Diaries Of A Teenage Girl (with an unhealthy addiction to stories)

I'm skinny. I like books. I'm currently the author of the country's most popular webseries. I am LittleBird167. I am also Robin Fenge. And this is my story.


1. Hi.


I am Robin Fange.

I am also LittleBird167, creator of Castel Of Dragons. Yes, Castle is spelled incorrectly on purpose. If you haven't heard of it, which is highly improbable, it's about a planet far from here. There are many different parts to it, but it starts in Letre'Raekki, a country that brings justice to the dead by taking their memories and righting the wrongs that have been caused to them.

It's sad, beautiful, and utterly MINE.

I don't share. If you make fanfic, you take it to a forum. You gotta have some motherfucking GUTS to write it on my website. 

 Nobody knows I created Castel Of Dragons. My brother does, but he doesn't care. My mom does, but she's to busy getting drunk and mooching off of her wealthy billionaire husband that's four yeas older than her to care. So basically, I'm on my own.


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