Bad For Me

Jason is the bad boy of the school that manage to get every girl, bed her and dump her. Every girl knows but still falls victim to his looks and charms. He is a player and has a gift with words.

Hayden is another story. She is one of the top students and one of the most desired girls in school, even one of the teachers has taken a liking to her. She is clever and a teaser, not easily fooled.

When Jason chooses Hayden as his next target to get to fall for him, it won't be as easy as he thinks and Hayden is an easy hit. Will Hayden be able to resist his charm or will she beat Jason at his own game.


7. 7

Jason’s POV


I was in front of Hayden’s house ready to see her for our date. I was wearing my nice pair of black pants, and black t-shirt, a cream-colored cardigan and some black supras. I hoped I didn’t look like a bad guy and that Adam wouldn’t punch my face in or maybe it would be better if he didn’t answer the door. I walked up to Hayden’s door with a single pink rose behind my back. I didn’t get red because it seemed to cliché. I took a deep breath and rang the bell. I heard a male voice saying ‘I’ll get it’ and I knew it was Adam. He opened the door and froze at the site of me. “Um, hello?” he questioned, did he really not recognize me? I guess I am a little better dressed than normal.

“Hello Adam.”

“How do you know my-” he froze again and looked closer at me before his eyes widened in alarm “JASON MCCANN!” He roared at me “What are you doing at my house?” I was about to speak when he beat me to it. “HAYDDDEEENNN!!!” he raised his fist ready to hit me, normally I would be prepared to hit back but I’m not going to hit Adam, I won’t fight him. He is Hayden’s brother and I won’t risk losing her by fighting her brother. He was about to swing at me when a voice stopped him.

“ADAM!”  Adam stopped with his fist in the air and we both looked behind him to see Kendall, practically glaring at Adam. Hayden was standing right next to her and looked amazing, my jaw hit the floor at the sight of her. “Adam, don’t you dare even think about hitting him.” Hayden warned walking over. She stopped in front of me and smiled “Hey Jason.” I was brought back to reality and lifted up my jaw.

“Good evening Hayden.” I smiled and slightly bowed offering her the rose. She smiled at the rose and gladly accepted it.

“Hayden, why is McCann at my house?” I turned my attention to Adam.

“I am here because I have asked your sister out and she has agreed. I know that with my history you think that I am using her, but I promise you that is not the case. Hayden is different from any other girl, she challenges me and tests me. She would never have agreed unless she knew I was serious because she is clever and can see through any lie I could tell. I am not lying when I say that I care about Hayden and I ache to be near her because she makes me feel different, better than a douchebag that uses girls, and has shown me that there is more to life then what I’ve been seeing. She has opened up my eyes and I would never in a million years ever disrespect her or break her heart in any way, I would never use her. I would rather die then to make her sad. My heart breaks every time she leaves because I need her in my life. She is my lifeline. It has only been a few days but I am without a doubt falling for Hayden and I want to be with her.” I finished and held eye contact with Adam to show I meant what I said.

“Please Adam, I really care about him.” Hayden pleaded and Adam stayed silent, and tensed up before pressing his mouth into a hard line. I could tell he was going to rip Hayden from my life and I held her hand, I can’t let her go. She laced her fingers into mine and held on tight.

“Leave my little sister alone McCann!” Adam reached for Hayden to pull her back but Hayden let go of my hand and stepped in so she was against my chest and I wrapped an arm around her.

“No, Adam.” Hayden stared Adam down.

“What?” Adam seemed taken aback by his sister’s answer.

“I said no, you can tell him to stay away and yell at me, but I will not let you keep me away from him. I want to be with him and he has proven that he cares, and I…I don’t want to be without him.”

“He’s a sex addict who wants in your pants! Don’t be so naïve Hayd.”

“No, he loves me for me, you heard what he just said.”

“Yes and I don’t believe him, he manipulates and plays with girls hearts, he is a liar and a good-for-nothing rat.”

“NO HE ISN’T! HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HIM!!” Hayden yelled about to cry. I wrapped my other arm around her and pulled her closer and she buried her face in my chest.

“He is a bloody liar, now get your filthy hands off my little sister you dick!”

“I’m not letting her go. I LOVE her and won’t let you take her away from me.”

“You’re lying.” Adam stared me down and I tightened my hold on Hayden.

“I don’t think he’s lying Adam.” Kendall cut in and Adam froze again and turned around gapping at Kendall.

“Babe you know who this is.” Adam looked astonished.

“It’s Jason McCann, and I believe he is telling the truth, you saw his face when Hayden came down, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she looks right now.”

“It’s just a way to get in her pants, and then ditch her like all-”

“ADAM!” Kendall yelled at Adam “Let me finish. The way he didn’t even blink during his speech and the glow in his eyes when Hayden smiled at him, and the fear and panic when you tried to pull her away and the relief when she ran into his arms. He really does care for Hayden, holding her safely in his arms, and he clearly makes her happy. Isn’t that what you want for your sister, to be happy?” Kendall smiled at us and Hayden finally looked back up at Kendall with a smile and frowned at Adam.

“Yes, but not with him.” Adam pointed at me.

“Well too bad because I want him and he makes me happy.”

“I still don’t trust him.”

“Adam I know but I do, and he may break hearts but-“ Kendall starts.

“I swear on my life I would never break Hayden’s.”

“I believe him Adam.” Hayden said.

“I do as well, let the kids go Adam.” Kendall said. Adam sighed and stepped back from reaching for Hayden’s arm looking in her eyes.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He almost pleaded with worry in his voice.

“I’ll be okay Adam.” Hayden stepped out of my arms and hugged Adam. “I’ll be fine. You know I can take down any guy right.” Hayden smiled and stepped away.

“McCann, if you break her heart I will rip-“ Adam began before Hayden pushed me out and closed the door.

“Sorry about him.”

“Don’t be, you look amazing tonight.” I smiled and leaned in slightly. She smiled and pecked my lips. I melted and took her hand leading her to my car. I opened the door and helped her in, then kissed her cheek and went to my side and got in.

“So where are you taking me?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Jay…” Hayden almost whined.

“Jay? I like that.” I smiled and kept driving.


Hayden’s POV


“Please tell me.”

“It’s a surprise and you’ll like it, promise.” Jason replied and I pouted. I wasn’t a big fan of surprises, especially from a guy like Jason. He sighed and pulled off to the side of the road. He took my face in his hands and gently kissed me. It was slow and soft, but still full of passion and need in a way only Jason could do. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his face closer to me, pushing our lips harder to each other. I was no longer on earth but in heaven and was kept their by Jason’s lips, but all too quick he pulled away.

“Why did you do that?”

“Please don’t pout Hayden, and let me surprise you so I can show you that I love you instead of telling you.” He kissed my hand making me agree and Jason smiled wide. Then he got back on the road and kept driving.


“We’re here, now put on the blindfold.” I put it on without question and Jason led the way. “Ready Hayden.” He slowly moved his hand up my arms to my neck and the blindfold. He slowly untied it and when it was removed I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jason had built a little cabaña in the sand with a drape over the top, a small black couch inside and a white silk curtain for privacy I’m guessing. “What do you think?” I didn’t even answer. I turned around and jumped into his arms and hugged him. He held me in his arms with my legs around his waist and walked into the cabaña, closed the curtains, and sat down on the couch with me still in his arms. “I’ll take that as you like it.”

“LIKE it? I LOVE it! It’s incredible, I can’t believe you built this for me!” I kept my arms locked around his neck admired the view in front of me.

“Anything for you.” He smiled at me and kissed my hand staring into my eyes.


“You want it, just tell me and I promise I’ll make it yours.” Jason answered, stroking the back of my hand with his thumb.

“Well there is something I want right now, something only you can give me.” I smirked.

“What is it my love?” I giggled when he said ‘my love’

“Well first, stop calling me love.”

“And second baby?” I smiled at him calling me ‘baby’ and stroked my cheek with his knuckles while looking into his eyes.

“Kiss me.” I whispered and Jason froze for a second, then smiled and placed one hand on the small of my back and the other on my cheek and brought my mouth to his. He kissed me so sweetly and tenderly like I was a porcelain doll he was afraid to break. I knew he was being gentle, but I couldn’t help wanting more. I broke away and pushed Jason down onto the couch and leaned over him. He looked surprised by my actions. “I told you to not be gentle with me and I mean it. Don’t be so gentle McCann, I can handle rough.”

“Fine, as you wish princess” I giggled again and Jason smirked before he almost yanked my head down and crushed his lips back to mine. I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down against his body. I could feel his erection harden against my thigh and I knew he was excited. I licked his lower lip and he immediately opened his mouth to let me in and I explored every inch, savoring this feeling. Jason moaned into my mouth and pushed against my sex harder and I slightly moaned. I removed my tongue and returned to normal kissing and humming in pleasure. Then Jason licked my lower lip begging for entrance but I teased him and kept my mouth closed. He knew what I was doing and sat up then broke away and I looked at him slightly confused. He just grinned and pinched my nose. I opened my mouth to breath and as soon as I did Jason plunged his tongue inside, stealing my breath. I moaned in pleasure as Jason’s warm tongue began to explore my mouth and we fell back on the couch with him on top this time. I moaned out loud as Jason kept exploring every inch of my mouth, giving me a great feeling of pleasure as his tongue aggressive roamed my mouth. He moaned softly then began to tangle his tongue with mine making me smile into our kiss when his tongue won dominance. It feels so good. He ran his hands into my shirt and squeezed my breast making me gasp, but not pull away. I was too wrapped up in his kiss, he squeezed again and I groaned into his mouth.

“Uh god” I murmured against his intoxicating lips. He squeezed harder making me grab the back of his neck, pulling him closer if possible and kiss him back with so much force as he squeezed my breasts and then moved his hands away and placed one on my bare waist and the other holding his weight above me. I sat up with him still kissing and slid off his cardigan and grabbed his shirt to pull him closer, but soon I just wanted the shirt gone. I tugged violently on the hem of his shirt and groaned against his lips. He broke away to breath and ripped his shirt off then he eagerly removed mine, but I didn’t complain. He smiled at the sight and kissed me again. We were having a really heated make-out session and it felt even better then the last one. I was not planning on stopping any time soon because this felt so damn good and I wanted to take it farther. I began to reach for his pants and rubbed him. Jason moaned in response with his lips firmly attached to mine. I reached for the button on his pants but Jason grabbed my hand and moved it away. He grabbed my other arm and placed them around his neck. I kept one around his neck and tried to reach for his button again but he stopped me and pulled away.

“No, Hayden.”

“No what?”

“Stop trying to take off my pants”

“But I want it.”

“Don’t do it”

“I want you Jason.” I kissed him again and pushed my tongue in his mouth in an attempt to distract him. He pulled me closer and kissed back, but soon realized what I was doing and pulled away.


“Don’t you want me Jason? Do you even like me?”

“Hayden, I fucking love you. I told you that. Of course I want you.”

“Then why?”

“I care too much about you to do this. We aren’t really even dating yet and I don’t want to take this from you.”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“I know that, but please wait Hayden, I don’t want you to regret choosing me. I couldn’t live with myself.”

“I won’t regret it.”

“I hope not, but you don’t know for sure. Please wait so I can make it special and perfect for you.” I wanted to pout but I decided against because he was still being sweet.


“What is it princess?”

“Do you really love me?” I whispered

“I love you more than life, you are my life.” Jason replied and kissed me sweetly. Then he picked up my shirt, shaking off the sand and gave it back, then picked up his own and put it on. “Come on let’s get you home.” He put his cardigan around my shoulders and I took his hand as he led me back to his car and drove me home. When he got to my house he locked the car doors and before I can ask he kissed me. His lips were hard and full of passion, and I could tell he didn’t want to let go. I kissed back and then slowly pulled away “Goodnight Hayden, and keep that cardigan it looks cute on you.” I smiled and blushed a light pink. I couldn’t respond and Jason thankfully understood and nodded. He unlocked to doors and before I knew it he was opening my door for me. He walked me to my door and kissed my cheek then returned to his car and drove away. I walk inside and shut the door leaning against it. Best night ever.

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