Can he be saved?

What if Evan Hansen wasn't the weak kid everyone thought him to be? Instead some might say he was a dead man? Connor Murphy looked normal when compared to him instead. So what if the two of them had to work together to try and make things right? Would Evan be able to save him self? Can Connor be the hero? Or will Connor drown trying to save Evan from all his lies...


1. A new start to a new year

Evan's pov: I woke up in bed and stared at the ceiling. "Mom can I stay home today?" I asked still sounding sleepy as I listened to my moms tired foot steps make there way down the hall form her room to mine. She walked into my room pulling her hair back into a neat ponytail. "Evan...why don't you want to go to school? Is everything okay?" She asked me with a sincere look on her face as she searched my eyes for an answer. I looked her dead in the eyes as I thought of every possible thing that had gone wrong and could go wrong. All the words and times I wanted to tell her how hurt I was came rushing back and it felt like I was chocking on my words. I took hard swallow to chock them back as I shrugged. "I guess I'm just tired." 

She ran her hand through his hair. "Sorry sweetie but your going to school." She sighed and got up stretching as she tried to wake her self up. I watched as she made her way to my door before I worked up the nerve to ask her. "Are you working the night shift again?" I just barley said the question mumbling most of the words so you can imagine how surprised I was when she actually answered. "Yes...I'm sorry but I won't be coming home tonight." I looked to the side knowing what that meant so my next question seemed pretty dumb to ask since I knew the answer long before I asked her. "How late will you be?" She looked back at me as if to say something that could make it all better but she shut her mouth and looked away unable to look me dead in the eyes. I knew that this meant that it wouldn't be like her usual nights at the hospital. "Right...well I should get dressed so I don't miss the bus then." I said and practically pushed her out of the room and shut the door. I felt a tear escape my eye and the temptation of braking down into tears felt so nice but I wiped it away and got dressed to face the day. I changed into my striped blue shirt and tacky pants and headed out the door walking pas the bus stop and on my way to school. I had my headphones in my ears listening to music as I looked down at my cast. "You know I should have died that day right?" I was talking to my self and sure that I looked crazy but I didn't care at the moment. "So then please tell me why I'm still here with nothing but a broken arm to show. No a blank cast that you know no one will sign because your such a loser that you have no friends!" I was yelling at my self now and it wasn't until then that I noticed that people had I started to stare at me so I stopped. I watched my feet as I walked to school unaware of where they were taking me and I didn't really care either.

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