The Murder Of Miss Mcgee

Jasmine Mcgee had it all. A great boyfriend, a great social status, great friends, and rich parents. So after her murder it came as a shock to everyone. The police arrested her dad. But was it someone else who actually murdered her? Who knows. All we know is that everyone is devastated. Except the person who actually murdered her.


1. Chapter I

Daniel's POV

"Her dad didn't kill her." I said.  "You read the paper too?" "Daniel face the facts!" I was talking to Jasmine's best friends Charlie short for Charlotte, and Olive. 

"Olive you need to face the facts! Her dad wouldn't kill her!" I exclaimed. "Guys can we stop arguing about who killed our best friend!" Charlie said, "I don't want to remember that." "Daniel it's too late the police already arrested Jasmine's dad." "There was no proof!" I exclaimed. "Guys! Shut up!" Charlie said as she slammed her locker shut, and walked off. "We'll finish this after class!" Olive said as she turned around, and went to class. 

"Her dad didn't kill her huh?" "Penny?" I said looking around, but not seeing her. "Behind you." Penny said. "Penny why are you talking to me you never talk to me?" I asked. "I have an interest in Jasmine." she said. "Jasmine?!" I exclaimed. "I mean her murder," Penny said. "Why?" I asked. "Will you stop asking questions! Do you want my help or not?" Penny asked. "Absolutely not! Now I have to get to class," I said walking away. "Your loss!" Penny yelled from across the hall.    

Reluctantly I walked to my Algebra class knowing I was going to be late.

"Daniel your late," my teacher said, "take your seat." 

After School

I was walking home with Charlie and Olive when I noticed some girl taking pictures of Jasmine's house.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" I yelled as I smashed her camera to the ground. "Dude what the hell? That camera was 500 dollars!" she said picking up her broken camera. "Why are you taking pictures of Jasmine's house?" I confronted. "Chill dude," she said. "No not until you tell me why you were taking pictures." I yelled once again. "Daniel back off she works with the school paper," Charlie said walking over to us. "Oh sorry," I said embarrassed. 

She seemed more distracted by her broken camera than my apology. 

"Great I can't fix it. Thanks a lot," she said sarcastically. "Just buy a new one," Olive suggested. "I can't afford a new one," she said. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. "Once again sorry," I said. "It's whatever. I have to go," she said as she turned around, and walked off.

"You know her Charlie?" Olive asked. "Barely but yes I do. Her name is Leslie," Charlie answered. "I feel really bad," I said. "Who cares! It's just a camera!" Olive exclaimed. "Yeah a camera worth 500 freaking dollars!" I exclaimed. "I'm hungry!" Olive complained. "I guess we can stop by Mcdonalds if you guys want to?" Charlie asked. "Heck yeah!" Olive exclaimed. "I'm down!" I agreed. "To Mcdonald's we go!" Charlie exclaimed.


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