The Murder Of Miss Mcgee

Jasmine Mcgee had it all. A great boyfriend, a great social status, great friends, and rich parents. So after her murder it came as a shock to everyone. The police arrested her dad. But was it someone else who actually murdered her? Who knows. All we know is that everyone is devastated. Except the person who actually murdered her.


3. Chapter III

Daniel's POV

"See what you did Daniel!" Olive said. "Sorry!" I said. "Too late," Olive said as I sat back down. "No there's still time to fix this," Charlie said. "Why do we even need to fix this? That girl is obviously in a horrible emotional state right now." I asked. "She could give us answers," Charlie answered. "Answers? To what?" Olive asked. "Who sent the email? And vandalized my picture?" Charlie said as she picked up her purse, "Come on guys!" "Charlie is this a good idea?" Olive asked. "Yes it is now come on!" Charlie answered. "We have no choice do we?" I asked. "Exactly! Now move it or lose it!" Charlie said.

We went outside, and walked across the street. When we reached the door I could tell Charlie was having second thoughts. So was I.

"It's now or never!" Olive said pushing us aside to ring the doorbell. "Olive!" Charlie said. "Hey this was your idea!" Olive said. "Umm hello?" A man said. I assumed it was Leslie's dad. "Hi! Is Leslie home?" Charlie asked. "Yes she is in her room! Should I call her down?" he asked. "We can go up to her," I said. "Well come on in." he said. "You have a lovely place," Charlie said. "Thank you! Her room is upstairs and your first door on the left." he said. 

We walked upstairs, and finally found her room. Leslie's door was open just a little bit. You could see pink walls accompanied by a pink bed as well. 

"What do you guys want?" Leslie said opening the door all the way. "I'm sorry I didn't know you and Jasmine were friends, and I should've understood that Jasmine can have other friends," I said. "It's okay. I'm surprised she didn't say anything about me to you guys. Especially you Daniel since you were her boyfriend. Anyways come in." she let us into her room. 

She had a desk, a beanbag chair, a few Disney posters hanging on her walls. She had the usual setup that you would see in a room. 

"Daniel I think you're right," Leslie said. "About what?" I asked. "I don't think Jasmine's dad killed her," Leslie said as she sat on her bed. "Wait you heard me say that?" I asked. "I was walking by, and I heard what you said. I think you're right. Jasmine's dad loved her. He gave her everything. Why would he kill her?" Leslie said. "Exactly my point!" I exclaimed. "If her dad did't kill her. Then who did?" Olive asked. "Well who has a motive to kill Jasmine?" Charlie asked. "Easy! Jennifer!" Leslie exclaimed. "True. Jennifer always wanted to be the most popular, but Jasmine always was," Charlie said. "Okay do you really think that Jennifer would be smart enough to get away with a murder?" Olive asked. "Trust me Jennifer can be really smart if she wants to," I said. "How do you know that?" Olive asked. "I've have experience with Jennifer. A lot of it," Leslie said. "Did she bully you?" Charlie asked. "I don't like to talk about it," Leslie said. "Right back to Jasmine. Your thoughts Charlie," Olive said. "I still can't believe she's dead. To be honest it's really lonely here without her. I don't know what we're going to do," Charlie said, "guys can we be real for a moment. Jasmine's is actually dead. Like no longer here. I still can't believe it."

"It seriously sucks," Olive said. "Guys we can never talk to her again. It's really sad to think about. I really miss her," Charlie said. "Hey Daniel are you okay?"

Truth be told I wasn't okay. I still wasn't ready to think about how Jasmine was really gone. I would never get to see her again. Talk to her again. Be next to her again.

"I-i'm fine," I said. "Daniel you're crying," Charlie said. "I told you I'm fine," I insisted, "Daniel you don't look fine!" Charlie exclaimed. "Charlie! I'm fine okay!" I practically yelled. "Daniel you can tell us anything!" Charlie exclaimed. "Charlie! Just lay off okay?!" I screamed. "Fine! Okay I will!" Charlie yelled as she grabbed her purse and walked out the door. "Daniel what the hell is wrong with you!" Olive exclaimed. "She was being-" "Charlie was trying to help! Great now she's probably putting her sad music playlist on."Olive said storming after Charlie. 

"I have no words," Leslie said looking straight at me. "Great," I said. "Daniel seriously are you okay?" Leslie. "I guess I just miss Jasmine," I finally admitted. "Oh, Daniel it's okay we all miss her," Leslie said trying to cheer me up. "I think I'm just going to go home," I said.



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