Bad For Me

Jason is the bad boy of the school that manage to get every girl, bed her and dump her. Every girl knows but still falls victim to his looks and charms. He is a player and has a gift with words.

Hayden is another story. She is one of the top students and one of the most desired girls in school, even one of the teachers has taken a liking to her. She is clever and a teaser, not easily fooled.

When Jason chooses Hayden as his next target to get to fall for him, it won't be as easy as he thinks and Hayden is an easy hit. Will Hayden be able to resist his charm or will she beat Jason at his own game.


5. 5

Hayden’s POV


I don’t understand what’s going on. I practically made out with Jason, well I actually did make out with Jason. I told him it was a reward for getting math questions right but I’m starting to think I just said that because I wanted to kiss him, but I would never admit that, especially not to Jason. Still, I loved how his kisses made me feel, and hated how they pulled me to him. I need to get the ‘bad boy McCann’ out of my head. I sighed and looked down as I continued to walk down the halls.

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled my into the janitor’s closet with the lights off. They put me up to the wall with my arms above my head then smashed their lips to mine. At first I thought it was Jason but these kisses were different, they didn’t feel as good or pull me in. They weren’t sweet and fun like Jason’s always are. This isn’t Jason. I break off the kiss and struggle against the persons hold until he let go. The person pulled away to revel Mr. Clifford. I was shocked and speechless that he did this and it is starting to scare me. I didn’t let him say anything before I sprinted out in search of Jason, I didn’t know why but I wanted to see him. I was searching around the halls when my hand was grabbed and I was pulled into a classroom and against someone’s chest I knew it was Jason by the tattoos on his arm.

“What happened to you?” he asked clearly seeing I was panicked about something.

“Um…Mr. Clifford…kissed me.” I could feel Jason’s arms tense up and his jaw tighten, and then without a word he pulled my out of the classroom and into Mr. Dalton’s office knowing he wouldn’t be coming. He stared into my eyes with what I thought was anger and jealously. I began to become scared that he would hit me but I still spoke up “Jason, you okay?” I managed to squeak out. Jason didn’t say a word but kissed me, attaching his lips to mine in a sweet and passionate kiss. The fear I had only a moment ago dissolved in an instant as Jason yanked my body flush against his and kissed me deeper.

I tried so hard to resist but it was just impossible his lips were so soft and warm, so I gave in completely and kissed him back. His kisses put a spell on me and caused me to lose my self-restraint. Every time we kissed I craved the feeling of his mouth on mine. The more he kissed me the more I wanted it and couldn’t control it. I know I should stop this but I can’t and I didn’t want to, I craved it too much. I can’t stop him and I didn’t care, all I cared about was getting more and more of Jason McCann. I pushed my lips harder against his trying to get as much as I could from every rough and aggressive kiss, making sure my lips never left his. His lips tasted so amazing.  I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me and moans began to escape from our rough kisses. Jason’s hands moved to my thighs and he lifted me up. I expected him to push me against the wall but he just stood there holding me and began kissing me softly and sweetly. Then he sat back in a chair still holding my thighs and continued his soft gentle kisses that I loved just as much as the rough ones.

“I’m sorry Hayden but I had to do that. I know you don’t like me but I couldn’t help it.” Jason sighed while running his hands up and down my thighs, giving me chills.


“I’m the bad boy and the fuck boy; you hate me, you don’t trust me and it kills me because I… I really like you Hayden.”

“That’s not true. Jason I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to be hurt.”

“Hayden I have fallen for you so hard for you, harder then I’ve ever fallen. I won’t ever hurt you, please give me a chance and I won’t make you regret it. I want to be your boyfriend, and I want you to be my girlfriend.” He leaned in and kissed me gently and I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. “I can tell you like me because you always kiss back and you don’t even try to push me away. Give me a chance Hayden.”

“Just let me think about it. It will take time for my walls to drop and I don’t trust you, that is true but I don’t hate you Jason. I am confused because every time you kiss me, I am put under a spell. I lose control and can’t stop myself, it’s suffocating but I love it and that scares me. I can’t stand any heartbreak that is why I continue to avoid you, I don’t want you to hurt me.”

“I won’t.” Jason put his hand on my cheek and softly stroked my skin. 

“I can’t believe that yet, and we shouldn’t talk about this right now.”

“I’ll prove it. I will prove that you can trust me and I won’t hurt you, just wait Hayden, I promise that I will show you how I’ve changed.” He looked at me with his beautiful caramel eyes. I tore my eyes away and walked out of the office leaving the boy I’ve fallen for standing there wishing for a chance that I need to give him.

I was in math class staring at the board but not paying attention. I was too busy thinking about Jason. Does Jason really love me? I think I’m falling for him even though I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I turn around only to catch Jason’s eyes on me with a hurt look. I give him a real smile and a little hope starts to flow in his eyes before I nod and turn back around looking at the board.


Jason’s POV


I was staring at Hayden during math again, but for a different reason. I was hurt because I’m in love with her, but she didn’t trust me and I knew the pain was written on my face because when Hayden looked at me she had a sympathetic look on her face and gave me a real smile. I perked up with hope; maybe she is going to give me a chance. Seeing me perk up Hayden nodded with a smile and turned back to the board. Now all I need to do is ask her out and I will at lunch.


I walked into the cafeteria and saw Hayden with her friend Raimundo, Taylor and Liam at a table in the corner. I usually would be mad seeing Hayden talking a laughing with another guy, but Raimundo was gay and had a boyfriend so I didn’t really care if he talked to Hayden. There were neighbors after all; they’ve known each other since they were little. I walked over and when she saw me she smiled a genuine smile. That’s a good sign. I walked right over to her table not stopping for even a second until I stood right in front of her.

“Hey McCann.” She smiled up at me.

“Hey Mahone, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure. I’ll be back a minute Rai.” She excused herself from her conversation with Rai then stood up and followed me over into the corner. I stood facing her as she leaned her back casually against the wall. She slightly leaned back and had one foot on the floor, lifted the other to rest against the wall and had her arms crossed. “So… what’s up McCann?” she smiled and I gulped and cleared my throat. Man she makes me nervous.

“I was wondering if you would maybe like… to go… on a date with me?” I looked in her eyes with hope.

“No” she replied with a straight face, and my heart broke into a million pieces and I hung my head low. I never felt so hurt. Then I felt hands cup my cheeks and lift my face up to look back into her bright eyes as she smiled wide “I would fucking LOVE to go on a date with you!” her smile grew and then she leaned in giving me a soft and passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss. I cupped her check with one hand and circled my other arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me. At this point I don’t care who saw, it would tell them that Hayden is mine. That kiss picked up all the pieces of my heart that broke and put it back together in an instant; I don’t even recall it being broken anymore. She pulled away and a grin spread on my face.

“I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“I can’t wait.” She replied and this time I leaned in to kiss her and she let me. Then she pecked my cheek and returned to her table, telling Rai something. After that I saw Rai look at me and give me a thumbs up like he was saying nice going. I could jump for joy. I finally had a date with Hayden and I wasn’t going to mess this up. I had to come into her life and make sure I wasn’t acted like an asshole, so I decided I had to also make a good first impression on her family. I know that she lives with her older brother, Adam and Adam isn’t too fond of me. He definitely wouldn’t like the idea of me dating his little sister but I wanted to change that and show him and Hayden that I was better than the douchebag I was seen as, so tonight I will be a perfect gentleman. I have to prove it to Adam because if I didn’t I will lose Hayden and I can’t afford that, I wouldn’t know what to do if I did.

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