The One For Me!!(Jack Avery)

Jack Avery he is the popular guy in school he sings, he's the captain of the football team and he's just perfect!

But me Sirena Reyes I'm just another girl that is in school that is in love with him and he will never like me back!

What will Sirena do?

Will Jack ever like her?

Find out now!!


3. The date w/ Jack Avery

It was tonight my date with Jack or my hang out with Jack lol!

I don't know what I'm gonna wear! I kind of have a cute dress but I kind of want to wear pants!

I'm going to wear my black skirt with a white shirt that has red roses all over it with my black vans!

Okay now since I know what I'm wearing what am I going to do with my hair and makeup!

Now for my makeup I'm gonna wear a neutral color lipstick to match my lips with some light red and neutral eyeshadow and then put some very thin eyelashes on!

For my hair and nails I am going to paint my nails black like normal and then straighten my hair and put it half up with my bangs out and curl the ends!

I was all prepared for tonight!! I can't wait!

Then I looked at the clock and it was 5:30! I have to start doing my hair and makeup! (My nails were done already! :P)

*6:30 came quickly*

I went upstairs and I put my clothes on and I put my gold necklace on that has a dog paw on it. Then I put on my shoes and the rest of my jewelry!

7:06 came and my doorbell rang my mom answered it and said

"Sirena, jacks here!"

"Okay I'll be right down!!" I yelled!

As I walked down the stairs Jack looked at me and smiled and he just blushed as he said

"You look gorgeous!"

"Thank you! You don't look to bad yourself!" I answered as I did a little giggle at the end and smiled!

Then we left he opened the car door for me and he was just a complete gentlemen!

But I just really want to know if he likes me or not?!

*25 minutes later listening to music and talking we arrived*

"Wait I thought we were going to see a movie?" I questioned.

"We are under the stars!" Jack answered and showed me the drive thru and I loved it!!

Then Jack got a blanket some popcorn out and then we sat on the hood of his car on top of the blanket! I was actually really excited cause I haven't been to a drive they movie for a while now!

Well anyways we were watching The Fault in our Stars! I just know I'm probably gonna cry so I put on waterproof makeup just in case!

Then the movie started and as it started Jack stretched his arm out and put it around my shoulder so I just moved to put my head on his shoulder! I was really excited because I think that he really does like me! I mean what if he tries to kiss me during the kissing scene to!


What will happen?

Will Jack and Sirena kiss

Will he tell her how he feels?

I guess we have to wait and see!

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