Impala's POV

Just the Impala ranting about some of the shit the Winchesters do. *Battle of the Fandoms Supernatural Entry*


1. Impala's POV

Impalas' POV


I'm one of the most important things in Deans' life, but I never get as much credit as I should.

Hell, I practically get no credit at all.

I've been through so much, yet I never get thanked. I only get a wash ever once in a while, which is sort of a thank you, but not really. All I want is for Sam or Dean to say, "You know what, Impala, you did good today."

Dean may take care of me, but I do way more for the boys than they do for me.

I carry their things around for them, I never break down (unless a semi that's driven by a demon run into me which was soooo not my fault), I'm always there when they need me, I take them wherever they need to go, and there's so much more.

Do you know what I get in return?

I get taken advantage of.

If Dean gets angry, he'll beat me up with a crowbar, or hit my steering wheel, which hurts by the way. It hurts more than you would think.

If they don't have a place to sleep, they use me as a bed. And they also use me as a bed for more than just sleeping.

When Sammy was younger, he would poke me with toys (like army men and Legos) and get them stuck in my crevices, so now there's always legos rumbling around in my lungs, and no matter how much they annoy me, no matter how much I want them out, and no matter how many times Sam or Dean crash me, when Dean fixes me up, he always leaves them there. Like seriously, do you even know how easy it would be to get them out? SUPER!

The thing that bothers me the most is when they kill things on me. Like hello? Do I look like a wall or ground for you to stab things on?

And they hide illegal things in my trunk. I'm not even going to tell you how violated I feel when they go into my trunk to get things. And then when they slam it closed, it feels like I'm getting spanked.

Something that annoys the antifreeze out of me is that I have one rule. ONE! And they've broken it multiple times.

Do you want to know what it is?


Is that such a hard rule to follow?

When Dean was gone, trapped in Purgatory, Sam went and freaking got a dog that rode in me all the time. Like seriously, don't they know how disrespectful that is to me? And then when Dean was able to talk to animals, they let that other dog ride in me wherever they went. Like okay, the dog was really awesome, but that doesn't matter! There was still a dog in me!

I even think that I'm smarter than them.

I don't know how they didn't see that Ruby was evil sooner.

And seriously Dean, when are you going to realize that, not only are you in love with Cas, he's in love with you too! 

As much as I want to complain to them, feel like if I do, things just won't be the same.

I'm always there for them,

And they're always there for me,

And that's just how I like it.

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