Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


1. Characters

Hadley’s POV


My name is Hadley Mendes; and yes Shawn Mendes is my younger brother by one year. I am 18 and 5’10”. I also have a twin sister named Isla (pronounced Ilsa). We are both 5’10” with tan skin, long blond hair just past our shoulder blades except her tips are Pink and mine are Royal Blue. Plus our eyes are just like Shawn’s. That is the only thing that makes us siblings, considering that we look almost nothing like Shawn. We’re not really sure why though. He looks more like our dad and we look more like our mom.

I am the captain of the varsity Field Hockey team at Bayview High and have been since freshman year after I made the varsity team, play lacrosse, soccer, and ride a long board while Isla on the other hand is the ballerina looking head cheerleader, who can’t stand on a board for more than ten seconds before falling on her face. It does make sense that she wouldn’t play sports or ride a board though; she hates getting sweaty and dirty, plus she can’t stand helmet hair. She acts like sweat and dirt are the black plague where as I don’t really mind. I mean if you get sweaty it means you’re working hard and you can always just take a shower when you’re done. I have always been the type to put a ton of effort into my sports. I mean I don’t’ neglect school, both Isla and I are straight A students, so I’m not just a stereotypical athlete with no brain. I always focus on the big picture of life instead of the now, especially when it comes to boys, I made that mistake once and it tore me apart. I never had another boyfriend after my first boyfriend; Corey cheated on me with Rebecca Green ‘the slut queen’ for almost our whole relationship. I had one relationship and that broke me, so I don’t plan to get another one. That was all about to change on this boat; on this boat I met Austin, and my world was changed and flipped upside down.


Austin’s POV


My name is Austin Mahone. I am 18 and about 5’11” with fairly tan skin. I have chocolate brown hair that is usually covered by a solid black of black and white snapback on backwards, and green eyes.

I am the soccer captain and one of the star athletes at my school and never had a girlfriend or any interest in one. You would think being a sports captain I would be dating some cheerleader, but no. I’m not even interested. I never really had any attraction to a girl; most of them wanted me just for being the soccer captain or for a stupid one-night stand. Every time when I was walking down the halls girls would adjust their already too tight shirts to make their boobs fall out even more. I mean everyone could already see too much of them. Plus most of them had shorts or skirts that barely covered their ass, I mean doesn’t this violate a dress code. Send them home and get them some clothes that are aren’t made to fit a six year old! I was not really a guy who was so crazy about all that bull shit. The partying and one-night hookups on the weekend weren’t what I wanted, but that was life at Oakside High. As the captain of a sports team that was practically my job description: 1. Go to parties. 2. Find a girl. 3. Get her drunk off her ass. 4. Hook up with her. 5. Never contact her again. 6. Repeat process over. As far as I knew that was life in high school. All there was to social life was sluts, parties, and hookups and what all girls wanted so I never wanted a girlfriend…until I met Hadley and that changed everything.


Isla’s POV


My name is Isla Mendes, older sister of Shawn Mendes and I am 18. I don’t really have tell you all what I look like since my twin sister Hadley just stated that above, except that I have pink tips in my hair and wear make-up, when she doesn’t wear any unless necessary and it would only by eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I can also say that we do dress differently and act differently.

I like to mostly wear skirts and dresses with heels, if it is pink, colorful, or floral I will take it. If it is black or dark it will go to my sister, and she never wears heels unless they’re those like 1-inch platform ones of her boots, which to no surprise, are all black. Other then that she always wears her black flip-flops, her black or navy converse or her combat boots. She likes to play sports like field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and rides a long board. She also doesn’t mind getting dirty or sweaty. On the other hand I hate getting sweaty, it’s so gross and smells bad, then you get covered in dirt and no boy wants to look at that. I want a cute boy to look at me and think hot or beautiful, not sweaty or dirty and covered in mud. I don’t want that so I stick with being the head Cheerleader of Bayview, and getting to wear those incredibly cute uniforms, while cute boys look at me. I’m not really dating any of them though. I have a bit of a hookup sexual relationship with the captain of the football team, but even though I can really flirt and do it a lot I never was so eager for a real boyfriend, mostly just hookups. That was what my head thought about boys until Cody came into my life.


Cody’s POV


My name is Cody Simpson. I am 18 and about 5’11’ with slightly golden skin. I have curly blond hair that falls over my forehead and blue eyes. I am captain of the lacrosse team and a star athlete.

I am seen as one of the players in my school because of my many, many one-night stands. My best friend Austin and I were seen as players at school, specifically the players. We were the team captains of the two best teams in Oakside High and star athletes so we were always the main subject for hookups by all the cheerleaders, sluts of the school, and any other girl with curves that wanted a hookup. Austin wasn’t too crazy about it but went along because he felt like he had to, but never let it get to sex. I just decided to enjoy it while I was young and could still be free to party and have as many one-night stands as possible in high school, and hopefully college too. I never really had any interest in a girlfriend. Then I met the Mendes twins and fell in love with the type of person I never thought I would or even could, not in a million years.


Let The Fun Begin.

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