Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


13. Take Him Back

It has been a month since Hadley basically dumped my stupid ass (meaning she hasn’t even spoken to me), but it was nothing I didn’t deserve. I deserve to be alone and miserable; she doesn’t deserve what I did to her. We are now back on this boat and have left Hawaii. I miss her like crazy. I haven’t seen her at all since she ran out of the club that night and my heart is aching and crying out for her. She is what keeps my heart beating, and without her I can feel myself slowly and painfully dying. I haven’t even shaved or showered, all I’ve done is lay here crying over Hadley. I have tried everything to get her to come back into my arms but she won’t. I sat up and started to sing my heart’s cries for her to come back.



I know your heart's seen better times.

I know our songs had better rhymes.

Before today, no.



I guess I made the wrong mistakes.

I understand if you need your space.

Please take your time.

Before you go away, so far away,

You need to realize.


Baby, it's not just you.

You know it hurts me too.

Watching you leave,

With tears on your sleeve

Don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry?


Baby, it's not just you.

That's hurting,

It's me too.


I'm sorry,

I wasn't there to catch the fall.

I didn't hear you when you've called,

All of those nights.


Please don't forget the good days with me.

I can make back the heart aching beat

When it gets dark and it's hard to see,

I'll turn on the lights.


Before you go away, so far away

I really need you to know.


Baby it's not just you.

You know it hurts me too.

Watching you leave,

With tears on your sleeve

Don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry?


Baby, it's not just you

That's hurting

Hey, it's me too


I'm not giving up,

You don't have to leave,

I am willing to beg 'til I break my knees,

I believe in us,

Don't give up on me,

Girl I know that you're hurting.

And I'm sorry for the pain,

I promise that I'll change,

Forgive me, forgive me.


Baby it's not just you.

You know it hurts me too.

Watching you leave,

With tears on your sleeve

Don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry?

(not exactly dry, baby)

Baby, it's not just you.

You know it hurts me too.

We had it all

How could we fall,

Baby I thought we would never die.


Baby, it's not just you

That's hurting

It's me too


Baby, it's not just you

That's hurting

It's me too


Baby, it's not just you

Baby, it's not just you

Baby, it's not just you

It's me too


I hear the door open and hear a sweet voice call my name. I jump up thinking its Hadley but when I look at the door I see Isla. ”Wow and I thought Hadley was a wreak.”

“Is she really that bad?”

“Austin she may have broke up with you and your sorry ass, but that doesn’t mean she’s not hurt. My sister loved you and she still does, and seeing you that night, her heart was ripped out, stomped on, thrown in a coffin and buried six feet under.” I sighed at her rather vivid description of Hadley’s heartbreak. “She’s hurting because she loves you, but hates what you did. She looks horrible, but you definitely look worse. You really should shower you know, and probably brush your teeth or take a mint because I’m guessing you haven’t picked up your toothbrush lately either, or even got off that bed.”

“I should look worse, I’m literally dying without her. My heart has seriously been screaming for her for the past month, but she won’t even talk to me. I was drunk that’s why I didn’t stop it, I wasn’t in the right state of mind.”

“I know Cody explained it all to me”

“Even worse, I got her pregnant for Pete’s sake. I need her back, she is my life.” Isla sighed.

“I know and I want that too, I am trying, trust me.”


Isla’s POV


I walked back to my room after my talk with Austin to get Hadley back into his arms. I walked in to see Hadley actually sitting up and reading instead of crying her eyes out. “Hadley I think you should take Austin back.”

“My heart has already been hurt enough, thank you.” Hadley replied not looking up from her book and had no emotion in her voice.

“I think Austin can fix it.”

“He broke it, when he kissed that Rebecca Green clone.”

“He was drunk, and since he broke it he can fix it.”

“Alcohol is no excuse sis” Hadley scoffed.

“When you’re not used to it, don’t know your limit, and close to the point of a black out I think you can get a pass.” Hadley still didn’t look up “He is dying over you and his heart is already dead, and needs to be brought back, you are pretty much his life line. You’re what keeps him breathing.”

“That doesn’t mean getting together will fix it, we all know I ain’t a heart healer, more of a heart breaker.”

“It will fix him, and I know it will fix you too.”

“How’s that?”

“I know you inside out and what you have with Austin.”

“That didn’t answer my question.” Hadley scoffed still looking at her book

“He is the one person who made you feel alive” Hadley glanced at me for a millisecond and looked back down. Her green eyes were redder than ever and I could tell she was about to break down again. “Come on Hadley, I know he broke you but he was drunk out of his mind and that girl came onto him. You and I both know Austin is not that type of guy and I know you still love him, and not just love him but IN love with him. Do you really want to isolate yourself from him forever?”

“It’s not that easy.”

“I know, but you know why you should forgive him, especially with the relationship you built?”

“No” Hadley said bluntly turning a page, scanning her eyes over the text.

“It is easier to forgive him than to live without him.” Hadley froze, slowly closed her book and looked up at me. She just started at me for at least 5 minutes before speaking.

“Maybe you’re right.”

“Of course I am. Anyone can tell that Austin is in love with you, and I know you are in love with him. Please Hadley, it’s been a month and we’re back on this boat. He has been tortured way past long enough, just give him another chance.” Hadley arched her eyebrow at me and I was scared of her decision. After what seemed like forever Hadley stood up, threw her hair in a low pony and walked to the door. “Uh Hadley, you might want to change first.” She turned around and looked down. She was wearing black yoga pants and a huge over sized t-shirt. She grabbed her ‘you complete mess’ tank top and looked at me. “Much better, you look more like yourself” Hadley had a ghost of a smile on her lips and walked out the door. I smiled to myself; I knew she wanted him back.


Hadley’s POV


I leaned on Austin’s doorframe and waited for a good minute. “Isla could yo-“ he stopped when he saw I was standing there instead of my sister. “Hadley?” He asked as if he didn’t believe I was really standing there. I slowly walked to his bed and sat across from him. “Hadley, please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to I just didn’t know what I was doing and it didn’t mean anything. I love you, I fucking love you so much and I need you in my life. PLEASE HADLEY!” I stayed silent and looked down. I looked back up to see him staring down, like he shouldn’t have said anything. I lifted his face and without a word leaned in and softly kissed him. He was frozen but then he slowly, careful, and gently kissed back making no move to take the kiss farther. I took his hand and placed it on my cheek while Austin began to move his lips with mine. “Hadley?” he pulled away and searched my face. “I-uh-huh?” he stuttered obviously confused.

“I figured it was easier to forgive you than to live without you. Plus this baby…” I motioned to my stomach “…our baby will need the father.”

“So you really are pregnant? With my kid?”


“I’m sorry Hadley”

“You need to learn to stop saying sorry.” I slightly smiled and kissed his cheek and took his hand. “It is better then mothering the child of a manwhore” I chuckled

“I might be one”

“I wouldn’t have slept with you if you were”

“Still that girl at the club kissed me, I didn’t stop her and kissed back. Next thing I knew I made out with her” his face was full of sadness and regret.

“Normally alcohol would be no excuse, but you stopped doing it at parties to prevent this kind of stuff right?” Austin nodded “So I think I’ll let it slide this one time, I can’t let a guy as perfect as you go so easily.”

Austin slowly reached out and brushed his knuckles on my cheek carefully watching me to make sure it was okay. “I promise it will never happen again, and I really love you Hadley.” He started to lean in and I lean back snickering. Austin was confused but soon cracked a small, but broken smile.

“I am still mad at you though” I smiled innocently

“Fine with me as long as I have you here” Austin flashed a true smile at me “I’ll just have to find a way to make you happy again. I promise you that I will.” He leaned and a hugged me and I hugged him back never wanting to let go, I had missed his warm embrace so much. I pulled away and gently pushed him down on the mattress as he looked up at me in shock, his green eyes glowing like the first time I met him. “I really missed those eyes, their shine.”

“Don’t you see that shine every time you look in the mirror?”

“Its not the same, yours hold more love and I’d rather not fall in love with my eyes, I like yours better. How they sparkle”

“Dido” Austin’s confused look turned into a happy one. “I missed your eyes as well Hadley. I missed you, more than you know”

“Dido” I smiled and with that I leaned in and gave him a soft peck, then laid me head on his chest as his arms snaked back around me and I hugged his torso. Soon we both fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


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