Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


5. Save My Sister

Austin’s POV

My heart is breaking over Hadley. Not being able to kiss her is the worst feeling in the world. I mean sure she kissed me at the pool but that was a god given miracle and the most amazing kiss of my life. My heart feels like it is being ripped out of my chest, and ripped apart by hungry lions. Why won’t she let me kiss her? Sure I’ve known her for like 2 days but I love her. I really love her more than anything. I was sitting on my bed with my head in my hands. “Dude, are you okay?” Cody was kneeling in front of me.

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Get Isla to always kiss you. I mean every time she sees you she attacks you and kisses you like crazy”

“Austin your guess is a good as mine. She just does it. Why do you want to know anyway?”

“Hadley won’t let me kiss her. I have to beg just for a kiss on the cheek and sometimes I don’t even get that. My heart is breaking man. I love her so much it hurts. I know it’s only been a few days but I’m in love with her.”

“Then tell her that. If she loves you as much as you love her she’ll understand how much this is hurting you and try to fix it. She seems like the type who would really listen, that’s what makes you two a good match.”

“How is that?”

“You never shut the hell up! Hadley won’t snap at you for that.”

“I really hate you sometimes.”

“Love you too bro. Now go to Hadley and tell her how you feel.” Cody pointed at the door and I started to walk out “Oh and try to come back with a kiss.” I laughed at left the room and took two steps before I was at Hadley’s door.

 I stand in front of Hadley’s door afraid that what I’m about to do might cost my future I have with her. I push that thought out of my head and knock on Hadley’s door. It opens almost instantly to revel Isla and her eyes widen when she sees me. “Uh are you ok Isla?”

“Austin, I’ve been calling you forever where have you been?”

“Next door”

“Look, you like my sister right?”

“Is that a trick question?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Then get to the restaurant downstairs. Hadley is eating with another guy. She told me not to worry about it, but it is clear this guy is head over heels for her, he got her alone and I know if you don’t hurry he will make a move and Hadley won’t stop him.”

“Why not? Does she like him back?” I asked feeling jealous.

 “No, she likes you but she in vulnerable. You do things to my sister Austin, things she doesn’t understand because she is not used to the feeling you give her. She’s never had those feelings for a guy; she has never felt for a guy period. You are starting to make her fall in love and she doesn’t understand that. Her heart has always had these walls that keep guys out, but then you come along and break those walls down. I don’t know how and she doesn’t either, but you somehow got into her heart. Her heart is confused and because of that she is vulnerable. You have to go get her before that guy takes advantage of her state of mind.” I turn and run downstairs as fast as I could. I had to get to Hadley before I lose her. I had to.


Hadley’s POV


I know that I shouldn’t be having dinner with Jason, but something made me say yes. I don’t like Jason that way, but I don’t know what love even is. What I feel for Austin is like nothing I’ve felt before and I don’t understand it at all. As I was sitting at the table Austin kept creeping into my mind as I picked at my pasta with my fork. I shouldn’t be here. “Hey you okay Hadley? You look sad” Jason pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Just thinking”


“I don’t really want to talk about it”

“Okay” Jason looked unsure but didn’t push it “You know Hadley I really like you a lot. You’re a nice person.” Jason said sounded in a flirting tone.

“Same, you seem like a nice guy.” I replied without looking up and continued to poke at my food.

“That’s not what I meant Hadley.” Jason suddenly sounded angry, grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him and started to lean in. I tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong for me and didn’t budge.

“Jason let me go!”

“How about no. I want you Hadley, and I will make you mine. You may be into that kid with the snapback, but by the end of the night I can promise you won’t even remember his name and will be putty in my hands.”

“Ha, in your dreams”

“Don’t push your luck princess.” His grip on my chin tightened as he moved in again to try and kiss me.

“Jason get off of-“ I couldn’t finish because a voice interrupted me. A voice I was happy to hear.

“HADLEY!!!!” the voice boomed. Jason was thrown off me and I was pulled into someone chest. I looked up to see green eyes, but different, they were filled with anger. “What is wrong with you Hadley? You just blindly go out to dinner with a guy who clearly wants to get in your pants.” Austin yelled at me and I cringed slightly freighted by the power in his voice.

“I-I didn’t know.”

“Hadley that’s what every guy except for me and Cody on this ship want. They’ve been eyeing up you and your sister since day one!” I just stared at Austin blankly.

“I’m sorry Austin. I was just so confused. I haven’t been thinking straight”

“Hadley, look at me.” I looked into his eyes that were now softer and glowing. “I’m in love with you Hadley. I have been ever since the first day on this boat. I didn’t think love could exist before I met you. The moment I saw you on deck I knew love was real because I fell in love with you at that moment, and now I’ve only fallen more. I love you Hadley.” I was shocked and couldn’t form words. Austin started to look worried. “Please say something” I didn’t respond. I just took his face lightly in my hands then slowly brought his face to my level and gently kissed him, he didn’t hesitate to kiss back. It was so gentle and so sweet. The feeling he gave me was back and I didn’t know what to call it but I loved it.

“I think I love you too Austin.” I said once we pulled apart.

“You finally said it.”

“I was just scared, I don’t want to be hurt again” I buried my face in his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“I won’t hurt you.”

“I believe you.”

“Come lets get you back. Isla is going crazy worrying about you.” I just laughed as Austin put his arm around my waist and lead me out of the restaurant.


“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Isla screamed when I walked in but her expression softened when she saw Austin come in behind me.

“Jeez Isla. Chill out, will you?”

“You want me to calm down when you went to dinner with a guy who wasn’t your boyfriend without telling your boyfriend so I needed to send your boyfriend to save you? I’m not an idiot. I mean he clearly wanted in your pants!” Isla said like it was obvious and she was talking to a 5 year old. She glared at me like she wanted to scare me, which didn’t work.

“Oh come off it. I’m blond, not dense; I know you’re not an idiot…most of the time. Besides Austin isn’t my boyfriend-“

“Yet.” Austin cut in

“Don’t push it” I smiled at him “Would you mind going? I need to speak to my sister alone.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later then I guess.” He walked over and gave me a kiss on the lips then left.

“Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” Isla asked


“He just kissed you and you didn’t push him away. You let him kiss you, and kissed him back.”

“Well I like him.”

“It’s been 2 days Hadley”

“Your point?”

“Who the heck are you?”

“Whatever Isla” I rolled my eyes and sat down just thinking about Austin.

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