Diaries Of A Teenage Girl (with an unhealthy addiction to stories)

I'm skinny. I like books. I'm currently the author of the country's most popular webseries. I am LittleBird167. I am also Robin Fenge. And this is my story.


2. Momma, I'm a Big Girl Now

"Wake me up, before you go go, cause I'm not planning' on me goin' solo.. as I write the fourth chapter in Part 18, I listen to  my WRITE BITCH YOU'RE ALREADY BEHIND SCHEDULE ON THIS CHAPTER! playlist. It mainly consists of older songs, but there' she some Panic! At The Disco and Halsey in there too. "Honey, I'm hoooo-ooooome!" trilled my mother, obviously drunk out of her mind. I heard my stepfather say, "Natasha, I'm on a very important business call. Meet me on the third floor," and the sharp heels of her stilettos digging into the stairs. She appeared at the threshold of my room, and it was like in Tangled where Mother Gothel starts that song about Mother Knows Best, except my mom looks like a hooker. "Darling, let me give you a word of advice," she slurred. "Get a wealthy husband. Have a couple kids, then live off the profit for the rest of your days-" "Goodnight, Mom. You're drunk." "Ungrateful child!" She screamed, and stomped upstairs.

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