The One For Me!!(Jack Avery)

Jack Avery he is the popular guy in school he sings, he's the captain of the football team and he's just perfect!

But me Sirena Reyes I'm just another girl that is in school that is in love with him and he will never like me back!

What will Sirena do?

Will Jack ever like her?

Find out now!!


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Sirena Reyes and I'm the head coach for the softball team in my high school. Now I live in Beverly Hills,California. I know that's not really a big thing if you live in California to but for me it is a big deal. Only because I moved here about 2 years ago!

I love here and I have a lot of good friends here!

Now as you may know there is a boy named Jack Avery that goes to my school he's the head coach for basketball and football and he sings! He is my go to guy that I want to date! I have the biggest crush on him but I know he doesn't know me or even know I exist so I just have to go with the flow!

Until one day he talked to me!!

Well what happens next?

What will he say to Sirena?!

Find out next chapter!?

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