What would you?

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  • Published: 20 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jun 2017
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A little bit of my brain.


1. Pain

You know when people don't see the real you. 
When they only see your pain, scars and all the things you just want to forget. 

When you trying to get out, from the dark but everybody has to remind you of the phase that was bad.

When you trying to fight the dark, but even your shadows are gone. The one piece of you that was in intact, that was untouched, that you could relive one, just left.
And when the darkness surrounded you, held the small light you had left hostage. What would you do?
Would you keep fighting, or would want to lose the battle.

You would not know it until you try it. It so easy to fail, it so easy to give up. 
You start thinking if they can give up on me, should I do it too.
You shouldn't, you should be brave, fight and let the light out again.


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