My name is Evanna and I’m just 12 years old but i must go to work to fend for my family. My mum Susie sells flowers in the market while my dad works in the factory. It is truly dreadful, he has already lost two fingers to the machine and now all that is left of them is tiny lump of of meat sometimes he can’t move his fingers due to him being a little bit paralyse in his left hand


7. chapter 7


Chapter 7


Mr Edwards sounds crazy and he is up to something evil. This diary gives me the chill but I wanted to find out more. What happened to his family? I heard they were killed by an uprising of slaves who demanded more money. They were found in the burning house, stabbed many times but it seems that that was just what it was called a legend and something bad has happened in this house i am in now and a part of me wants to find out but the other half wants to leave it alone a mystery sometimes better to stay a mystery. However, I  am too nosy for my own good. I looked at the next diary entry.




9th November 1956

I don’t have to plan that much now to make them fight each other. It’s gone personal now .Ethan killed Edna’s kitten and skinned it and d hooked it up on the wall because of Edna writing a letter to the Cambridge institute of geniuses and acting like Ethan saying that he resigns from this good for nothing institute which just sits around drinking coffee and imagining changing the world with science.Ethan got a big surprise when he entered the meeting ,He was shamed off the wall of genious.You should have seen his face. But it’s not getting any better. None of them are dead yet and I wont rest till I am sure I get the will.

17th November 1956

Dad had died but the will hasn’t been issued yet due to the executer checking it over. He chose Freda as his executer. Is he wrong in his head? Freda can’t look after her own self let alone a will that may change my life. I have set up a plan that will wipe out my siblings but i must do it quickly before the will is issued.

1st December 1956

I have paid a whole grand for a group of high class assassins to come in and obliterate the living part of my family. All the assassins care about is the money .They don’t care who they kill .It may be their own sister, mother or even their wife. Gracious me my plans coming true. All I have to do is burn the house. Number one as a fake set up and Number two so no one can escape. Also spread the rumour of the slave uprising. This is going to be so much fun. Stupid Edna and Ethan planning to ruin each other new years. Don’t they know that they may not live. Happy New Year’s everyone .Death is upon you.



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