me.

So I just stick to the the next best thing. Bobby Harlow. The second main character in A Different Matter. He's a jock he's a joke intelligent and an ideal boyfriend. And he's also Molly's best friend, one of the main characters from the show. Who she is secretly in love with.

I grabbed the remote from his hand and smiled. He finally realized I tricked him again.
" I hate when you do that. One of these days-"

I cut him off "Shh" I said not wanting to miss it. This was the episode when Bobby and Molly got in trouble for sneaking out to go to a party. Their friends Kimi and Booker convince them to go and that they wouldn't get in trouble by their parents. And boy they were wrong.

"That Molly character is hot"

"You think girl is hot"

"Can't help that I love females"

I rolled my eyes and continue to watch TV. Why can't he look at me the way he looks at other girls? Am I that unattractive? Is it because of my weight? I know I'm a size 16... okay 18, but still, I rock mom jeans.

As the episode finishes Remy grabs the remote from my hand and changes the channel.

"Damn you, Remy. I was watching that"

"Yeah well now it's my turn since I had to indoor your torture of horrible TV shows"

I gasped. "You take that back! A Different Matter is pure genius. It a story of life and love and high school. It gets us, Remy"

"Whatever I don't pay any of that crap. It has stupid-"

I punched him before he can finish the sentence. Why does he always have to ruin anything for me. Remy pretended to be hurt rubbing his shoulder.

"Ow. Your mean"

"Shut it, Remy or you'll get what's coming to you"

"Okay fine you win"


I can hear the comments other are whispering about me as I walk down the hall you class. I want to run away and eat my tears away but knowing that I have to face this sometime so I just go with it.

Annie, my best friend came up to me her red hair fiery as she wears all black. Annie I have been friends since fifth grade. I tell her everything even my feelings for Remy.

"You okay?"

"Just peachy. What are they saying about me now"

"Nothing important. And by the way I'm going to need to borrow your homework"

I shook my head and grinned. She is always forgetting to do her homework on purpose. "What's in it for me?"

"Free lunch on me"

"Deal" she knows my weakness. My mom has been starving me with healthy beverages so I can lose weight. And the only real food I eat is lunch room food and that is awful.

We reach our class and I let Annie copy my homework. Remy came in one minute before the bell rang and sat down behind me.

"Dammit. Why are you always hogging up her homework?"

"Your just mad cause I got to her first" Annie stuck out her tongue at Remy and he gave her the finger.

I took out my history assignment and handed it to Remy which I knew he was going to ask me.

"Did I tell you how much I looove you" he said and started to copy down my homework. If only he knew what he said had an affect on me.

Mr. Cambridge started out the lesson and I took notes. The whispers others were saying about stopped and they paid attention to what Mr. Cambridge had to say.

He was a fun science teacher teaching us chemicals and physics which I don't like to brag but I'm kinda a nerd about these things.

Some guy made a comment about back to the future which made me look up from my notes.

"Yes, Mr. Everly. In Back to the Future Space-time is a mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea called a continuum. This four-dimensional continuum is known as Minkowski space. Combining these two ideas helped cosmology to understand how the universe works on the big level or small levels. Let's say if you went back in time then" he drew a line "this is our present day where we are now. If you went back and somehow change something back in the past. Even if it's the littlest thing it can change the space time continuum leaving you in a different future to the future you know"

He put a line under the other and connected it showing us a different future.


He continued on the lesson and there were a lot of questions from others interested I. Time travel and such.

"So is time travel possible" other guy asked

"It's possible"


After class we went to lunch and Annie as she said bought me some lunch. We sat in our usual table as Remy day with the jocks. It's funny he's not a jock but he plays sports but not for the school. He more into music and maybe that's why he's popular.

Rose say beside him laughing at his jokes and placing her hands on him claiming him. I just want to snatch her hand of him and break it. But it seems like he doesn't mind.

"He's never gonna see me the way I want him to see me is he?" I said talking to myself.

"It's his loss. If he can't see you for you then you don't deserve him"

"I know. He deserves someone like... Rose"

"Stop that stop putting yourself down like that. No one deserves to be with Rose she's a major bitch"

I couldn't help but smile at that.

"I feel sorry for the sucker who stays with her"

I chuckled

"There she is"

"You're right anyone who dates that witch would bound to be cursed for life"

"You can say that again" she grinned.

I grinned "anyone who dates that witch would bound to be cursed for life"


I laughed and she threw a French fry at me. I caught it with my mouth and cheered.

Someone made a comment and I ignored them.

The final bell rang and I walked out of the class room before I stopped on my tracks. There were poster posted all over the halls. Pictures of me, my head cut of and put onto a pig's body. Everyone stopped to look and laugh when they saw me they pointed and laughed.

At this point tears was running down my face and I ran to the girls bathroom and locked it. There was a vending machine in it and I put in a dollar grabbing a chocolate bar and sinking to the floor. I cried while I ate.


Why do people have to be so cruel?










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