Cruise That Changed Everything

Hadley and Isla are twins going on a cruise together just to enjoy the sun. They never expected to find love that would turn their world upside down. But when two teenage boys end up in the room next door, one night sets off a relationship that changes everything.


10. A Better Person

Cody’s POV


        I walked into the gym the next day feeling like running. I had to do it in school for sports and soon it became a routine thing for me to do. I was also great when I got stressed. I walked in and stopped when I saw blond hair with royal blue tips…Hadley. She was sitting down with her back towards me. She was wearing black shorts with a black sports bra, a royal blue tank top. Her hair was up in high pony with a blue pre-wrap headband. She was on a bench tying her blue and green running shoes. She stood up and turned towards me and I saw that her tank top said ‘dance is my cardio’ in bold white letters. She saw me and walked over to me with a smile and gave me a hug, which I gladly returned. All four of us were like best friends now so a hug was normal. “Hey Cody, how are you?” Hadley asked with a smile.

“I’m good actually. I take it you know what happened with me and Isla, I know what went down with you and Austin.” I looked at Hadley surprised her cheeks didn’t flush like they usually do when Austin is mentioned. She just smiled at me and chuckled before her face became a little serious. “Is something wrong?” I asked her a little concerned at her facial expression.

“Just the opposite. I actually want to thank you Cody, for my sister.”

“What did I do?”

“You changed her back into a better girl, like when we were younger. When we were in middle school Isla was such a better girl and the one that would actually look for a relationship with a guy. She used to dance around the house and sing songs about finding the perfect guy and living in a magical sugar castle, or some sort of fairytale like that. Then when she got to high school, her dancing skills put her up as head cheerleader and she changed into that stereotypical cheerleader type. We would go to all these parties and she would have a one-night stand with some guy at every single one. Then she just turned into a different girl. She and the football captain became friends with benefits. I would drive home alone every other day because she would be with him just fucking each other senseless. I had lost my sister that had actually wanted a real relationship and not just sex buddies. I could even see it when she flirted with every guy the first day on this boat.” Hadley sighed

“Really? Isla doesn’t seem like that to me.”

“Yeah, because you are different. She had to fight a little more for you. I know that you liked me at first because both you and Austin were staring at me.” I flushed scarlet when she reminded me of that day. “Isla saw that, then when I told her that you in fact liked her she didn’t expect that after she saw you looking at me. She soon realized she would have to fight a little to get you to like her. You didn’t see her as some one-night stand, and she liked that a guy could actually like her for her without trying to get in her pants and not just like her body. You do like her for her and didn’t try to change her to be more like you or me. You changed her back into a girl who wants a relationship, a real relationship. You are the guy that she would sing and dance around that house about, except for the magic sugar castle part but we were little girls. The perfect guy for my sister, thank you Cody. You brought back my sister.”

“I want to thank you too Hadley. You changed Austin. I have never seen him this happy. Being the captain of the soccer team brought a lot of girls onto him, at all the parties girls would try to get him drunk and then when he was pull him into a bedroom and try to have sex with him. He hated that and made sure he never got drunk enough for that to happen, or just didn’t go to the party. He didn’t want girls to want him just for sex, and that’s what he got when he met you, on the first day of the trip. Isla had pointed us out to you. You looked at us and just gave us a smile and not an I’m-so-going-to-fuck-you smile, more like a nice-to-meet-you smile, then just shrugged at your sister and looked back at the ocean. You didn’t look at Austin as a hook-up and he liked that, then he had to fight for you and he wanted you because you could be an actual relationship for him and he wanted you so much. You are beautiful and real, not a fake ass slut that uses guys for sex. That is what Austin needed, a real girl like you. I was so happy when you finally gave into him he was so happy, and I can’t think of a better girl for my best friend even if I had to make a girl for him. You saved my best friend and gave happiness that he lost hope for. Thank you for that Hadley, you’re an awesome girl.” I smiled and Hadley hugged me and I hugged her back. “Now like I said you a great girl, but how good of a runner are you?” I smirked and Hadley raised an eyebrow in pleasure.

“Oh it is on Simpson!” We went to this control center thing and set two treadmills to go the same speed for the same amount of time. At the end we were so out of breath we could barely walk.

“I…think…that…was…a…tie.” I said out of breath.

“Good…enough…” Hadley replied and we sat down basically drowning ourselves with water. Why did we set the treadmill for an hour and a half of full out running? I was totally dead and within a few minutes Hadley was back on her feet and looked like she had just arrived at the gym full in energy. What the heck?


Austin’s POV


I was in my room pretending to reading but actually day dreaming when the door burst open and Cody stood there out of breath. “What in the world happened to you man? You look like the life got sucked out of you.”


“Hadley?” I asked raising an eyebrow

“Do you… have any idea…how fast…she can…run?” I just shook my head and Cody sighed “really fast.” He breathed out and collapsed on the bed. Then I heard a gasp and saw Isla in the door staring at Cody in horror.

“HADLEY!!!” Isla screamed, “What the hell did you do to my hot boyfriend?” Soon Hadley appeared next to Isla with a towel around her neck and looked like she had more than enough energy. She looked at Cody with a disappointed frown before her eyes met mine. Her lips curved up in a playful smile and she winked at me.

“Hey babe” she said to me, and I swore I could’ve fainted.

“Hadley answer me, what did you do to my hot boyfriend?”

“Okay, first never say ‘hot boyfriend’, just say ‘boyfriend’. Second I didn’t do anything, and third I’m just a faster runner.” She smiled at Isla in a way that said to shut her mouth.

“Not just a faster runner but a hotter guy’s beautiful girlfriend.” I walked over to her and pulled her towards me by the waist.

“Okay if you two are going to kiss, make out, or have sex, go do it somewhere else, because there is no way Cody will be able to stand anytime soon, so I’m staying with him and I’m not in the mood to see you two fuck.” Isla glared at her sister, who in response just laughed and pulled me out the door and outside up to the top deck.

“Well that was fun” Hadley sighed leaning over the railing

“Hadley, can I ask you something.”

“Go for it.”

“So it has been about a month since I first asked you out and we dock in Hawaii tomorrow, so I wanted to take you somewhere.” I looked away embarrassed and felt Hadley grab my face. Before I have time to blink Hadley had pressed her lips against mine and kissed me softly.

“Where are we going?” I was shocked still after the kiss but soon recovered.

“That’s a surprise.” I grabbed her hand and leaned over the railing with her, just looking at the see that shared the electric blue of our eyes. I felt Hadley lean on my shoulder and kissed her hair.

“Thank you” she whispered

“For what?”

“Making me fall in love with you.” She smiled and I swear my heart stopped

“Anytime beautiful.” I smiled and kissed her cheek.

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