Just a Glimpse

Ever since Josie was little she's been stuck with a curse, which was being stuck in the mirror until one day a guy would summon her to take her away from that hell hole of another dimension. And during the first couple years Josie was hopeful, but no one never came. Josie began to get more hopeless and imagined being stuck there for the rest of eternity. Until one day Louis and his friends played a small game of bloody mary. But what they don't know is that they don't just summon bloody Mary. They summon her minions, and Josie is one of them. After Josie hears him summon her, she goes to the other side of his mirror. But the game gets interrupted and she is only able to flash her picture, but long enough for him to see her. Now everyday since he summons Josie, she is aloud to come to the mirror and talk to him. When Josie tells him her situation he feel's horrible. What happens when one day he finally finished the game and Josie free back into the real world?


1. The Game Begin

The Year was 2002, that was when young eight year old Josie was taken. How you may ask? It was her first sleepover and Josie wanted to fit in with her new friends. As the girl's parents went to sleep, the girls decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. The three girls ahead of Josie chose Truth so to have people like her, Josie chose Dare. That was her first mistake. The girl, Lauren, who picked her dared her to go into the bathroom and play Bloody Mary. Josie was handed a lighter and candle before she walked upstairs to the bathroom. She walked inside, closed the door, lit the candles, and turned off the lights before chanting "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" 

A gust of wind appeared. The candles blew out. A booming voice appeared "Who dares to summon Bloody Mary?!" A female voice said. An hand grabbed Joise's arm. 

Joise looked around, unable to see anything but she felt more hands grab her "Wh-What's going on?" Joise asked 

"You are to join us, we always like to take girls in every so often." The booming voice said before laughing like a crazy person. 

Josie felt her feet leave the ground and a bright purple light came from the mirror. The minions that had ahold of Josie pushed her towards the mirror. Josie let out a scream before she was sucked through the mirror and into Bloody Mary's dimension. 

Joise looked around at her surroundings. The ground was stone cold and wet, the walls the same. Hanging from the walls were chains and cages with girls trapped in them. "Wh-Where am I?" Joise asked, a tear falling down her face. 

A girl with a dirtied face and red hair walked up to her. "You are now one of Mary's servants. You are to go to the other dimension and scare the people who are trying to summon Mary."

Josie started to cry "I want to go home!" She cried.

The red headed girl lifted Josie up off the ground and looked her into the eyes. "Dry your tears, with every girl Mary takes, a curse is placed upon them. To escape you must be summoned by a man who takes you away from the dimension. Only when the male says 'I take you away from the other dimension' will you truly be free." The girl explained in a quiet whisper before leaving Josie and going back to her job. 

Josie stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes before following the girl to started her sentence as a Minion of Bloody Mary. 

The first couple of years, everytime Josie was summoned she thought she would be freed, however she got a reality check very quickly. One of the people she knew, Mireya, had been trapped as a minion for over a century. 

It would be fifteen years before her fate would change, and it starts with a man named Louis Tomlinson. He was having a day off and decided to invite his friends over to his house. They were just hanging out when Harry Styles suggested that they should play Truth or Dare. Harry looked over at Louis "Truth or Dare?" He asked him.

Louis chuckled "Dare" he responded.

Harry smirked "I dare you to summon Bloody Mary."

Louis let out a short laugh "How old are you? Five?" He joked. He rolled his eyes and walked towards his bathroom. He walked in, closed the door and looked into the mirror. "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," he paused and took a deep breath "Bloody Mary."

The lights flickered and he looked around. Josie was doing her job and was going to show up to scare the living daylights out of some poor person. She appeared behind Louis and looked at him. He screamed and she was originally going to do but something stopped her when she showed herself. Something in his eyes and she simply whispered "Help me." Before disappearing back to her hellhole, leaving Louis scared yet intrigued in this new information.

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