Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


14. Love Birds

Cody’s POV


I have been checking on Austin everyday for the past month and was currently on my way to see him. When I was about to reach for the doorknob I was surprised to find that there wasn’t any crying coming from inside. I quickly opened the door to find Austin fast asleep with a girl in his arms…Hadley. Why was Hadley here? Did she take Austin back? I was confused, as she lay there in Austin’s arms, fast asleep with a slight smile. I turned around and marched straight into Isla’s room without knocking to find her in nothing but a towel. I stopped dead in my tracks and Isla looked at me and smirked. “Hey baby.”

“Hey babe, um why is Hadley asleep with Austin?”

“I don’t know about the asleep part, but I know the Austin part.” Isla smiled at me “She figured out something important.”

“Which is?”

“It was easier to forgive him than to live without him”


“For Hadley, it was easier to forgive Austin and take him back instead of trying to live without him.” I nodded in understanding.

“You know…since we’ve been spending so much time on our broken lovebirds, we barely got to see each other.”

“Yeah, that’s true” Isla tilted her head in agreement

“Well they seem to have some healing they need to do with each other, and you seem to be dressed for something special so…” I smirked and eyed Isla up and down in her towel.

“Close the door and get over here pretty boy.” Isla smirked at me. I kicked the door closed, locking it and Isla pulled me to her by my belt loops.  She kissed me and unbuttoned my shirt and I yanked off her towel and threw it across the room. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.


Isla’s POV


I was lying in bed with Cody, both of us naked and wrapped in each other’s arms. With Hadley and Austin being so torn up and destroyed from their break up Cody and I have been so busy watching them, that we didn’t see each other at all. Now since Hadley has decided to take Austin back Cody and me finally got some alone time and he was amazing in bed. I had my head on his warm chest and was breathing heavily after Cody got inside me before fucking me senseless and I loved it. I lay there with him under the sheets and was just about to fall asleep when the door unlocked and opened and I looked up to see Hadley and Austin smirking at us and holding hands. “So…how’d things go?” I asked them. Hadley just shrugged and looked up at Austin. Austin smiled and leaned in and pressed his lips against Hadley’s forehead, who happily smiled I just stared and smiled to myself, and then he started to kiss her lips and I didn’t want to watch this. “Okay love birds, cut that out and go make out some place else. Hadley just laughed then Austin whispered in her ear. She hesitated for a second, but then nodded and jumped into Austin arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. Now I was surprised. Just a little while ago Hadley still hated him, now she was like a lovesick little puppy jumping into his arms smiling like that. Austin just smiled back then carried her out of the room and probably to his room.


Hadley’s POV


After I realized I couldn’t stop loving Austin I turned into a lovesick puppy and basically followed on his heel out the door. Austin and I walked in my room and we saw that Cody and Isla had just had sex. Isla and Cody didn’t seem like they were going to get up any time soon so Austin whispered in my ear and I nodded before jumping into his arms. He smiled at me and he carried me out of my room and back into his. He stood up for a while just kissing me while holding me in his arms. Although I told him I was still mad at him, his kiss completely made me forget, so I let it go. His hands were holding on my thighs while I hung on his neck kissing him deeply. Soon he pushed me up against the wall. I pulled my shirt off and hung my legs around his waist as he took of his. I smiled at his chest them motioned for him to put me down; he hesitated but let me down. I then pulled off my shorts, left in a black bra and underwear and jumped back in his arms and was pushed against the wall again, and he kissed me. He grinned wickedly and began to kiss me rougher and I welcomed it. Slowly so I didn’t even realize until it was too late he moved his hands from my thighs to my butt and squeezed softly and I smiled. Not satisfied with that he squeezed it again, very hard making my gasp and give his tongue and opening. He took full advantage and launched his tongue in my mouth and stroked in hungrily on mine. It was clear by leaving him I had awakened some beast inside him and I was enjoying it so much. I loved how forced he was with his tongue and he kept his hands on my butt squeezing it and making me moan while his tongue explored my mouth. Austin hummed in pleasure before removing his tongue leaving me whimpering.

He tried to pull away but before he could I pulled his head back to kiss him. I then did the same as him and reached for his butt and swatted him hard and he gasped so I pushed my tongue in his mouth, moving it hungrily and full of wanting with his. He moaned into the kiss, which made my smile and moan back while our tongues stroked each other’s making me want more with every second. He removed me from the wall and broke off the kiss. I frowned giving him a puppy dogface. He just smirked and before I knew it had tossed me onto the bed making me giggle. He hovered over me and attached his lips back on mine and began to aggressively make out with me again and I kissed him back with just as much force, he grabbed my leg and curled it over his hip before rolling on his back without breaking the kiss so now I was straddling him. I reached my hand down and I popped the button on his jeans, and pulled down the zipper fingering him and he moaned. I decided to take it further and turn him on, so I broke away and slid his pants off and slipped my hands in his boxers. This time he moaned and tilted up his hips. I continued as I leaned in to kiss him and he moaned in enjoyment into the kiss. He grabbed my hips and pushed me further down onto him. I removed my hands and sat up, and pulled him up so we were nose to nose. I broke away for a moment and started into his eyes that were now a dark green and I could tell he was turned on. We kept kissing for what felt like forever before we finally could pull away, both still hungry for more. “You are so mine.” I hissed with my forehead on his.

“Anything you want I’ll get it”

“I want you like this everyday.”

“Consider it done” and with that Austin kissed me and laid down back bringing me with him. He finally pulled away and we just cuddled for a bit when I felt Austin’s fingers slip inside me and I gasped. “My turn.” He chuckled as I jerked happily and threw my head back. He turned over putting me down on the mattress. Moving in and out slowly as I moaned. “You like?”

“Please…Austin…ah…baby don’t stop”

“Does it feel good?” he moved in and out again slowly

“Faster…go faster…please” I closed my eyes and Austin stopped before he slammed into me and I cried out and he began to thrust his fingers faster and harder hitting just the right stop. I could feel myself quicken and was so close.

“You ready?” I nodded and he slammed into me and stilled. He pulled out his fingers and licked them clean before bended down and licking me clean, kissing the inside of my thighs, and pulling my underwear back up which I didn’t realize he removed. He lay back down with my head on his chest. He slapped my butt and made me jump and giggle at his horny side. He then slid one hand down on my backside and slowly stroked me. I put my head on his chest and lightly hummed enjoying the horny side of Austin. I giggled like a schoolgirl and his looked at me with wicked eyes. I then relaxed and kissed his chest before laying my head down on his warm chest.

I was fully back under his spell. Just one kiss and he had me back under his control and could do what he wanted. I wanted him and wanted how he made me feel every time I’m with him, and his hands on my body. It all felt so good. He was mine, I was his, and I loved it.


Austin’s POV


As soon I got back in my room with Hadley in my arms I pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She broke away and gladly pulled off her shirt as I removed mine. Then she had me put her down to take off her shorts and jump back into my arms in just a black lace bra and underwear. I pushed her back on the wall and kissed her again before breaking away and throwing her on my bed. I hovered over her and began to make out with her and rolled over so she was on top and aggressively made out with her as she began to finger me and I tried to suppress my moan unable to control it. I sat up with her, and she began to kiss my again while rocking her hips against my hard on and I kept moaning. She finally finished and lay down with me and it was my turn. I pulled down her underwear and pushed two fingers inside her and moved in and out. She jerked and arched her back. 

“You like?” I whisper seductively

“Please…Austin…ah…baby don’t stop” she breathed and arched her back again. I almost froze when she called me baby; I was longing to hear her call me that again.

“Does it feel good?”

“Faster…go faster…please” I obeyed and slammed into her making her cry out and then moved in and out faster and pushed in farther as her walls tighten and I knew she was close. She finally came and I licked off my fingers and licked her clean before kissing her thighs, and pulling up her underwear. I quickly slapped her on the butt and she gasped and giggled happily. She put her head on my chest and I had one hand on her backside stroking her as she hummed in my chest. She kissed my chest before she put her head back and started humming again. She brought out my beast and it was going to stay for a while. I smiled at the thought and closed my eyes still stroking and squeezing her as she kept humming in my chest, making her so intoxicating I was never letting her go.


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