Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


15. Christopher Mahone


Isla’s POV


It’s already been 6 months and Hadley is getting pretty big. We found out that she will be having a boy and both Austin and she are beyond excited. Hadley is usually happy but lately she has been annoying with mood swings back and forth in a millisecond because of the baby, but Austin takes care of her since I would crack on her easily with those mood swings. Cody has begun to sleep with me in our room and Hadley has been sleeping with Austin in his.


Now we have arrived home at the start of summer and staying with the boys. They share a house together really close to us because their school happens to be in the town right next to ours. We have three months off of school and three months left until the new baby, and Austin’s maid along with Shawn have agreed to help while we are at school. We were all downstairs watching TV and enjoying ourselves. Austin and Hadley don’t really leave and ‘do it’ anymore, they just sit on the couch while Austin kisses her and she eventually falls asleep. Cody on the other hand is always ready, but holds back. Now all that’s left is the baby.


Austin’s POV


I was sitting in the waiting room impatiently waiting. Hadley went into labor a few hours ago and was still waiting for the baby. I had my head down and was rapidly tapping my feet when I heard my name and my head jerked up to see Isla and Cody coming towards me, well Isla was more like sprinting towards me. “Hey man. How is she?” Cody asked as he sat down next to me.

“She’s been in labor for hours and still hasn’t had him. I really want to see my son.”

“I’m sure he’ll be here soon.” Isla smiled and sat on Cody’s lap and Cody wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I hope so.” I said and looked back at the too white floor. About five minutes later a 5”2’ nurse with skin as pale as her uniform walked towards us and stopped when she saw Isla, her brown eyes widened realizing she was a pinker version of Hadley. She shook her head coming back to reality and ran her fingers through her short black hair in a bob, like she was trying to smooth it down before finally speaking in a very quiet and pixie like voice.

“I’m guessing you are here for Hadley Mendes.” She squeaked out and we all just nodded. “May I ask which one of you young gentleman…” she looked between Cody and me “…is the father?”

“I am” I said and stood up “Is everything okay? How is Hadley? What about my son?” I asked sounding frantic.

“Sir, please calm down. Ms. Mendes is absolutely fine. Now if you will follow me, there is someone I believe you would like to meet.” I followed the nurse down a hallway into a large room where Hadley sat up with a beautiful baby boy in her arms. He had a few strands of my chocolate brown hair, beige skin, and Hadley’s electric green eyes. He was the most beautiful baby in the world. I just couldn’t believe this beautiful boy was my son.

“Say hello to your daddy.” Hadley held him up to me and I gently took him in my arms. He looked up at me and giggled when I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. I returned my face to normal and gazing down into his eyes and it was just like looking into Hadley’s, full of life and wonder. I held him in one arm and held out my index finger to him and he grabbed it with his tiny hands, looking at it like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“What should we call him?” I asked not taking my eyes off him while his eyes stayed trained on my finger.

“I don’t know.” Hadley replied and even though I wasn’t looking I know she was smiling at me holding our son.

“How about Christopher?” I suggested studying his little face while he still played with my finger.

“Christopher Peter Mahone, it’s the perfect name for the perfect child.” At that moment Isla and Cody walked in and Isla squealed at the sight of Chris.

“Oh my god, he is so cute. Can I hold him?” I looked at Hadley and she nodded. I gently placed Chris in Isla’s arms. She smiled at the little boy while Cody stood behind doing funny faces. Chris giggled again, and hiccupped. “Aw he’s adorable. I can’t believe this is my nephew, I get to be an aunt!” Isla was beaming by now.

“Do I get to be an uncle?” Cody asked looking at Hadley and me.

“Of course man. You’re basically my brother.” I answered and Hadley nodded.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Cody.” Hadley gave a warm smile and gestured Cody to walk over to where she was sitting and gave him a hug.

“You guys name him yet?” Cody asked as Isla carefully placed Chris in his arms and he smiled at the beautiful baby.

“Yep, his name is Christopher, Christopher Peter Mahone” Hadley replied

“Nice name I like how you used Shawn’s middle name.” Isla smiled.

“Only his first middle name, I don’t really like the second one Raul.” Hadley replied.

“Very true, it kind of sounds like it would be the name of a gang member.” Isla said and turned back to look at Cody.

“Hey buddy.” Cody held Chris for a little while before Chris looked tired and Cody handed him back to Hadley. “He’s even more cute when he’s sleepy.” Isla literally almost fainted and Cody held onto her so she wouldn’t fall on the floor.

“Ok, I think we should get you out of here before you pass out.” Cody laughed holding Isla around her waist as she failed to stand straight making us all laugh; even Chris was laughing and looking in Isla direction.

A nurse told us to step out so Hadley could get some rest after giving birth to Chris. I picked up Chris from Hadley’s arms and leaned down. “You did a great job babe.” I smiled and then kissed her forehead and touched my forehead to hers for a few seconds before pulling away and standing up straight. I walked out to the nursery with Chris and then sat down by his crib. It still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact I was a dad and this was my kid, my son. It was so unreal and scary to be a dad at 18, but I wasn’t going to ditch Chris or Hadley. I could never do that; Hadley is the love of my life and the mother of my child. Chris is my son and I will not let any other man raise him. I mean raise him as a dad, Cody can still raise him, but as an uncle. He is perfect and I’m glad that if I had to have a kid at 18 that Hadley was the mom. We are all a family now. Hadley, Chris, Cody, Isla, Shawn, and I are now a family and I will stay with my family. I came back to reality when Chris started to try and speak. “Da” Chris giggled and made me chuckle.

“Yeah buddy, I am dada.” I smiled and then Chris started to look sleepier so I smiled and sat back. “Sleep tight buddy.” I relaxed and soon was asleep as well in a chair next to his crib.


Hadley’s POV


I had been awake for a while and a nurse said I was okay to move around and if I wanted to go see Chris, I was free to. He was in the nursery just down the hall. When I got there I found Chris in a crib laying down, grabbing at the air with his hands and Austin fast asleep in a chair. I walked over and softly kissed him. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me. “Hey sweetheart”

“Sweetheart? That’s a new one, I like it” I smiled at sat on his lap “Our son really is beautiful”

“Only because of his amazing and gorgeous mother.”

“He has a pretty hot father too.” I laughed and kissed him. He kissed me back and cradled the back of my head, holding me to his lips.


We had planned to keep it clean considering Chris was here, but Austin couldn’t resist and licked my lip begging for entrance. Surprisingly enough I let him in and we explored each other mouth’s. We kept making out until a voice interrupted us.

“Really guys. In front of your son?” We looked up to see Shawn standing there.

“He doesn’t mind. Now would like to criticize us or hold your new nephew?” I stood up off Austin’s lap and picked up Chris smiling. Shawn walked over and I placed Chris in his arms.

“He’s really cute. What’s his name?”

“Christopher, Christopher Mahone”

“I like that name. It suits him.”

“The perfect name for the perfect son.” Austin said and I smiled at him and sat back on his lap. Shawn smiled at Chris like he was the most beautiful thing ever, which he absolutely was.

“I promise you two that I will be the best uncle ever for this boy.” Shawn looked into my eyes with truth.

“I know you will Shawn. You’ve been a great brother for 17 years, and I know you’ll be an even greater uncle.”


Shawn’s POV


I held Chris carefully and lovingly in my arms. He was a beautiful baby boy. I just couldn’t believe that this was my nephew. He looked just like Austin and I could see Hadley through his eyes. He was perfect. I sat down with him in my arms while I talked with Hadley and Austin for a while when Cody and Isla showed up and joined in. Chris was in my arms the whole time with Austin and Cody doing funny faces the whole time. Chris giggled every time and his giggle was the cutest sound I had ever heard. I love my new nephew and will be the best uncle in the world for him. That is a promise and I will not break it.


Cody’s POV


After Isla had regained herself and promised that she wouldn’t faint again we walked to the nursery where Hadley was sitting on Austin’s lap, and Shawn was across from them with Chris laughing at Austin’s faces. “SHAWN”

“ISLA” Isla ran over to Shawn and hugged him from behind. “What do you think of Chris?”

“He is the best nephew I could think of.”

“I know” Isla agreed while I sat next to Austin and did funny faces for Chris who couldn’t stop giggling. After a while a nurse came in a said it was okay to take Chris home.



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