Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


6. Thank You

Cody’s POV


I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling when I heard the door open and Austin walked in. “So how’d it go man?”

“Well I had to save her from a pervert, she said she loved me, and still isn’t my girlfriend.”

“So she didn’t kiss you?”

“No, but I kissed her and she didn’t resist. She actually kissed me back.”

“WHAT?” I sat up so fast I fell off my bed quickly stood up. “You’re telling me you kissed her and she not only didn’t push you away, but kissed you back.” He smirked and winked. “Wow man when did you become such a good kisser?”

“What does being a good kisser have to do with it?” Austin raised an eyebrow

“Well according to you she never really let you kiss her, the only time you actually locked lips is when she kissed you of her own will.” I looked at him like he was actually dumb. “She didn’t push you away this time, she must have enjoyed the kiss, therefore if she kissed you back you must be a good kisser.”

“Yeah or she actually likes me.” Austin said

“Dude you can’t say she likes you until you hear it out of her mouth. Wait did she say that?”

“Kind of”

“What do you mean? Did she say she likes you or not?”

“Well her exact words were ‘I think I love you’ or something along those lines.” Austin looked at me and I just started back and my mouth open in shock.

“Dude go ask her now!”

“Ask her what?”

“To be your girlfriend”

“No way dude. I’ve known her for like two days. I need to wait longer and until I know she is ready.” He walked past me to his desk and sat down. “Why don’t you go ask Isla out before another guy like Zach does?” he asked but it was more like a statement. I just rolled my eyes and left.


Austin’s POV


About a minute later I heard a knock on the door and looked up the see Hadley leaning on the doorframe looking like her old self again wearing her smirk. She was dressed in a plain black tank top with black shorts and black converse and her blond hair falling perfectly over her shoulders. I smiled at her and stood up.

“Good to see you back to you old self.”

“Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out. My sister ditched me for Cody.”

“Sure, where do you want to go?”

“Can we just hang out here?” I didn’t answer I just walked over to her and looked in her eyes, like I was asking her for permission. She looked scared at first but then nodded. I gently placed my lips on hers and she elbowed the door shut before grabbing the front of my shirt holding me against her and kissing me hard. I smiled against her lips and turned my head to deepen the kiss. I slowly moved towards my bed expecting her to pull away but she didn’t until I was so wrapped up in the kiss that I couldn’t stop myself and my hands went pulling violently at the hem of her shirt and then she pushed me back and looked away.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do that yet.” She apologized

“Don’t worry about it. It’s okay, I wont push you.” I gently took her hand and led her outside my room and up on deck. “I want to show you something.” I stopped on the sky deck and sat in a lounger with my legs spread. I waved Hadley over and she sat in between my legs and after hesitating for a moment leaned back with her head on my chest.

“Why did you bring me up here?” she asked I just chuckled and pointed up at the sky filled with stars.

“Pretty isn’t it?” Hadley just nodded while staring at the sky. Soon I felt her start to snuggle into my chest and fall asleep. I just wrap my arms around her and leaned back and soon I was asleep with Hadley safely locked in my arms. I was never going to let her go.

Hadley’s POV


I woke up realizing that I had fallen asleep in Austin’s arms, surprised that I was okay with his arms tightly locked around me. I liked they way he held me and never wanted to leave. I looked up and him to see he was fast asleep. Why do I feel this way around him? He has broken down every defense I have in a matter of days and for some reason I didn’t mind it. I slowly turned around so I was straddling him. His eyes were still closed hiding the beautiful green color. His eyes hold more love and feeling then mine ever had. His eyes are a shinning green, and that just draws me to him even more. I don’t know why but I don’t care, I like it. My eyes trailed down to his lips, they were slightly open and he was breathing calmly. I looked at them for a moment then on impulse leaned down and ever so gently pressed my lips to his. His lips were cold at first but warmed up quickly and I knew he was awake. I pulled away and looked back at his eyes that were now open showing that beautiful green color. He smiled up at me. “Good morning beautiful.”

“Morning sleepily head.” I smirked

“There you two are!” Both of us looked behind Austin to see Cody and Isla smirking at us. “I was worried when I got back last night and you two weren’t in either of our rooms. After seeing you two had a nice night and that kiss I think I’ll forgive you.” Isla said in an almost too happy tone.

“Jeez thanks sis.” I rolled my eyes and got off Austin. “I’m going to take a shower I’ll see you later.” I kissed Austin on the cheek then went back to my room. I grabbed a clean pair of clothes, underwear, and a towel. I entered the bathroom and locked then door before getting in and letting the warm water down my back. As I was washing my hair all I could think about was Austin. He had such an effect on me. I had only been 3 days and I already am starting to fall for him. I’ve never fallen so fast… I’ve never fallen period. What was so different about him? Why do his feelings affect me so much? I don’t understand at all. Thinking about this gave me a headache. I pushed those thoughts out of my head, and got out; dried off, put my clothes on. I went out of the bathroom and sat down at my desk.  What is it about Austin? His, eyes, voice, lips, that snapback he always wears. He does something to me. I wanted to know what so badly, but at the same time don’t. Part of me wanted to know so I could stop it, but a bigger part of me didn’t because I didn’t want to stop it. I wanted to fall for him and actually be in love with him, and I was already well on my way.

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