Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


4. Meet Me In The Sun

Cody’s POV


“I drank too much last night.” I groaned as I sat on the bed and Austin sat at his desk reading but looked up when he heard my voice.

“What makes you say that?”

“Dude, come on I made out with Isla like crazy last night. I must have been stoned out.”

“Man, if you were that drunk you wouldn’t have been holding her the way you were, just admit you like her.

“What the heck are you talking about? I always rub a girl's thigh when I kiss her.”

“I’m talking about holding her head in place. You only do that if you like a girl. If she was just another girl your hand probably would have been somewhere on her back.”

“Ugh fine I like her and she’s a really good kisser, but I still want Hadley. I want the rocker girl, not the perky cheerleader.”

“Maybe you can make her more rocker. Hadley did say she was totally crushing on you. She might change for you.” Our conversation ended with a knock on the door. I opened it to revel one of the twins dressed in a blue bikini and shorts, but her hair was up in a high pony and I couldn’t see the tips so I didn’t know which one. She got the message and turned her head to show her pink tips.

“Oh hey Isla, what’s up?” She blushed scarlet and looked down with a slight smile.

“Hadley and I are heading up deck. We thought maybe you could join us for a swim and maybe some time in the sun.

“Give us five minutes and we’ll met you there.” I cupped her cheek with one hand, kissed her romantically and she blushed even more before walking back out on deck. I closed the door and turned to see Austin smirking at me.

“Yep. Dude, you like her.”


Isla’s POV


I walked back up to see a girl who looked just like Hadley but couldn’t be because she was talking to a boy other than Austin. I soon realized it really was Hadley (I mean she was the only one in a black bikini and shorts) and walked over. “Hadley?”

“Hey sis.”

“You’re talking to a boy that isn’t Austin.”

“I can talk to boys you know, I just don’t often.”

“Hey, I’m Jason.” The boy said in a high voice for a boy. He was pretty cute. He was almost as tall as Austin. He had dirty blond hair and brown eyes but his skin was pale, and Austin seemed way better.

“Isla, now if you would kindly leave before my sister’s boyfriend shows up that would be nice.” I look at Hadley who was holding the bridge of her nose between her pointer and middle finger and shaking her head. The guy just waved at her and walked away.

“I swear sis, you will be the death of me.” Hadley sighs and sat in a lounge chair just as Austin appears behind her in black shorts, a white tank top, and his snapback. He kisses her forehead making her blush ever so slightly, I barely noticed and she smiles up at him. Cody shows up moments later behind me, wearing the same tank top and blue shorts. He comes up wrapping his arms around me and kissing my temple.

“Hey baby.” He whispers in my ear and I blush fifty shades darker than Hadley. I turn around and kiss him hard and before I know it I’m straddling him on a lounge chair and making out with him not even caring what happened to Hadley and Austin. Cody pulls away resting his forehead against mine as he chuckles.

“What?” I asked

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of kissing you like that.” I smile and start kissing down his neck as he leans back into the chair. Soon I’m asleep with my head on his chest in the sun.


Hadley’s POV


As soon as Cody showed up Isla practically dragged him onto a lounge and she started to aggressively make out with him. “Are she sure Cody didn’t like my sister, because he is clearly enjoying that quite a lot.” I said gesturing towards the two of them.

“That’s what he told me. He does think Isla is a good kisser though, so maybe he’s starting to.”

“Well she kissed a lot of guys so she’s had a lot of practice.”

Austin pouted and looked at me “Why don’t you let me kiss you like that?”

“Austin I barely know you. I’m not Isla! I don’t make out with guys that I’ve known for a day!”

“I’m sorry Hadley.” Austin sighed noticing the irritated tone in my voice. “I just-just really want you to do that to me sometimes. I’ve told you, since I saw you I have ached to be near you and right now I’m dying for the feeling of your lips on mine. I can’t stand not being able to kiss you. It’s like a form of torture to have you so close and not being able to touch you. I’m sorry…please don’t hate me for this.”  As soon as he said that he grabbed my face, and locked eyes with me. I was about to say something when Austin crushed his lips to mine. My eyes shoot wide open but quickly closed as I get this amazing feeling and began to kiss him back. His lips were really soft and tasted like strawberry. I slowly brought my hands up and ran my fingers through his amazingly soft hair (knocking off his snapback in the process) and gently tugged causing him to moan in the back of his throat. I tugged again and he moaned against my lips as I smirked against his lips and moved his hands to my waist pulling my body against his. His licked my bottom lip over and over till I finally opened my mouth allowing his tongue entrance. I finally pulled away and leaned my forehead against his.

“Wow” I breathed. That was one of the best kisses ever.

“Well I guess that’s good enough for now.” Austin smirked and chuckled. I laughed out loud and ran past him right into the pool with him close behind. I was fast but he still caught me, picked me up and spun me around before falling back in the water with me still in his arms. We stayed in there for almost half an hour then decided to wake up the two love birds so we could all go take a nap without getting burnt. I walked back to my room holding Austin’s hand. I opened my door and Austin quickly and gently kissed my temple before going into his own room. I walked into my room with a smile on my face then as soon as my head touched my pillow I was out like a light. 


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