My blind mate

Ashley is blind. She is jumping from school to school for this reason. She has always dreamed of finding her mate to help protect her but she can fight using sound to guide her kicks and punches. She wonders what the outside world is like in her human eyes but can only see it though her wolfs eyes. When she meets her mate Ryder. What would she think of his scent...


2. At Cali

"ASHLEY WAKE YOUR ASS UP NOW!" Dad shouts through the mind-link causing me to jump and bang my head on the window. I groan and yank the door open earning an oof from the guy who was stupid enough to stand by my door when I'm angrey. I quickly get out and open my mouth to say sorry when I smelt my brother standing in front of me.

"Hunter?" I question the guy and ask to use Midnights eyes. When I open my eyes I see the hunched figure of my brother and I smirk.

"Why hello brother. How are today?" I ask sickly sweet, my eyes returning to normal. This earns a quick death glare before my eyes turn milky white and then nothing.

"Nice to see you to sister. I'm feeling the love right now. Ohhh shit. Dad banned you from baseball bats so why is there one in your car." He questions, fear lacing his voice.

"Ohhh. That's for the hoes who think they can steal my mate. Well for when I find him but you never know." I say smirking at him. He sighs and pulls my arm gently making me go forward to hug me. I hug him back and sigh. Alpha camp means I rarely see him but now he is all trained and he is the Alpha as soon as he finds his mate. Yayyy. Notice the sarcasm. Nope. Oh well. I then start to make my way to the house and tripping up the stairs in style. When I make it inside I'm greeted with bags ad suitcases before I hear my mom yell at me.


"OK!" I shout back and make my way to the stairs. Which is a wall. Then Hunter gently grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs before sending me a pic of my bedroom that makes me  gasp and then deposited me there. Charming. I know. When you walk up the stairs you walk into the bathroom that has a corner that leads to the toilet and shower. Also if you jump from my balcony you are on your way to the forest or beach. It's amazing and Hunter put the images on a slideshow. SO COOOLLLL!! I decided to shower first so I go down the mini hallway an open the door before stripping and opening the transparent shower door. Then I step in having high knees so I don't fall. When I'm in I turn the knobs to get the right temperature then use the soap that was unpacked. Our stuff came  a week before and we had a bag of night clothes in case we needed to stop at a motel. The pack omegas packed for us. Normally I help but my parents thought ahead. When I'm done I step out and walk to the wardrobe at the back of the main bathroom and pull out the onesie in the corner like it always is . After creaming my skin walk out and go down the stairs once the towel is hung up. Once down stairs I crash into a few things before arriving at the kitchen. I release  sigh of release when I smell food is in front of me and I start eating. When I'm finishing up I go to the kitchen to was the dishes but instead get them traded with my cane.

"Hey!" I blurt out and all I got is:

"Please use it for tomorrow. Please!" When your mum is practically on her knees begging you to do some thing you can't say no. So I accepted it and decided I won't use it in school just keep it in my bag. As I walkup the stairs, again tripping up them in style, and I arrive at my room I put on my night dress that said 'I'm blind. So what!' My mum got it for me if I ever went on a sleepover to make me look tougher than normal butttt I never went to a sleepover and know I use at home.


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