The One For Me!!(Jack Avery)

Jack Avery he is the popular guy in school he sings, he's the captain of the football team and he's just perfect!

But me Sirena Reyes I'm just another girl that is in school that is in love with him and he will never like me back!

What will Sirena do?

Will Jack ever like her?

Find out now!!


4. The Truth

Jack put his arm around me and that's when I couldn't hold it back!

I had to tell him how I really felt!

"Jack I have to tell u something!"

"Sirena I like u! Like I like u a lot! I think I'm in love with u!" Jack said and I just kissed him!

He was gonna say something but I kissed him instead cause he's just my world and I love him to death! I just can't believe that he actually loves me to. I never thought that the hottest guy in school would love the girl that sits in the back and ignores everyone except for her 4 friends and her phone and MacBook!

We stopped kissing and we cuddled and finished watching the movie! When the movie was over we drove to the beach and decided to take a walk and talk and just hang out!

(I hope he asks me out again and he asks me to be his girlfriend!)

*15 minutes later*

We got to the beach and we were walking holding hands and talking that's when it all happened.

"Sirena I have a question for u?" Jack said.

"Yeah what is it..........." I couldn't finish because when he turned me around his friends were all holding signs that read


I started to tear up and I turned to Jack and ran to him , hugged him, kissed him and I just said

"💯 times yes!"

I was so happy that me and him were together now and when we hugged fireworks went off and it just made me so much happier! I couldn't believe I was with my crush my heart my everything.

What will happen next?

What is going to go on at school?

What will everybody say when they see us walking in the halls holding hands and just talking?

Find out next in New Start w/ Him!

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