My name is Evanna and I’m just 12 years old but i must go to work to fend for my family. My mum Susie sells flowers in the market while my dad works in the factory. It is truly dreadful, he has already lost two fingers to the machine and now all that is left of them is tiny lump of of meat sometimes he can’t move his fingers due to him being a little bit paralyse in his left hand


3. chapter 3



 Chapter 3


There proudly stood Sheila. I hare her more than i hate anything in my whole life.Shes really skinny with a massive nose and lots of spots .She says she’s growing up. We got to work kneading out the flat bread. Sheila kept on sneaking sly glances at my work. She can never knead bread properly

“Greta’s calling you “She exclaimed” you should always run to Greta because if u don’t she will kill you. I raced up the winding stairs .I saw the back of Mr. Edward the owner of the house. I stopped running straightened out my pinafore and dusted off the flour.

“Hello Mr. Edwards “I said not expecting an answer. He does not talk to anyone but is constantly confined to his small office, Sometimes you hear him scream maniacally in the night screaming its mine only mine. It freaks me out.

“Hurry up to Mrs. Greta .She’s properly going to kill you if you don’t “he placed a fake smile on his lined, chivellled face and disappeared into his office. That was my third to see him in the lapse of 2 years i worked here. I race up into Mrs. Greta room.


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