The One For Me!!(Jack Avery)

Jack Avery he is the popular guy in school he sings, he's the captain of the football team and he's just perfect!

But me Sirena Reyes I'm just another girl that is in school that is in love with him and he will never like me back!

What will Sirena do?

Will Jack ever like her?

Find out now!!


5. Questions!

So it's only Sunday but me and Jack have been texting none stop we've been calling and seeing each other all the time! But what will happen when we go back to school on Monday!

Everybody is going to ask questions!

When did this happen?

What is this?

She's ugly what happened to Jack?

Why is jack with her?

Who the fuck is that girl with Jack?

How did she get the hottest guy in school??

What the duck is going on!!

Find out next!?

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