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  • Published: 20 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jun 2017
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A little bit of my brain.


2. Thinking

Yes, you can, it is only me, is not a person you don't know it easy, just talk. 
That sentence doesn't make it any simpler to just "talk".
It doesn't make it any easier if you say to a woman in labor, you are doing fine, it still hurt and you can never imagine the pain if you never
have had a baby before. 


Just walk out of the door, nothing bad it going to happen to you. Mabey not, maybe you are right, but my thought is till running around, like a lost little puppy who just can't seem to find his new owner. The first day he got him, he loses him, and what it this is true, what is this lost puppy is running in the park I'm in too, what if he scare a horse that I'm just happen to be clapping and the horses get scared and tramples me to death.
No, no can't think of that now. I can't


I get it, trust me I get, you say, but you don't know what I'm thinking of at same moment you say those word to me. The same moment I thinking of what could happen when I am walking down the street, maybe the car on the road it a drunk driver who doesn't know that I walking right on the sidewalk, and he taking a sip of his beloved beer, and loose control over the crappy old car he have and drive right into me, while I way into my thought. 

You don't know what I'm thinking and be happy for that 


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