Bad For Me

Jason is the bad boy of the school that manage to get every girl, bed her and dump her. Every girl knows but still falls victim to his looks and charms. He is a player and has a gift with words.

Hayden is another story. She is one of the top students and one of the most desired girls in school, even one of the teachers has taken a liking to her. She is clever and a teaser, not easily fooled.

When Jason chooses Hayden as his next target to get to fall for him, it won't be as easy as he thinks and Hayden is an easy hit. Will Hayden be able to resist his charm or will she beat Jason at his own game.


3. 3

Jason’s POV


I was staring at Hayden all math class until Mr. Hood made me stop. After that I stole glances at her a lot but she didn’t look my way. I knew that Hayden was probably the only girl who wouldn’t go for me. She hated my whole ‘use em and lose em’ lifestyle. I knew she was too smart for that, but I had hooked up with all the girls in our year including her friend Taylor, but I still didn’t hook up with her. Hayden is my next target. She was different from the other girls, because she didn’t swoon at the sight of me, and hated my guts. She would be difficult because she is very clever and that really turned me on. Also she was beautiful. Her long wavy sandy brown hair, bright blue-green eyes, pink lips, perfect figure, and tan skin. I will admit Hayden is really hot and most guys are after her, even our English teacher Mr. Clifford was into her, but I would get to her first, fuck her and dump her. She was hot, but just another target.

I walked into the cafeteria with Justin, Chaz, and Ryan. I instantly spotted Hayden talking to Taylor and Cody. I clenched my fists. Cody Simpson was an exchange student from Australia and full blown in love with Hayden, anyone with eyeballs and half a brain could see that. “What is up with you man? Your knuckles are white.” Justin asked but I ignored him. He followed my gaze to see I was looking at Hayden. “Don’t tell me you actually have a crush on that Mahone chick.”

“I don’t know man.” Ryan laughed. “I mean Hayden is one of the hottest girls in school. Do you know how many guys are after her? Even a teacher is after her.”

“Really?” Chaz asked, “You mean Mr. Hood?”

“Nah, Mr. Hood is just an old family friend of Hayden’s mom. Mr. Clifford is the one after her. Every single time she walks into class Mr. Clifford winks at her, and sometimes asks her to stay after just to flirt with her, they’ve probably kissed too.”

“I doubt that. Hayden isn’t the type to willing make out with a teacher. She’s not a goody girl, but she’s not a slut either.” Chaz said.

“You can’t blame him though, I mean look at her.” Justin smirked.

“I know she’s fucking beautiful okay.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Who are you and what have you done with Jason?” Chaz looked at me like I had 10 heads.

“What?” I asked finally looking away from Hayden.

“You just called a girl beautiful instead of hot or sexy. You actually like this girl don’t you?”

“No I don’t. She is just another target.”

“If you say so man.” Justin chuckled and we all sat down at our table. I looked over to Hayden’s table and saw Cody was still talking to her and Austin Mahone joined while Taylor was busy making out with her boyfriend. Hayden was laughing and enjoying her time with Cody and Austin, which made my blood boil. Why was I so mad about this? Hayden was just another target and that’s it. So why did seeing her with Cody and Austin make me so mad? I just need to get this over with and hook up with her, then move on. “Hayden, you better be ready. Jason McCann is coming.” I laughed and Justin, Chaz, and Ryan grinned wickedly.

“Mr. McCann is back.” Justin cheered.

“That’s more like it.” Chaz said.

“One more target locked by McCann.” Ryan snickered.

“Ms. Mahone, let the games begin.”


Hayden’s POV


“Hayden!” I was in the cafeteria with Taylor when an Australian voice called out my name. I turned my head and saw Cody coming towards us.

“Hey Cody!” I smiled and gave him a quick hug. I pulled away and saw his cheeks flush.

“So, I heard around that Jason McCann has become fixated on you.” Cody searched my face to see if it was true.

“Jason is just being a jerk as usual. I know he’s just being like that to try and get in my pants, fuck me, and ditch me like he does with every girl.”

 “So you don’t like Jason.”

“I would rather fuck a penguin than go to dinner with that guy.” I rolled my eyes at the thought of being at a table with Jason.

“You really are nothing like the other girls. I really like that about you.” Cody smiled and looked down embarrassed.

“Thanks Cody. Now come on and let’s get some lunch.” We grabbed our food and sat at our normal table with Taylor and Liam when my friend Austin came and joined us. He gave me a quick hug from behind and I stole his snapback. I took off my beanie and replaced it with his snapback, then put my beanie on his head. He laughed and re-adjusted the beanie to cover half of his ears.

“Good to see you Hayden.”

“Same here Mahone.”

“You two sure you aren’t related, you both have the last name Mahone, and act pretty similar?” Cody asked slightly cocking his head to the side.

“No, Hayden and I aren’t related, just really close friends.” Austin answered sitting down next to me and we all started to eat lunch.



The day was finally over I was walking home to my house that I shared with my brother Adam. Our parents died in a bad car crash with a drunk driver and some teenager who was texting while driving. It was only a few weeks after Adam had graduated from high school and was about to go to Stanford, but was going to drop out so he could take care of me. I wouldn't let him though; he got a full academic scholarship and couldn’t pass up that opportunity because of me. Still he got us a nice house with the money he saved up and had his best friend stay with me and look after me while Adam was at school since he was going to college close by. We were able to pay the bills and buy food and things like that with the millions our parents left us in their wills. He graduated a few years ago and was now a successful accountant, made thousands of dollars. We lived in the same place ever since, because even though we could afford a bigger house we didn’t need it and there was no reason to spend the money on it. So we have our nice perfect sized house he’s been practically raising me and has always been there for me as a big brother.

I was walking while looking through my phone and just about to reach my house when suddenly someone came out of nowhere and pushed me up against a tree in my yard. I didn’t get a chance to see who it was because they covered my eyes with their hand and then smashed their lips against mine in a tight kiss. It felt so good that I before I knew it I found myself softly kissing the stranger back. The person’s grip on my shoulders loosened and their hands were placed on my waist as I brought my arms up and grabbed his arms and he was very muscular. The kiss was getting heated and the stranger pulled me against him. I don’t know why I was kissing this person back without knowing who it was but it felt really nice. His arms encircled my waist, pulling me flush against him and my arms slowly wrapped around his neck, my hands in his soft hair. “I knew you wanted me princess.” I knew that voice too well. I pushed the person away and I was right. My worst nightmare has come to life. I just kissed Jason McCann, and I liked it. “So Hayden, are you going to admit it? You like me.” he tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer to him and bit my earlobe, trying to make me moan and I bit my lip to stop.

“NO I DON’T!” I said and pushed him away harder.

“Oh really? Then why did you kiss back?” Jason said once again moving closer. I was about to say something but Jason grabbed my face and kissed me again. It was so hard not to kiss back because it felt so good. His kiss is just so intoxicating but I pulled away.

“Goodbye Jason.” I turned and ran into my house. I ran in the living room and collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily. I heard a gasp and looked up to see my brother’s girlfriend, Kendall on the couch.

“Hayden what happened to you?” Kendall asked concerned walking towards me, but I held up my hand to tell her to stop, and she did.

“Jason happened.”


“Yes McCann, what other Jason is there Kendall!”

“What did he do this time?”

“It’s not what he did, it’s what I did,” I shook my head at the memory. “He came out of nowhere and kissed me, but he covered my eyes so I didn’t know it was him. It felt really good having his lips on mine, and I just wanted him to continue. I kissed back and I enjoyed it!”

“You kissed Jason McCann, and enjoyed it?” Kendall looked shocked at my words and was now white as well. Great that’s the second person to turn white because of Jason in less than 12 hours.

“Who enjoyed kissing McCann?” Adam came into the room still dressed in his suit and tie. He was walking towards the couch but stopped when he saw I was home. He looked between Kendall and me before his green eyes narrowed and turned pitch black in anger. “YOU KISSED JASON MCCANN!” Adam roared. “I can’t believe you would do that! How could you be so stupid Hayden?” Adam was definitely pissed off.

“Adam I-”

“Hayden, you know that all he wants is to get in your pants. That’s all Jason McCann ever wants!”


“What?” Adam asked clearly confused out of his mind.

“He came out of nowhere and covered my eyes. I didn’t get a chance to look at his face before he kissed me. I would never have kissed back if I knew it was Jason. I kissed back though! Now he knows that I liked his kiss and will use that. I won’t be able to resist if he continues. He kissed me this morning too and it felt good, but I didn’t kiss back. He’s going to make it harder to resist every time he kisses me, and every time he does kiss me I know I will start to fall for him.” I sobbed and fell on my knees. This can’t be happening to me. I can’t fall for Jason, I just can’t. Adam said nothing but just sat down and pulled me into his lap. He gently stroked my back as I sobbed into his chest and soaked his tie and shirt, though he didn’t even care about that. He just held me until I had cried out all my tears.

“It’ll be okay, you’re too strong headed and smart to be fooled by McCann.”


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