The Dare

Bellorie is known for never turning down a dare. What happens when her best friend Ella gives her a list to complete?


2. When It Happened

I sat on my driver's car as he drove down the lane. "Good day, Miss Hall," he said with a tip of his hat. I mean, who even fucking TIPS THEIR HAT anymore?! He's such a weirdo, but I understand why my parents hired him. They run a multi-billion dollar company and don't have time to drive their daughter home drone school. "Bye, Laurens," I call out to him as he drives away. I walk into the sprawling mansion my family owns and sigh at the relief of the air conditioner. Today was the last day of school and the summer heat was hitting me in full blast. 


"Rosetta!" I yelled, and our maid came running. She was around sixty

or so, with gray hair and skin the



color of the Aztec Cinnamon Bun Latte my BFFs and I get at CoffeeRush. She took my school bag and school blazer off and hung them up on the foyer hooks. "Thank you, Rosetta. By the way, how's Jess?" Jess was her sexy nineteen year old son that had moved to Texas the year before. We had been best friends up until that point, and I was sad to see him go. It was a well-known fact in our neiborhood- don't mess with Sloane, Jess, or me. If you did, you got destroyed.


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