Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


11. Hawaii Night Club Heartbreak

Hadley’s POV


I had barely stepped off the boat in Hawaii when the sound of my name pierced my ears. “HADLEY!!!” I turned toward the sound of the voice. A guy my age in between scrawny and built was approaching me. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. I sometimes don’t know how where are related, but I guess it is because he got a lot of traits from dad and Isla and I got a lot from mom. It was my brother Shawn. I stared at him with a blank look when Austin bent down and whispered in my ear.

“Surprise.” I looked at him confused “Isla can be helpful sometimes.”

I beamed and kissed him hard “Hey, break it up you two” Shawn grabbed my shoulder and pulled me away from Austin causing me to glare at him. “Since when are you so happy about kissing a boy?”

“Since I found out Austin was a good kisser” I laughed, “Actually Austin is an awesome guy and I really like him.” I smiled at Shawn

“Well, I’m not so worried about you with a guy so I’ll leave you two alone and keep an eye on your sister and apparently her new boyfriend. I hope she doesn’t eat him alive.”

“Don‘t worry. Cody can handle Isla. He’s been doing a good job of it since the first night on that boat. I’m sure he’s fine.”

“Are you sure about that?” Shawn asked raising his eyebrow at me.

“Yes. Come on Shawn I’m not just her sister; I’m her identical twin. I can hear her thoughts and what’s going on inside her brain. She sees Cody as more than just some hookup. He’s not like the football captain.”

Shawn rolled his eyes before walked away, and then said over his shoulder “Go have fun and use protection.” I just groaned before Austin took my hand and ran for about 2 miles before stopping in front of a really fancy looking hotel. A short man with brown hair and pale skin walked out the doors and smiled.

“Austin you made it.” The man gave Austin a bro hug before his gaze shifted to me and his mouth dropped, causing me to raise an eyebrow in confusion. “You’re kidding man, this is the girl? You didn’t tell me she was hot!”

“Yes I did Alex” Austin replied

“But not this hot. Dude did you even bother looking at her?”

“Will you shut up? Of course I’ve looked at her, she is my girlfriend, I’ve seen her practically-” I slapped my hand over Austin’s mouth and gave him a look to shut up, but I knew the man could tell what Austin was going to say.

“Oh, so tell my sweetheart is Austin good in bed?”  Alex took a step towards me and leaned in. Before I could even think of an answer Austin stepped in.

“Well nice talking to you. We’ll just go now.” Austin took the room key that was sticking out of Alex’s front pocket and dragged me to the elevator before he could even try to stop us.


We ended up in a huge hotel room with a great view of the beach. There was a large king size bed in the middle of the room with a matching nightstand on each side and a huge flat screen TV on the wall opposite of the bed. On the right side there were two desks with a door in between that led to a huge walk-in closet. On the other side there was another door that led to a white marble bathroom with two sinks, a shower, and one of the biggest bathtub that I’ve ever seen in my life. I close to door and went straight toward the window looking out at the beach. I smiled to myself and felt arms wrap around my waist and Austin rested his chin on my head. “It is a great view.”

“It really is. We should go down to the-“ Austin shut me up with a kiss I giggled into the kiss and softly pushed him away. “Why did you shut me up mid sentence?”

“Sorry I couldn’t stop myself.” Austin looked down embarrassed. “You wanted to go to the pool, yeah?” I just walked to him and gave him a quick peck.

“Race you.” I whispered then bolted out the door, leaving Austin in a daze. I knew he wasn’t going to be too happy when he caught me, but on kiss on the lips and he would forgive me in an instant.


Austin’s POV


I can’t believe Hadley just did that. Oh she is really going to get it. I thought in my head but in reality I knew that with one kiss I would easily forgive her and she knew it too. I sighed with defeat and made my way to the pool where I knew Hadley already was waiting for me. I saw her smiling at me like she knew that all she would have to do is kiss me and I would be at her mercy. “Ok Hadley go ahead and do it so I’ll forgive like you know I would.” Hadley’s smile grew before she leaned up heading towards my lips, but moved at the last second and pecked my cheek. I stood there staring in shock. “Hey, I meant my lips babe.”

“Sorry babe, but if you want that you have to catch me first.” She giggled and ran over to the pool before she jumped in. I jumped in right after and quickly swam after her. It didn’t take long before I caught her in picked her up in my arms.

“Now give me my kiss… and on the lips this time.” Hadley laughed out loud and turned and stopped just centimeters from my mouth teasing me. “You going to kiss me like you promised?” Then I could feel her smirk as she pressed her lips to mine roughly kissing me. I was enjoying this feeling when I felt a tap on my shoulder pulling me out of the kiss and making my groan as I turned to see Cody. “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?” I groaned. Cody just looked at me with a fake grin. I climbed out of the pool and pulled Hadley out. Then I turned to Cody and put my arm around Hadley’s waist holding her against me.

“Am I interrupting?” he smirked

“Fuck off man, I would like to get back to my girlfriend if you don’t mind.” I glared at him with anger. I didn’t even give him a chance to reply before I turned back to Hadley and started to make out with her, not caring that Cody was here. I felt him put something in my back pocket and chuckle before walking away, but I just ignored it and kept making out with Hadley.

Hadley broke off from the kiss and slipped two fingers into my back pocket pulling out a slip of paper. How did she know Cody put that there while she was busy kissing me? She gave me a quick wink. “I have my ways” she answered my silent question. She unfolded the paper scanning her eyes over it. “Well we should go get dressed.”


“It looks like we’re going out to a club tonight.” Hadley gave me a peck on the nose, smiled and began to jog off back towards the hotel. I let out a sigh and followed her, couldn’t she have kissed me a little longer, and with that peck, why on the nose and not the mouth. I just shook my head as I got back to the hotel and up to our room.


Austin’s POV


We had been in the club for an hour now and all of us were drunk out of our minds. I was sitting at the bar with Cody drinking while Hadley was somewhere with Isla. I was drinking a beer when a random girl came up to me. She had black hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a body con dress that her boobs were practically falling out of and looked like the slut of her school. “Hey hot stuff.” She said in a flirty tone while batting her eyelashes.


“So are you here alone? Maybe I should show you a good time.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

“Do I look like I care? Plus I am way better in bed.”

“I’ll pass”

“Trust me, five minutes with me and you’ll be begging me to take you to bed and I will make you feel so good while I fuck you senseless. I am an animal in bed and I will get you putty in my hands.”

Before I even had a chance to respond she pulling away to the dance floor and started to grind with me. I tried to push her away and find Hadley, but my mind was all foggy and I couldn’t think, I was close to the point of blacking out that I had no control over my body. I was now a doll and she was going to do what she wanted with me. Suddenly the girl pulled my head down and kissed me, then bit my lower lip and slid her tongue in my mouth, and began to aggressively stroke it against mine. I tried so hard to push her away, but the alcohol had made my mind fuzzy and my body weak. She pulled me closer by my shirt and then made the move to my pants before I could finally push her away. “What’s wrong babe? Ready for the bed room yet?”

“Get away from me” I snapped at her.

“How about no, you’re mine now.” She hissed and tried to kiss me again but I pushed her and looked up to see Hadley and Isla staring. Isla was shocked with her mouth open while Hadley looked like she was going to cry, but that quickly became anger and she ran out of the club.

“HADLEY!!” I called out over the music but she didn’t stop and then I felt a stinging on my cheek and looked down to see that Isla had slapped me.


“Isla please believe me, I didn’t mean to. I do love Hadley, I really do.” I pleaded

“Really? Then explain you making out with that girl?” Isla frowned “You disgust me”

“I didn’t mean to I tried to push her-“ I tried to beg but Isla cut me off

“Austin you had your arms around her and kissed her back! Just stay away from my sister.”

“I can’t stay away from Hadley.”

“You better”

“No, I can’t stay away form the only girl I have ever loved.”

“You just broke her heart and you will pay. If I ever see you near her again I will smash your pretty little face in so hard, you won’t be recognizable.” She slapped me again and ran out of the club after Hadley. I can’t believe myself. I just made out with some slut and lost the most important person in my life. I walked out of the club and sat down on the beach just crying.

“I’m so sorry Hadley, I love you so much.”

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